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I began this story a while ago, even did up designs. I'm far enough in I'd figure I'd start posting it.

The story follows Optimus, a well-meaning if abbrasive Autobot explorer slash soldier living not-so-covertly on Earth with his friends Ironhide and Road Rage, meant to watch over a group of Decepticon rouges. But the quite countryside they dwell may not be quite for much longer.


A dry fall day in the quite town of Hamville, Ontario. Frost lined the edges of the grass blades, leaves fluttered against the gentle wind. The cracked and sorry roads were bare save the occasional parked car. Thin beams of light came down from the holes in the overcast. It was cottage season, and many were away for the winter getting an early start on the holidays. Despite this activity was still present, in the form of late migrating birds and the occasional foraging squirrel. The town was innocent, peaceful, on every day but today. A low rumble, moved into the town. Like a million marching feet shaking the Earth. It moved quickly with determination. It was large, black, gold lines reflected in the sun rays. It’s six massive wheels violently chewed up asphalt and spit it out. It spun around a corner, screeching so loud birds took flight. Hot on it’s trails was a buckling, clanking behemoth on eight wheels. A cable swung from side to side of it’s back, and white smoke spewed from two stacks on either side of it. The two machines barrelled down the narrow streets, knocking over trashcans and clipping lampposts. The black machine turned another corner, as it did a large block on top spun around to face it’s pursuer. Panels pulled back and two metal tubes extended. Fire erupted from the tips. The jets of flame washed over the vehicle in tow, blackening it’s deep blue paint. It swerved, losing speed. The black vehicle approached a small overpass. There was no way the monster would fit. It shuddered, and flexed. The flame throwers retracted. Geometric plates and panels separated and overlapped, the vehicle, now much thinner and longer, slid through the opening. The blue one recovered, but too late. The massive machine split, doing the same as the other, except different, it stretched out. Hands emerging from the center, it raised itself, grabbed the edge of the overpass and pulled itself over. The end split and reformed into legs, the body flattening. It rolled over the overpass, landing on it’s long legs and pulled together, returning to it’s previous form. It continued to pursue, and the black vehicle knew this. It broke apart, dozens of moving parts spinning, turning and clicking, it reformed into a titanic monster. It’s massive arms ended in long, thin fingers, it’s circular feet hovered but centimetres off the ground, and it’s long head ended in two, malicious red eyes. It’s hand began to spark and glow. The air around it wavered with heat, and energy balled in the being’s fist. It threw the blast underhand to the oncoming truck, which broke apart and rolled into the blast. A cloud of smoke exploded out on impact, and the blue being sprinted out. Running full speed, the black beast charged up another shot, and tossed. The energy hit the runner dead center. It tripped, and fell, sliding to a stop in a ditch. Grass and dirt went flying. The black being flexed, hydraulics and gears wheezing and grinding. It spun around and returned to it’s six wheeled appearance. The blue robot pulled it’s face out of the ground and spat out dirt. It pulled it’s arm out from under it and pressed it’s hand up against the side of it’s head.
“Ironhide,” It said aloud. “She’s headed your way!”
The black tank continued unopposed down the street. It seemed to have escaped, until a dark grey truck smashed into it’s right side. Bothe vehicles crushed on impact, but not from damage, but from both vehicles splitting apart like they blue truck before. They shape shifted again, the black into the same monstrous, hulking form on one knee, the grey into a stout, bulky humanoid. The grey robot’s yellow eyes twitched as it shook itself. The black robot stood and balled it’s hands into fists.
“Strika,” The grey machine said. “You’ve got some nerve. I thought we made it clear last time you leave the town alone!”
The black robot, Strika, reached down and grabbed a parked car of the street. She hurled it at Ironhide, who dived out of the way.
“The day I take orders from your kind is the day I surrender my soul to the Allspark, cur!” Strika said, she charged at Ironhide, who took off towards her. Strika punched at Ironhide, who blocked and struck his own blow. Strika parried and kicked Ironhide in the midsection. He doubled over. She delivered an uppercut, which Ironhide dodged, grabbed her outstretched arm and pulled her aside. She grabbed Ironhide’s stubby leg and pulled him off his feet. He fell, taking Strika with him. They rolled and she broke free, running and transforming into the black vehicle. Ironhide stood, just in time for the blue robot to catch up.
“Optimus!” Ironhide exclaimed. The blue robot ran past him, running full speed after Strika. She was getting away, until a small, red car screamed around the corner. The sleek vehicle’s engine roared as it sped past Optimus, easily gaining on the tank. It zipped around the larger, clumsier machine, driving all over the road. Strika tried to run the small car over, but it was too fast. The car pulled in front. Strika accelerated, and the red car broke apart. It arched inwards, it’s rear pulling up and separating. It pushed off the ground with it’s front tires and changed in mid-air to a red and blue robot. The aggressor grabbed the leading edge of the tank and held on. Strika swerved, hoping to dislodge her attacker, but the red robot held firm, enduring the ride. Finally it’d had enough and the small one straddled the driver’s compartment, raised it’s hands together in the air, and brought them down on Strika’s roof. Strika transformed, grabbing the diminutive attacker in one hand and tossing them aside. The red robot went flying into a nearby pond, through the thin ice into the frigid water. Strika waited a moment, staring at the surface, then departed. Moments later Optimus and Ironhide drove up, and transformed. They ran down the sloped toward the water. Optimus waded into the pond and fished around. After a moment he pulled the red one out of the water. The smaller robot slapped the water in anger.
“Again I get thrown around!” She said, softly yet bitterly.
“Yeah, well I got a face full of lawn.” Optimus crawled lazily out of the pond. "Beat by a girl. I went to boot camp for this?" The red robot walked next to him, pulling the metal panels on her arms open to let water drain out.
“I hate being small.” She said.
“You’re not small, Road Rage,” Ironhide said gruffly. “You’re just… lightweight.” Optimus sighed, He fell onto his back, arms out.
“I am out of shape.” Optimus moaned.
“Say, what was Strika doing?” Road Rage said. “Usually she doesn’t just run away unless we’re all on the ground crying and bleeding.”
“What’s a ‘cur?’” Ironhide asked.
“That’s a good question.” Optimus said. ‘The thing about Strika, that is. She was either running from something, or had something she didn’t want us to get.”
“So Decepticons steal things now?” Road Rage sat on the street. “What would a Decepticon want from this town?”

