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DotM Deluxe Soundwave

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Old 01-08-2012, 01:01 PM   #1
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DotM Deluxe Soundwave

This a review for the Japanese release of DotM Deluxe Soundwave, although the Hasbro release will likely be the same.

The transformation is of a similar complexity to Crankcase, not too complex just a bit fiddly at times.

The sculpt of the car mode is quite impressive, and seems to be a good representation of an SLS. However the car mode seems so dull, they didn't even use the slightly metallic plastic of the HA figure.

There's a slight blue tinge to the paint of the alloys, which looks odd next to the dull car body.

The robot mode parts do not fill up the interior of the car, unlike HA Soundwave, which may account for why the robot mode seems so small. In fact it's really quite empty unlike deluxe Crankcase, Barricade or RotF Sideways.

Silly over-sized gun. It goes well with HA Soundwave though.

Here's Soundwave with fellow German sports car, Sideways. He's noticeably smaller than Sideways, especially in robot mode (although I don't transform Sideways in accordance with the instructions).

Just below and behind Soundwave's false grill is the back of his true car grill. Hasbro/Takara could've worked the real grill into robot mode if they'd wanted to, but it seems like the false grill is there purely for its deformed appearance. Unfortunately the false grill is visible in car mode through the windscreen.

The silver of Soundwave's head has the effect of showing off the detail of the head sculpt, although it looks at odds with the dull gray of the car body (again).

I forgot to attach the rear bumper to the lower legs when I transformed him this time, they're 5mm holes for some reason although any weapon would look silly attached to those holes.

Soundwave is a similar size to his contemporary, Crankcase, although Crankcase is more imposing than him.

What spoils Soundwave principally is the lack of colour in both modes, but particularly car mode. Even if they'd given him dark blue tinted windows, or used the same colour plastic as HA Soundwave, it would've helped. The robot mode isn't bad, but he's pretty small, especially compared to some of the RotF deluxes (I had Rampage and Sideways to hand at the time). I'm not all that fond of the cheaty chest either.

In summary, the sculpt of Soundwave is pretty good, if a little small, but the lack of paint applications spoils him.
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Nice review. I have the Hasbro version, and from your pictures, there doesn't seem to be any differences between the two.
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I think I will go with this version if I ever find him. I already have the ROTF Soundwave and I am actually more excited about getting the Prime Soundwave. The HA Soundwave just doesn't seem cool enough to spend $30 on when it comes out. Maybe if it shows up at TJ Maxx next year, I'll get it then.
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Looks alright, I guess.

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Great review, makes me really want the HA version more.

The peg holes on the rear bumper, could they be for weapons in vehicle mode, ala Stealth Force?

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They could possibly work like that. Must confess I've not tried it.

In vehicle mode, they help clip in the back end of the car. In robot mode, they're supposed to peg onto nubs on Soundwave's legs, though you lose a hinge joint below the knee that way. They do keep tidy like that though.

I got one just after Xmas and I'm working on a little gallery now - look forward to it!
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Thanks for the review! Great Job!

Unfortunately...Gah. I think I'll be passing on movie Soundwave altogether. There isn't a single version of him that hits that awesome sweet spot for me.
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Some silver spary paint will do wonders for this thing.

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Whoa that thing is smaller than I thought. What the hell? Same thing happened with the HA. Lack of paint hurts it too. Can the gun be hand held?
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Originally Posted by Shin Densetsu View Post
Whoa that thing is smaller than I thought. What the hell? Same thing happened with the HA. Lack of paint hurts it too. Can the gun be hand held?
Yep. I currently have mine holding his gun in his hand.
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