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What Do You Fear?

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Elessar Telcontar
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What Do You Fear?

The first story in my new "1706" continuity, featuring two of my favourite characters. Two frightening characters. Enjoy, please comment if you liked it, even if you didn't, just let me know why.

The buildings alongside the small Autobot rushed past as he ran down the narrow alleyway as fast as he could. He could hear the explosions and gunfire close by, but that didn't concern him. All that mattered was that he escaped. He left the alleyway and dodged a few bullets from the other side of the street ahead. He pulled out a pistol and shot down the two Decepticons in front of him then continued on through another alley. The Autobot heard a loud scream from somewhere to his left. He ran faster than ever, knowing that his pursuer was closing in. He rounded a sharp corner and collided with another Autobot, who was taking shelter from the war in the streets.*

"You need to get out of here, go!" The runner urgently advised the other.*

"No! They'll kill me! I wasn't meant for this, I'm just a cleaner!" The other Autobot protested.*

The runner saw that he had no hope in helping his comrade, so he continued down towards the next street. He reached the street and ducked as an explosion tore the building, a bar, to his left apart. He escaped any injury and hurried on. He saw another alley a few hundred metres down the road, so he headed that way, dodging bullets and explosions all the way. He wished that he could stop and help his friends, but he was in too much danger. The Autobot turned into the alleyway and ran on. The alley was covered over the top, so most of it was in shadow. The Autobot sprinted as hard as he could, until he collided with a wall. He fell onto the ground and soon stood back up, rubbing his head. He turned to return to the street, but directly in front of him were two gleaming red eyes. A glowing red mouth opened below them and curled into a smile. Its four teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom, were visible as silhouettes against the light. The Autobot couldn't see anything else, and he couldn't move, for he was paralysed in fear.*

"Darling..there was no need to run! I am here to help!" The creature whispered to the Autobot.*

"S-st-stand back! I'm armed!" The Autobot warned as he fumbled for his pistol, eyes wide in terror.*

"I am here to help." The creature coaxed softly.*

The creature moved forward, then it began to shift and transform. The red eyes and mouth were replaced with smaller eyes, but they were just as frightening. The creature grabbed the Autobot by the neck and squeezed its claws, cutting into the Autobot's throat. Energon seeped from the wound and horrifying images flashed through the Autobot's mind. Dead bodies lay littered everywhere, the Decepticons stood victorious over Iacon, the Autobot himself was in Megatron's grasp.*

"No...." The Autobot said weakly.*

"What do you see? Tell me..." The creature leaned towards the Autobot. "Tell me..."

"No..." The Autobot continued to groan.*

The creature squeezed harder and the Autobot felt his mind slowly shatter into millions of tiny pieces. He couldn't see. He couldn't feel. He couldn't hear. He couldn't think. The only thing he could do was scream as his mind collapsed into nothingness.*


On the other side of Cybertron, in the outskirts of Iacon itself, a small group of five Autobots huddled behind a broken wall together. Their leader, a tall and powerful colonel, told them all what the plan was.*

"They'll all be storming the centre of Iacon by now, our best chance is to get behind them and take down the commander before he can enter the fray himself." The leader observed.*

"But sir, how do we know he isn't already?" One of the Autobots asked.*

"He has never entered a battle yet here, and I doubt he will do so unless it is an extremely important mission." The leader explained. "Now let's move out, the sooner we strike the better chances we have of helping our brothers."

The Autobots all stood up and the leader led them into a rubble-laden plain. They quietly ran through the plain, ducking under cover and looking behind them at anytime they could. They pushed on until they reached a tall, purple structure.*

"The Decepticon base?" One said in a hushed voice.*

"Yes." The leader confirmed.*

He moved forward towards the entrance to the base, which was guarded by two Decepticon foot soldiers. The leader nodded to one of the Autobots, who took out a rifle and blew the guards' heads off in a few seconds. The Autobots moved in and kicked the door open. Inside was a large room filled with computers. More foot soldiers sat at the monitors, and a dark green Decepticon stood with its back facing the Autobots on the other side of the room. The soldiers stood, but the dark green leader raised his hand, and they all sat back down. The leader turned, revealing himself. He was green and orange, with lots of elaborate armour and a bone-like skeleton beneath the plates. He wore a helmet on his head, which was a white metal skull with terrible yellow eyes. The leader pulled out the larger of the two swords in the scabbard on his left hip armour and raised it. He made a complicated swirl with it then held it pointed at the ground a few metres to his right. He was obviously a master swordsman.*

"You don't scare us!" The Autobot leader shouted, though he knew his team was, like himself, very much so.*

"Then advance. Strike me down. Be a hero." The other leader challenged.*

"Gladly. You guys, stay back." The Autobot leader couldn't show his fear in front of his men.

