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Generations Thundercracker Review (with pictures)

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Generations THUNDERCRACKER (In-Depth Review)

Transformers Generations THUNDERCRACKER
(An In-Depth Review)
By: deathzero23

Hi guys, I am deathzero23 and this is my first time posting a review of a TF toy here in TFW2005 boards so pardon my english. I'm also a member of a Online TF Community in the Philippines. CYBERTRON Philippines.
(website: Cybertron Philippines - Home )

First of all, The credits:
CYBERTRON Philippines, Toy Kingdom/SM Megamall, Playkit.

Yesterday March 19, 2011 is date of the official release of TF Generations Thundercracker in the Philippines. Also, Deluxe Warpath and Wheeljack made it too. The figures are released in Toy Kingdom located in SM Megamall along with the effort of our local toy distributor and Cybertron Philippines for bring the good stuffs.

Please be noted that this review is based on my actual purchase so I have no idea if my Thundercracker is the same with majority released figures or a part of an ďIsolatedĒ case that got included in the shipping from the factory.

When thereís a demand the market should follow and give inÖ.

Yeah, I agree. And thatís what happened to Thrust, Dirge and now, Thundercracker and hopefully Skywarp Hasbro once said that Thundercracker will not be in mass-market release because itís an BotCon 2007 exclusive in the Games of Decepticon Multipack along with Dirge and Thrust. Only 1,500 pcs of Tcrackers were produced then.

Year 2008, it was released in Japan under Henkei-Henkei line and not on mass market considering around that time TF Universe 2.0 had a TF Classics Starscream repaint named Acid Storm. Got me thinking why Acid Storm since Hasbro have the powers that be to re-issue Skywarp instead.

The Henkei versions of Thundercracker got numerous complaints from fans due to the product quality. Has-Tak addressed those issues and the mold of TFU 2.0 Starscream and Henkei Skywarp benefited to those changes.

Well look at now Hasbro decided to have change of heart. Nice job Hasbro. Always follow whereís the money trail. After all fans/customers are always (if not always, sometimes) right.

Thundercracker is package in a standard TF Generations packaging. Placed in the bubble tray tied in eco-friendly twisties. Like other seekers before, same accessories is given to Thundercracker. Manual included and character bio and tech specs are shown in the back.

SCULPT (Jet-Mode and Robot Mode):
The mold is directly based on Classics Starscream and only repainted. But I do believe upon close inspection that TF Classics Screamer mold is far superior than this latest offering. Somehow or someway, this mold is suffering from Mold Degreadation.


Itís my only opinion on my figure. I have a TF Classics Screamer to compare with. Honestly speaking, TF Classics SS is far durable and stable compared to Thundercracker. This apparently issue is not very noticeable in TFG Thrust and Dirge releases that I have.

Notables are:

1. Wing joint Area Ė When folded up for the bot mode, try moving it left and right laterally. Itís a bit loosened in folding joint part You feel itís a bit soft. Starscreamís wings are stable.

2. Wrist joint Area Ė Itís loosened up as compared to Starscream.

3. Spring Loaded projectileĖ one of the projectiles when attached to the launcher, itís no longer have that straight alignment like Starscream. Using a protactor the angle variance is around 1-2 degrees. Itís a very small number but still it has the difference.

4. Head/C0ckpit Joinery Area - This is the part where the head/c0ckpit connects to the underside of the top portion of the jet. The problem here is the plastic amount used to that shaft/bar thing is somehow thick. I canít attach the c0ckpit properly when executing for Bot mode. What I did is to sand not only the bar/shaft but also the hollow underside of the c0ckpit in order to make it FIT.

Yeah, for a toy having a LEVEL 2 EASY conversion as stated in the packaging, It costs me to Sweat!!! Heard of the ďNo Sweat!Ē phrase? Itís not applicable in my case.

The only part which I guess is saved from the apparent degradation is the lower extremity area. The legs, Knee and ankle joint is still stable/durable like old Screamer mold.

But come to think of it if Hasbro decided to re-release Skywarp? What will be the quality of the mold then? Got you worried huh?

