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Transformers Animated: The Dinobot Affair

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Transformers Animated: The Dinobot Affair

((Note; this takes place after the events of season three, and as such prowl is dead, the big bads are all in prison and Optimus and his team are war heroes. I suppose you could say this is my idea of a season four pf the show. This'll be chapter one, hope you all enjoy.


Part 1: Paperwork

Optimus Prime rolled into the Autobots new base on earth, built on the grounds of the old plant and brimming with new technology. It was proudly wearing a bright red Autobot insignia on it's front. The high council had offered Optimus the role of Magnus, in light of his heroic efforts and those of his team, coupled with the fact that pretty much everyone despised Sentinel's rule. Of course, Optimus turned them down, opting instead to have himself and his crew made full ranking members of the elite guard and allowing them to operate on and protect earth. Sari suggested that Cybertron's Government make efforts to reach out to earth and make a planetary alliance, and the high council agreed, overriding Sentinal's protests to the contrary. Bulkhead had been recruited into the science guild because of his proficiency with space bridges, and though he was reluctant to leave his friends, The others convinced him to follow his calling. With The death of prowl, and the departure of bulkhead, Optimus was in the market for a few new crew members to keep their numbers up. He was on his way to a remote meeting with personnel officer Rung about having a few bots moved to his jurisdiction.

"Well, Optimus, I have a few people for you to consider," The officer began as the meeting comenced, "It's really up to you."

Optimus nodded thoughfully. "Who do you have?"

Rung pulled up a list of names and began reading. "Let's see...we have Chromia, a diplomat who specializes in conflict resolution, Powerglide, part of a new breed of flying autobot and a private who passed basic training with the highest honors, and proved her worth is strategic planning. Then we have a few mo--"

Optimus interrupted him. "Eeeaaah...that list sounds kinda long. Maybe you could just send it over so I could look over them and you wouldn't have to...recite them all?"

Rung shrugged. "Whatever is more suitable for you sir. Sending now. Contact me with your decision. Rung out." Rung ended the call after sending the requested information.

Optimus sighed and sat in his chair. "Let's see here...aaand rung sent me 1400 candidates. Scrap."

Bumblebee walked in as Optimus started pouring over all the data. "What's this, bossbot? training to be a data clerk?"

Optimus continued to read as he answered. "No, Bumblebee, I'm looking for your new teammates..."

"Oh." Bumblebee leaned on Prime's chair. "Pick that one, she's pretty."

"Bumblebee, i'm not picking recruits based on their paint jobs. Plus that's a guy."

Bee cringed. "Uh, yeah, alright, good luck with that." The screeching of his tires in the distance was heard almost before he finished his sentence.

Three hours later.....

Optimus was banging his head repeatedly on his console. This entire time, he had only picked two bots, Jazz, for his prior experience with him and how well he worked with the team, and Powerglide because of his flight abilities. However most of the others were just unappealing. "How does this one turn into a plant...?!" he mused in frustration. Thankfully, a call from Sari broke up the monotony before he considered suicide.

"Optimus!" The youthful techno-organic child beamed. "Great news! I found a few Allspark fragments!"

Optimus perked up. "Really? That really is great. I'll send Bumblebee over to retri--"

"No, that's alright," She interjected, "I'll be over in a few minutes. Are you okay? You look sorta...unhappy."

"No it's nothing, i'm just looking for new recruits..."

Sari winced. "Ohhh, clerical work?"

Optimus nodded.

"Bummer. Well good luck with that. See you soon." Sari cut the com-link.

Optimus sighed. "Alright, you know what, I'm just going to tell the system to randomly for me...and....Aha. Rodimus Prime. Rodimus Prime?" Optimus blinked. He would have expected a Prime to lead their own team. Then he remembered reading that Rodimus's team was defeated while attempting to protect a space bridge...something about cosmic rust? Maybe they had disbanded. Regardless, Optimus sent for the three new bots and retired to spend half a cycle in rest-mode. Primus knew he could use it.
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Ohhhh this is gonna be good!!!!
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^i second that

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Originally Posted by RoadRage View Post
Ohhhh this is gonna be good!!!!
Originally Posted by uchihabro77 View Post
^i second that

Thanks guys, i'll try to update this weekend.
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Part 2: Can't keep a good spy down

A lone Autotrooper patrolled section 5-D of the infamous Trypticon Prison. He muttered something about not being paid enough as he came across the cell of the dastardly fiend, Hun-Grr, who was currently serving a very long sentence for devouring three Autotroopers and half of a Proto-form. The trooper shuddered at the sight of Hun-Grr's eyes, those cold, longing eyes. He fully realized that if he were to ever escape, no bot'd be safe--especially if he met up with his gang.