He stepped towards the Decepticon and withdrew two Energon knives. He charged. The Decepticon easily dodged his first few strikes, then in one fluid motion took both of his arms off. They fell to the floor and Energon seeped from their sockets. The Autobot stood frozen in shock, then fell onto the ground. He was alive, but couldn't stand back up without his arms.*

"Your weakness cannot be tolerated." The Decepticon raised his sword.*

"At least I fight like a true leader, instead of staying hidden away and allowing my men to die." The leader spat.*

"This is what is left of my squad. I am with my men. You didn't think this was the Decepticon base, did you?" The Decepticon taunted.*

"No." The leader denied, though that was exactly what he had thought.*

"Dishonesty is dishonourable. Therefore you don't deserve an honourable death." The Decepticon turned to one of the soldiers. "Take him and the others to the brig. We will give them to Mindwipe when he returns."

"Who's Mindwipe?" The leader asked.*

"An appropriate death."


On top of the Decepticon building, a massive bat-like creature landed on the watchtower and transformed into a tall, angular Decepticon. The Decepticon opened the hatch on the tower and climbed down into the main room, where the swordsman was waiting. The Decepticon noticed two pools of Energon on the floor behind the swordsman and his eyes returned to the swordsman's largest blade, which was in his scabbard and had similar stains.*

"I see you've been busy." The Decepticon narrowed his eyes. "I hope you left some for me."

"There are five Autobots down in the brig waiting, Mindwipe. I would have killed them myself, but they don't deserve a warrior's death." The swordsman's eyes lit up slightly in disgust.*

"Ooo, excellent! The last few were far too easy to break, I hope these at least offer a challenge. The end result is always all the more satisfying when they fight it." Mindwipe licked his lips and smiled.*

"I still fail to see your fascination with fear." The swordsman walked towards Mindwipe and stopped right in front of him, so that they were looking eye-to-eye. "Look at me. The Autobots tremble in fear when they see me, and I feel nothing."

"Perhaps you haven't accepted how beautiful it is, Bludgeon. How mystical their agonised screams are. How extraordinary it is to see their minds shatter, and their eyes fade away." Mindwipe smiled even wider as he spoke.*

"Beautiful is my sword. Mystical is the way it weaves through the air so fluidly. Extraordinary is the life that it takes after a glorious battle." Bludgeon pulled out his sword as he spoke and laid it gently against Mindwipe's neck.*

"Let's agree to disagree then." Mindwipe's smile faded slightly, then he turned to a panel behind him. "If you hear a high-pitched noise, it is either screams, or the sound of my claws on their metal. Or both!" He laughed maniacally as he pressed a button and walked through a hidden door.*

Inside the secret room was the brig, which had several dozen cells. They were in rows of 12 and had traditional iron bars on the sides, but energon barriers in the front and back. The tops were iron. Only five of the cells were occupied, and they were closest to the door. Mindwipe advanced on the furthest one and shut off the front barrier. A nimble Autobot was inside. His eyes widened as Mindwipe grabbed him by the head and dragged him out of the cell. The other inmates watched their fellow helplessly. The last one, who was closest to the door, tried to stand, despite not having arms. No doubt courtesy of Bludgeon, Mindwipe thought.*

"No, take me. Take me, I'm the leader, I'm the one you want." The armless Autobot pleaded.*

"The leader, eh? Well, I'm sure we can make a new arrangement. Ah, I've got it. You'll be last!" Mindwipe said softly through the barrier.*

"Why?!" The Autobot demanded.*

"So you can see each and every one of your team die, knowing that you have failed them. Some leader you are!" Mindwipe grinned and picked the Autobot in his hand up by the throat. "Let's start with this one. What is your name?"*

"I have no name." The Autobot choked.*

"A shame. I like to get to know my friends in our time together. But if you have no name, where do we begin?" Mindwipe acted broken-hearted. "Oh well, I'll just skip the small talk."

