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TF Prime Powerizer Starscream Pictorial

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Old 04-12-2012, 05:48 PM   #1
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TF Prime Powerizer Starscream Pictorial

Gotten the TF Prime Powerizer Starscream out of the box. These are the front, side and rear views in alt mode:

The alt mode features great transulcent purple cockpit window with various shades of grey on the body of the plane itself and some minor red details. The powerizer weapon looks out of place on the alt mode no matter which way you try to place it. It would have been better off taking away.

Comparison of the alt modes with the First Edition Starscream:

Powerizer Starscream is obviously larger as it is a voyager class figure. There are also distinct differences in the paint apps, especially on the wing portions. The FE starscream appears to be more accurate to the cartoon in my opinion.

These are the different views in robot mode:

Basically, this is a rather tall and lengthy figure, consistent with the first edition figure. No deception con amblem on the chest but on the left shoulder instead. The single missle can be attached to the forearms which is more show accurate compared to the bunch of 3 missles on FE starscream. I can see the missle painted red some time later, as well as the fin on his head. The head sculpt is excellent, with distinctive eye brow. The fins on the head and knees are rubber, just like those on the FE figure. The articulation of the arms are great and even the wrist can be turned, giving this figure a great deal of poses with the hands and arms. The legs articulations are more limited but does have a wider range compared to the FE figure.

The forearms of the figure is transulcent purple, which I guess looks ok to me at least. Some might want to paint them grey or something.

The powerizer weapon.....well, if you like the powerizer Optimus Prime's weapon, you will probably like this one & vice versa cos they are more or less the same except for the colour and some minor details. Well, I don't like it. I included some pictorial comparison with the OP's powerizer weapon.

Maybe the Takara arms micron may fare better.... we'll see.

Some poses:

Comparison with FE starscream:

Comparison with Powerizer Megatron:

I think he is a little big in scale for Powerizer Megatron, FE starscream still fits better in scale, in my opinion. With this scale, it poses some difficulties for Megatron to man-handle him. This powerizer Starscream probably just looks best in scale on his own.

And a group shot with the rest of the decepticons cast:

Overall, it is a nice bigger figure of TF Prime Starscream, very well articulated, disappointing powerizer weapon but other than that, it will be a nice addition to your collection.

Painted the head crest and the missles:

My Junkion Feedback
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Dat comparison with Megs....FE for me!
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:01 PM   #3
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Yeah, even though it makes more sense for a jet to be bigger than robots that turn into cars, I care more about the robot scale so I'd rather have the FE.

This one doesn't look too bad, though.

~Matt Booker
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:06 PM   #4
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The jet mode looks so much better than FE. In fact, there are several things I like better... but I'm still not sure if I think it's better ENOUGH to warrant getting both.

Some things I don't like:
Purple Forearms
Second set of wings in robot mode coming out of first set
A few lacking paint apps, such as forehead crest and missiles (that the FE lacked as well!)
Crappy gun (doesn't matter. Toss it in a drawer.)
More leg kibble

Things i like:
Improved jet mode
Different facial expression (but very nice!)
Less jet kibble
Less prominent robot tail
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:10 PM   #5
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Man, that facesculpt is positively delicious. Just as good as the FE face, maybe a bit better even. Also wrist swivel: fantastic!

I hoped the nosecone would somehow hide inside the body though, not just stick up back there. But eh, doesn't even look that bad.

Thanks for the review, and I'll be waiting for the Bulkhead one!
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:13 PM   #6
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he look meh........
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:13 PM   #7
Ah ha-ha ha ha ha ha-ha!
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Seems perfect in just about every way to me. Sure, there's scale issues, but when was scale ever consistent in Transformers? Give me a more detailed and overall interesting figure any day, and that's what this seems to be in comparison to the FE version. I'm not even worried about the electronic weapon (though I'll probably find SOME use for it eventually...clear rubber bands are your friends with these things), since with the (show accurate) arm missiles, he doesn't even need it. He's not like the other RID Voyagers, who lose either a melee weapon or a ranged one if you discard the Poweriser piece, since for Starscream, both of his weapons are the latter. His fingers are his melee weapon in the show, and they seem to be replicated pretty well here. Plus, wrist swivels! Show me another RID Voyager with those.

And the jet mode is vastly improved over the FE version's, which I quite frankly thought was an abomination (that figure's strengths are clearly in robot mode only). And the face simply needs no description-- it speaks for itself~
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:14 PM   #8
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I love it!

Scale be dammed.

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Look at you bot, and back to me.
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Hmmmmm, I much prefer the FE paint job over the RID version as well as his jet mode. He's also too tall in bot mode and is blown away in that area once again by the FE. Then of course there's his Mechtech weapon.....

Despite all that though I still plan on getting him. I just wish there was something else that I preferred over the FE version other than the fact his jet mode is larger.
My feedback
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:33 PM   #10
Pico, let's go up to Zuma
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It bugs the crap out of me that they give him all those touches of red but don't bother with his crest.

Ah well, a must-get for me. Though that weapon is getting junked.
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