Quickly moving past Hun-grr, the trooper spotted Flamewar, another nasty. Formerly a Cybertronian body-type model, Flamewar suddenly and surprisingly joined the Decepticons. Apperantly, she had a side hobby killing random bots and mounting their shells on her wall. She fit right in. Psychopath. But she was pretty.

The trooper went deeper still, and was face to face with Tarrantulas, a master of poisons who engineered the Grey Plague that ravaged Iacon in the days of the war. The trooper frowned as he remembered the friends he'd lost during that time. In order to prevent himself from murdering Tarrantulas right there, he quickly moved on. He really didn't have time to site-see anyway, he'd been sent to check up on the Decepticon Spymaster, Shockwave. The bot who murdered the Magnus. Scum. Despicable scum.

The Spy claimed that he needed to see security, so the trooper'd been sent down. He despised this task with every fiber of his being, but orders were orders. If it were left up to him, Shockwave's spark would have been extinguished long ago, but Sentinel and the council just didn't have the bearings. The trooper made his way over to where the offender was housed. There he stood, watching a tall and lanky purple figure, pacing about his small room.

"Shockwave!" the trooper growled. "What in Primus do you want?!"

"Oh, hello!" The Decepticon greeted cheerily, "I just wanted to inform the staff that I was experiencing mechanical problems. My gears were acting up a bit..."

"And I should care...why?"

"Oh! Not saying you should, but would be nice. Autobots are supposed to be nice, right?"

"...I really should slag you right where you stand, filth."

"That would hurt--" Shockwave lamented

"--MMMHMMM...." The trooper interjected.

"...Well, I--AUGH!" Shockwave fell over and convulsed for a moment before turning grey.

The trooper quickly dis-engaged the energy door and stormed in to check Shockwaves vitals.

"I can't believe it..he just...went off line?"

Suddenly, Shockwaves clawed hand shot through the unsuspecting troopers spark-chamber, offlining him.

"Oh of course not, dummy. Now if you'll excuuuuse me..."

Shockwave applied a hollo-disguise to the troopers shell, making the Autobot resemble the spymaster. He then scanned the Autotrooper and shifted in form to match. Shockwave looked over his new body.

"Eh, it'll do for now." and he exited the cell, locking the door behind him.

The mission would commence.

((Kind of a short update, I know, but I was feeling a little creatively stripped. Might post more tomorrow...))
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Finally! A good fanfic that isn't a drag to read! Keep it up!
Feedback / BST
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Shockles! I like this fic already.
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Originally Posted by MPrime10 View Post
Finally! A good fanfic that isn't a drag to read! Keep it up!
Originally Posted by LegoShokwave123 View Post
Shockles! I like this fic already.
Thanks guys, your kind words mean a lot. I guess i'd better keep going then :3
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MORE MORE MORE this will be GOOD!!!
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Part 3: You're Slipping

Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bumblebee and Sari were all standing in The Renaissance Convention center, anxiously awaiting the product of a technology exchange between Earth and Cybertron, through Issac Sumdac and Perceptor. Together (Though it was mostly Perceptor...) they had created a machine that was able to turn Earth fuels, Oil, gasoline, into pure, high grade energy. They dubbed it the Energon harvester, and hailed it as a solution to the energy concerns of both worlds. Today, Sumdac was showing off the device in front of the world, and the Autobots were there to make sure things went well.

"This is really amazing!" Sari beamed, as she watched her father demonstrate the various uses of the device. "I still have no idea how it works, but..still cool!"

Ratchet rolled his eyes. "Pipe down fleshie, I'm trying to read."

"Reading at a time like this?" Prime muttered incredulously before diverting his full attention to the demonstration.

"Well, this whole thing is more boring than reading, soo..." Bee yawned and leaned against a wall.

Sari crossed her arms. "Whatever, I think it's awesome."

