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Transformers Prime Deluxe Knock Out

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Transformers Prime Deluxe Knock Out

TFW Transformers Prime Knock Out Gallery - click here for lots of pics!

So, Knock Out. He's one of those toys who took a little flack early on for some bad initial promo photos, and yes, while he is not on the same level as some of the other Prime toys (such as his wavemate the Vehicon) he is actually far from being a terrible toy, and is quite fun to play about with.

Transformers Prime Knock Out Car

We'll start in the logical spot with his car mode. The two-tone red and maroon look attracted some criticism based on the fact that it is a lot more pronounced than in the show, and while that may be true, it doesn't actually ruin the look of the toy at all, and makes the car mode a lot more interesting than it would otherwise with solid red plastic.

Looking at the car mode on its own merits then, it is a very nice car, sleek and sporty (just how Knock Out likes his alt modes). The maroon breaks out the red plastic nicely, and the silver gradient on the door - while not the detail shown in the show or indeed even on the promotional images - is still a nice feature. There are two hardpoints at the rear of the car for 5mm posts, which Knock Out's weapon can attach to, or any other 5mm weapon / accessory if you are so inclined.

Transformers Prime Knock Out Robot Mode - According to the Instructions...

Now, on to the robot mode. This is how the instructions tell you to put the robot mode. It's a decent robot mode, if not particularly show accurate. The arms have a good range of mobility, although they look a bit weird with the elbow joints on the outside and all.

Good thing that the instructions were misprinted then, eh? They leave out a couple of steps which give you a much more accurate robot mode:

Transformers Prime Knock Out Robot Mode - Properly transformed

What the instructions miss out is the way that the chest panels can actually fold upwards and "hook" over the central section. There are grooves in them so they lock into place, meaning this was clearly the intention. The robot mode arms likewise can flip around for a more accurate look to the animation.

Transformed this way, you have a much more show accurate looking Decepticon. He's still not perfect, but it is a big improvement to the look.

In this form, the arms do lose a little poseability, because the windows on the doors tend to catch on the arms. But you still have an excellent range of movement in the arms, exceptional poseability in the legs (the feet are very well articulated in their own right and help with holding a lot of wide stances and one-legged poses). There's no waist articulation, because of the transformation, and the head - while ball jointed - is a bit limited because of the space it sits in. The shoulders also sometimes like to pop out of position.

Transformers Prime Knock Out Staff Weapon

Knock Out's weapon is the awesome little staff he used in his first appearance. It makes a welcome appearance here on the toy, welcome as it is a break from the usual trend of guns and the occasional sword. He can hold it single handed or two handed, and generally looks excellent with it in hand. The staff can break down into two smaller "spike" weapons. One of them looks a little like the shield generator Knock Out used in Operation Bumblebee. The other looks more like a sai in this form. With a little ingenuity, you can tuck this into Knock Out's arm and get a reasonably representation of the arm mounted drill he popped out in his first appearance. It doesn't lock into anything, but it can stick in there fairly securely.

Transformers Prime Knock Out Drill Arm Fanmode

Overall, Knock Out is not as impressive as the Vehicon, nor does he quite hit the same heights as some of the other great toys in the Transformers Prime line. He is far from terrible though, and is quite fun to play about with. He's got great poseability and decent accuracy to the character on the show, plus a good and unusual weapon. He's worth picking up to bolster the ranks of your Transformers Prime Decepticons, and he'll go great alongside the upcoming Breakdown. I personally like the little guy, he has a ton of personality, and goes great with the other Transformers Prime Decepticons.

Knock Out: "You know, as future leader of the Decepticons, you'll need a reliable first lieutenant..."

Knock Out: "Get 'em"

Check out more pictures in our gallery!
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he's nice I can't wait to buy him and vehicon.

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So he's the ultimate salesman? Unsurprising, he has the voice for it.
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nice last pic with the Vehicons! waiting for T.tomy's version
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i actually love how knockout looks
i know vehicon has more attention but for some reason KO really appeals to me
and dont care if he is really small
he looks really cool in both modes
its a shame the character is a little "odd"
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Damn that's awkward looking, like Cliffjumper and Bumblebee.
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Thanks for the review.
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Other than those ugly ports on the sides of his alt mode I love him!
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I really need this guy, needed it a like a week ago tbh but I'm not quick enough because kapow toys have got them in stock twice and missed him both times! Anyone heard of a uk release date?
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That does look much better (when transformed properly). I wonder if he'll be re-paint friendly. I really hate his paint scheme. It looks like he should be easy to do, but I don't know:/
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