Mindwipe slammed the Autobot into his leader's cell's Energon barrier, sending sparks flying and electrifying the Autobot. He shouted in pain. Mindwipe held him there, then looked deep into the Autobot's blue eyes. The Autobot began to see horrors beyond his imagination. He started to scream, the fear and pain combined sent him into a frenzy. Mindwipe cackled as sparks continued to fly and the Autobot continued to be fried as his mind slowly gave way. In a few seconds, the Autobot's screams died away with the light in his eyes.*

"So beautiful." Mindwipe murmured to himself. "Now for the next one! What's your name, angel?"

Mindwipe walked over to another cell and opened it up. He grabbed the Autobot inside and lifted her close to his face.*

"Arcee..." The Autobot croaked.*

"Arcee! So you have a name! Delightful! That's all I needed to know, sweet." Mindwipe winked. "I've got something special, just for you! Here we are.." Mindwipe brought Arcee over to an empty cell with a different coloured barrier. "This one is for the really dangerous Autobots. The big ones who like to break through our poor barriers. So we made this one out of a little thing I like to call 'Refined Toxic Energon'."

Arcee's eyes widened as Mindwipe moved her closer to the glowing green wall.*

"When refined, it is safe to be near Toxic Energon. But not too touch it, oh no. If you touch it, you'll be poisoned just the same as the unrefined stuff. It's a slow and painful way to go." Mindwipe's eyes lit up with the last sentence.*

Mindwipe threw Arcee into the barrier and she was immediately infected with the radiation. She fell onto the floor and screamed in pain as the poison attacked her. Mindwipe bent down and looked her in the eye. She immediately screamed even louder than before and thrashed around as her fears were brought to life in her mind. One of the Autobots behind Mindwipe started to shout her name, but he ignored her. Just as Arcee's mind was about to give way, Mindwipe stood up. She stopped moving and lay with her eyes half open, a shell of her former self. Mindwipe left her on the ground and turned to the Autobot leader.*

"Enjoying the show?" He asked.*

"You're a monster!" The leader roared.*

"Oh, you're too kind. Now, I have a little question for you to ponder on before I leave." Mindwipe moved as close to the barrier as he could to get right in the Autobot's face. "What do you fear?"
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Ooooh, cold, man. Mindwipe's psychokinetic cruelties and Bludgeon's passionate swordplay are a lethal combo indeed for these poor Autobots.

Despite his relative inexperience, the unnamed Autobot leader is nothing if not brave. Shame about his predicament, alas.
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Meta777 is brutally attacked by a scurry of squirrels.
Originally Posted by Erron Black
Happiness is a warm gun.
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! This is really fantastic so far ! Keep up the great work !
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pretty good. Love Bludgeon
Originally Posted by pitt55 View Post
You don't see Optimus sitting in a corner, sharpening his blades, fantasizing about ripping Decepticons' guts out when not in battle for instance.
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Elessar Telcontar
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Thank you gentlemen, m'lady. I'll add the next two segments now, more Bludgeon!

The Autobot leader thought long and hard about the Decepticon's question. He was not without fear, no one could be. But what exactly did he fear, that was the question that troubled him. He couldn't list any particular phobias. It was a while before he came up with a decent answer. He feared dying in the cell, and seeing his comrades die as he helplessly watches. The latter had happened twice already, Arcee had just succumbed to the poison a few minutes before. She had died with one final scream of agonising pain. The sound had been ringing in the leader's ears, along with something the demon of a Decepticon said. 'Some leader you are' was what he had said. It pained the Autobot to admit that he agreed. In the past day, he had led his team into an ambush which they barely escaped and then led them to an outpost where half of them were viciously tortured then killed and with the same fate about to befall the others. The leader couldn't even open his eyes, to look upon the others would be terrible. Not to mention when he looked at the barrier he always saw his right-hand-man's body convulsing as it was electrified. The sight was horrifying and coupled with the screams it was the most horrifying thing he had ever witnessed.*

"Oi, you! The boss wants to see you now, I'd start praying." A voice said to the leader.*

He opened his eyes and turned to see a gruesome looking soldier smiling crookedly at him. He was missing an eye and had scars all over his body. The Decepticon deactivated the front barrier to his cell and hauled the Autobot out. He took him back to the main room, where the swordsman and the demon were standing side-by-side. It was as if the leader's worst nightmare had been made real.*

"Here 'e his boss. Have some fun with him, won't ya?" The soldier said as he kicked the Autobot's knees, sending him down onto them.*

The swordsman glared at the soldier, who hurriedly left the room. He lowered his gaze to the Autobot. "Mindwipe tells me you begged to take your ally's place. That you would sacrifice yourself for your team. Your selflessness must be rewarded."