Or I can say that maybe this is Hasbroís way of saying that they canít re-release Skywarp because the mold is having degredation apparently. If thatís the case, why they decided to release an Acid Storm figure yet they have decision powers to make it into Skywarp at least. Look what happened to Acid Storm? Topnotcher of all Pegwarmers.

Like the any TF Classics seeker molds, itís entirely the same thing.

This where Thundercracker really shines. Hasbro did a Matte Silver paint apps on the chest area. Added a red triangles in the jet-turbine area. Rich Darker shade of Blue is the moldís base color. Decepticon logo on wings and to the botís chest.

The head is suffered in this problem. Not enough matte silver applied in the face. The matte silver faded partially in the nose and chin area of the head. Blue pigment (probably the moldís base color is partially exposed in the forehead. So I maybe needing a little top coat in this area. Black paint didnít reach the farthest depth area of Tcrackerís side of the cheek. Generally the Black paint didnít cover all the areas of the head as per design requirement. Red color in the eye is a nice touch though. I can conclude that in this paint app problem, Looks like they focused too much in the altmode. :'(

Like the any TF Classics seeker molds, itís entirely the same thing.

The saving grace of this toy is that if youíre a seeker completist, you need to get his and put along side with Screamer and Skywarp also with the Coneheads Gang and you already have an army for your G1 Decepticon faction.


Good looking though the mold is already old. If youíre in a very tight budget and canít buy Henkei version and needed to complete Seekers, youíre stuck with this one (or you can resort buying Class A bootleg version of it). Good paint apps doesnít necessarily means a good toy. Factored by the fact that I needed to sweat to convert this guy in botmode due to reasons I mentioned in detailed above.

I fall in line, 2nd Batch of customer just to get this figure early on, Waited so much and when I opened it, quality issues roseÖ Is it an isolated case? Bad Luck is on me probably. Youíll be the verdict.

Believe it or not, Iím giving this figure a grade of..

3 out of 5

Starscream: "Old mold with Sloppy Paints but still TOUGH!"
Thundercracker: "I Look good but Do i really look flimsy? darn it!"

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just got my order in from HTS, and ive got to say this is probably the most solid version fo the seeker mold i have ever gotten, including the first release Starscream. Every joint is the perfect tightness, everything locks in perfectly, the paintjob is spectacular. They have to have remolded this, because everything just works so smoothly.
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I can't get over how awesome TCs blue is. So bright and delicious. Like stated before, if this is the last of this mold, it went out with a bang.

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Originally Posted by deathzero23 View Post
So you are saying you TC was loose in the joints and not solid? Mine is totally opposite of that. It's more solid and tighter then my Classics SS and Universe 2.o SS. I'd say it's the most solid seeker to date.
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Originally Posted by kylash327 View Post
Still disappointed after all these years that they didn't paint screamers face. It just looks off compared to Skywarp and TC.
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Is not impressed
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This thread needs to be recalled.
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The Feedback thread will be used to track down the TCs that wrongly made it into the hands of people that bought them fair & square.

. All the good stuff about the classics non-conehead mold.

. Most joints are nice and tight on mine.

. I like the little micro con symbol on the chest. Makes me wish Hasbro thought of it way before they put out Dirge.

. Colors are very bold, and the silver paint seems polished to near-chrome level. The Botcon toy looks almost green by comparison. Your own preference and sense of accuracy may vary.

. All the bad stuff about the seeker mold.

. Probably only on mine, but there's a mis-alignment in the neck joint which caused the head (or the nose of the plane) to be bent a bit to the side. I'll have to disassemble and see if I can fix it.

Overall: after umpteen classics seeker remakes from Hasbro, Takara, and FunPub, you should know what to expect by now. This is on the upper end of the spectrum, so if you need a Thundercracker that isn't messed up, get it before someone tells you that you can't.

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@deathzero23 - good review, some very nice pictures you took. For me, my Thundercracker didn't seem to have all the problems you mentioned, perhaps you got a bad one? All the joints on mine are nice and tight, and the paint apps are all very solid, no issues there. I myself was worried about mold degradation, but honestly, I didn't see any with my own figure. If anything, my Thundercracker is a better figure than my Universe 2.0 Starscream.

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Mine was loose but then again after the recall I'll cherry pick the good ones, the rest I'll melt down in my image.
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