And Sari wasn't the only one to share that thought. At that very moment, Sari appeared in a glowing red reticle from a weapon stationed miles off. A low, mechanical voice chuckled. "I get em' in me sights. Shall I bring da rain?"

"No, Misfire," An authoritative female voice answered. "Let us go in first, cause a ruckus, and then pick them off if they become a problem. EMP blasts though, we'll need them alive...for later."

Misfire sighed and crossed his pinkish-maroon plated arms. "Aye, what ever ya say lassie..."

Slipstream rolled her eyes. "Vortex, are you ready?"

The purple and grey Decepticon helicopter saluted. "Hehehehe, Always ready MISTRESS...."

Slipstream rattled. "Stop calling me that!"

"Sorry, sorry..."

"Let's just go... " She sighed before leaping off of their perch in a tall building and shifting into her alternate form, with Vortex following suit.


Suddenly, Optimus's comlink crackled to life. He placed to servos to the side of his head to listen. "You've reached Optimus Prime--"

"OPTIMUS!" A female voice interjected. "It's Powerglide, i've got two Decepticon fliers in route, both of them on file. Slipstream and Votex."

Optimus sighed. "Scrap. Alright, engage ONE if you have too, but don't take them both head on. I'll be out in a moment..."

Ratchet looked over at Optimus's worried expression. "Cons?"

Prime nodded. "You and Bee need to get the Harvester and the humans out of here, We'll keep the cons busy."

Ratchet sighed but nodded. "Alright. Here, i'll let ya borrow this..." He disconnected his EMP and handed it to Optimus. "Just a loner big bot! I want this back in one piece!'

Optimus smirked. "Don't worry, Ratchet, thanks." And he pulled his ax out and prepared to charge outside.

"WAIT!" Sari's voice yelled suddenly. "What about me?"

"OH! uh...Sari...Sari...uh...."

Sari was not amused.

"Uh...You help Ratchet and Bee, alright?" And Optimus promtply left pefore she could protest.

Sari sighed. "....Alright then. Ahem." She turned her vocal emitters up to full capacity. "ALRIGHT, EVERYBODY GET OUT! PACK UP YOUR STUFF AND GET OUT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!!"

Of course, the crowd panicked.

Bee signed. "Greeeaaaat...."

"Jazz, Rodimus," Optimus yelled over the comlink. "Cancel your patrols and double back to the Convention Center. We've got company."

"Gotcha, bossbot, be there in half a beat." Jazz acknowledged.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Rodimus replied.

Optimus sighed. "Stop calling me sir..."

"Sorry, Uh....Optimus...."


Optimus shut off the link, just in time to see the two quickly moving forms of his enemies in the distance. Slipstream picked up speed, while Vortex actually transformed a little ways off from the target. He laughed maniacally before letting off a salvo of missiles at some parked cars.

"Scrap," Prime growled, "They're trying to draw us out...Powerglide, engage Slipstream, i'll hold off vortex until backup arrives!" Optimus shifted forms and raced towards the large heli-bot.

"Roger that Optimus Prime." A small red plane suddenly swooped in behind Slipstream and started firing on the purple aircraft.

Slipstream yelped as the energy blasts connected with her wings and transformed, fliping backwards as she did, and nearly crushing Powerglide in the process--lucky, the smaller bot was able to dodge the attack.

Slipstream's optic twitched. "Get out of my way you midgety little--"

Powerglide shot Slipstream in the chestplate. "Shut up and fight motor-mouth." Her faceplate slid into place.

Slipstream scowled. "My pleasure..." She aimed her Null rays.


Optimus dodged and swerved Vortex's energy blasts before transforming and leaping at him with his Rocket Ax. Vortex blocked the blow with his propeller blade and sent the Autobot crashing into the pavement. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I had expected BETTER from the bot who beat Megatron! I GUESS IT WAS A FLUKE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA."

Optimus jumped to his feet. "That's...that's some laugh you got there..."


"Pretty much, yeah."

Vortex growled and unleashed a sonic painwave, shattering the glass of cars and nearby buildings and bringing Optimus to his knees as his audio receptors started overloading. "AAAGH!"

"Hold on, bossbot!" Vortex was stunned that he could hear something over his sonic attack, and then literally stunned when a pair of Nunchaku slapped him across the faceplate. He stumbled over and fell onto his side, cursing and protesting. Jazz flipped off of his body and landed next to Prime. "Nice try, Dr. Evil, but you still suck, ya dig?"