"How are you going to do that?" The Autobot asked, almost scared to hear the answer.*

"Your arms will be repaired. Your power will be recharged. Then you will have two choices. You can return to the brig, and watch your friends die, but you will be set free afterwards. Or you could face me, and if you win, I will allow you and your team to leave." The swordsman offered.*

"What if I choose to fight you, and lose?" The leader asked.*

"Then I will strike you down where you stand." The swordsman said simply.*

The Autobot closed his eyes and bowed his head. The choice was essentially life or death, and either way his team would die. But if he chose to return to the brig, he would be blaming himself forever for not trying to save them. He knew what he had to do.*

"I choose the fight."


A few hours later, the Autobot had both of his arms reattached and a new supply of Energon in his fuel tank. One of the soldiers had also given him a broadsword, which he found was much more suited to him than the knives he had been carrying for years. He was allowed one hour to warm up, then two soldiers brought him to the main room, where the swordsman stood. Mindwipe was nowhere to be seen.*

"What is your name?" The swordsman requested as the soldiers left the Autobot.*

"I'll tell you if you tell me." The Autobot replied.*

"Bludgeon." The swordsman said.*

"Animus." The Autobot gave up. He rarely told anyone his name.*

"Animus." Bludgeon repeated. "A fitting name for a courageous warrior."

"Enough small talk, let's get it over with." Animus snarled.*

Bludgeon withdrew his sword and performed the same movement with it that he had in their first meeting. Animus pulled his sword from the sheath on his back. Then, he charged. He knew not to attack Bludgeon with a flurry after last time's disaster, but he still had no clue how to approach it. So he simply swung the sword at Bludgeon, who used his sword to curve the swing away from him and back at Animus. The momentum swung Animus around and he nearly lost his balance. Bludgeon waited until he was facing him again, then pointed his sword directly between his eyes.*

"Yield. It is not too late to choose survival." Bludgeon suggested.*

"Never!" Animus shouted as he grabbed the sword, shocking Bludgeon, and swung his own into the Decepticon's hip.*

The blade didn't even make a scratch. Animus stopped in confusion and Bludgeon disarmed him with his sword.*

"How?" Animus began.

"My armour is forged from a metal that deflects head-on attacks. You are the first to get close enough to test it." Bludgeon explained, then he ran his sword through Animus's abdomen. "I have no doubt that you will be the last."

"That's not fai-" Animus began, but he collapsed before he could finish.*

He fell off the sword and onto the ground. Bludgeon stood above him.*

"You allowed yourself to lose your concentration." Bludgeon coldly stated. "But be grateful. You die a hero's death, one of valour. Rest in peace, Animus."

Bludgeon sheathed his sword and walked away, the last sight that Animus would ever see. Within seconds, he was gone, but not before he heard the screams of another teammate, tortured for Animus's own failure.*
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Ouch. Frickin'. Ouch.
Originally Posted by pitt55 View Post
You don't see Optimus sitting in a corner, sharpening his blades, fantasizing about ripping Decepticons' guts out when not in battle for instance.
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BLUDGEON IS A BOSS.....sorry for the brave bot but still great fight!!!
Originally Posted by Olymprix View Post
((I thought Big A was Alpha Trion's pimp name...))
Comic:Transformers:Battle For Earth
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Elessar Telcontar
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Thanks for reading. Just so everyone knows, that was the last part of this story. I plan to do more one shots, which will be easier to manage and actually complete.

Also, Bludgeon looks like a leaner version of his ROTF toy with a much thinner face like the comics. He would be voiced by Mark Strong using his Sinestro voice (real voice?).

Mindwipe is a lot like his ROTF toy, but transforms into a bat. He would be voiced by Arkham Asylum Scarecrow's voice actor Dane Andrade
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I just want to say, I love your Decepticons. Mindwipe seems like a real twisted psychologist character like Johnathan Crane while Bludgeon is more reserved and his 'Decepticon warrior' honor is great too. It isn't something that takes away his fear or makes him seem good, it just lets you know that he is more than evil for evils' sake.

Originally Posted by Jalaguy View Post
The trick to watching the G1 cartoon is to do so whilst drunk. It's not a cartoon that should be taken even remotely seriously, but it's a laugh if you just accept its constant silliness.
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A very interesting ending ! I agree with everybody else your Decepticons are great! I really felt sorry for Animus But ya did really well with this little story.
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