Jazz helped Optimus back to his feet. "What did you do?" The Fire-bot asked with a slightly dazed voice.

"Overload strike. Works sorta like stasis cuffs, but not as effective and much more stylish. I'd round that jive-turkey up like, quickly. Rodimus split up and went to go deal with Ms. Scream."

Optimus nodded. "Thanks. I'm surprised it's just them."

Oh, but it wasn't just them. Let's head back to the Convention center, shall we?

Powerglide's fist connected with Slipstreams faceplate and knocked her right into a building. Slipscream pulled herself up. "Alright, you have a little fight in you, i'll give you that red. But no amount of Decepticon programming in the Galaxy will ever make you as good as one."

Powerglide growled and aimed her Plasma-Blaster at the Decepticon. "Doesn't matter either way, i'm still going to SLAG YOU!" She screamed.

Slipstream smirked. "Onslaught, Misfire, now."

A high power slug hit Powerglide straight in the chestplate, knocking her back many feet and through a building. A large military vehicle drove up and transformed, revealing a huge robot that made even Slipstream look feeble. "You have done well, accomplice." His low, intelligent sounding voice complimented as he surveyed the panicking people and carnage. "However, a little stealth would have been fortuitous..."

Slipstream crossed her arms. "Really Onslaught, you talking about stealth?"

"Not an attack, merely an observation. Come now, let us secure the generator before they call in any more--"

Rodimus Prime suddenly appeared in front of the Convention center. "Oh no you don't, Con!"

Onslaught sighed. "Seriously?"

"Yes, seriously!"

"...This is rather underwhelming..."

"I know right?" Slipstream agreed as she aimed her Null rays at the blazing red robot. Rodimus didn't back down. Onslaught gave Slipstream a nod before he began firing his large shoulder cannons at the small Autobot, while the Fembot seeker raced into the Convention center.


Ratchet Was busy helping the workers lift the Generator back into an armored car while Bee and Sari were directing the crazed civilians to the exits when Slipstream thundered in. "Well, well, well...A medi-bot, a bumbler and the human girl. Your security really sucks, you know that?"

Bumbebee sighed. "Yeah, we SHUT UP!" He extended his stingers and started firing at Slipstream, who frankly barely noticed. "That' Ignoring..." She punted the small yellow robot and walked over towards ratchet, who was starting to regret giving Optimus his EMP. "C'mon old man, just give it up will ya?"

Ratchet spat. "Ah'm not too old to beat your pretty lil' tailpipe con!"

Slipstream laughed. "Oh really? And how are you going to be able to do that?"

Ratchet tossed her across the convention floor with his magnets. She was caught off guard, and landed in a heap.

"...Okay, ow...."

Ratchet nodded. "Stupid turbo-revving punk..."


"Aaa...augh..." Rodimus fell over with a loud crash. Onslaught sighed. "What a shame, he showed a great intelligence and aptitude for combat. Maybe in another time, another reality--"

"By Primus do you always talk that much?"

Optimus asked in a low voice. He then blasted onslaught right in the back with the EMP. Onslaught roared and fell to his knees. "What the...Prime. You're making a huge mistake."

"Look who's talking, boadside..' Jazz jabbed as he picked Rodimus up. "This went sour real fast..."

Optimus nodded as he cuffed Onslaught. "...Where did slip Stream go--"

A cuffed Slipstream was tossed out of the entrance to the Convention center and landed on top of Onslaught.

An angry Powerglide seemed to have thrown her. Ratchet, Bee and sari were behind her.

"Well," The old Medi-bot started, "Looks like that's that."

Powerglide frowned. "Still didn't catch the sniper who dented my chestplate..." She snarled as she clenched her fists.

"Hey, hey, Be easy now. There'll be time for kickin' his skidplate later. Right now we gotta take care of Rodi' and make sure everyone's okay."

Optimus nodded. "I agree, Jazz. Powerglide, help me take these cons to base for temporary imprisonment."

Powerglide sighed and dusted herself off. "You got, it..."

Onslaught looked over at Slipstream, and she looked back at him. They exchanged brief nods before going back to cursing the Autobots.

((End of part 3. So sorry it was so freaking just sorta happened...))
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