Strika pulled off the rural street onto a wide forest path. She followed it through the trees to a ravine. Driving she continued through the woods as the terrain got steeper and steeper. Eventually she got to a large cave. She stopped at the mouth and transformed. She entered, her hovering feet made her appear to “skate” across the ground. She slowed as she reached a wall. She knelt and brushed dirt off a large metal grating. She removed it and pulled a rusted lever. The rock wall pulled away and swung open. Strika squeezed her way through. The area behind the rock was lit crudely by lights stolen from the town. It was a massive cavern. Many tunnels led outward in different directions. Bats chirped and screeched above. Strika moved over to a large metal structure buried in the wall. The door automatically pulled away as she began to enter. A voice from the darkness echoed from behind her, and she turned.
“Ah-ah,” A raspy, harsh tone came from above. From the shadows overhead an inhuman creature descended. Held aloft by two propellers mounted on either shoulder, the robotic encroacher hovered just above the hulking Strika.
“Our master has requested solitude.” The hovering being said slyly.
“Obsidian,” Strika said. “Forgive my impertinence, I merely wished to deliver the parts I found to Shockwave.” She reached behind her and presented a small transformer.
“Ah,” Obsidian cocked his long, unusually shaped head, then waved his arm dismissively. “Shockwave is out, likewise scavenging for parts. He should be back…” A echoing boom resounded through the cave. “Now, it seems.” From across the cavern one of the many tunnels lit up, and from around the bend came a howling flying vehicle. The sleek craft dipped down upon exiting the tunnel and curled in on itself, landing as a purple robotic being. Unlike the others which had faces with eyes and what could be considered mouths, the only feature on Shockwave’s head was a single, inexpressive eye.
“Welcome back.” Obsidian said. Strika stepped forward, offering her find to Shockwave.
“I thought this could be used for the subterranean scanner,” Strika said. “I noticed you were-” Shockwave plucked the part out of her hand and held it in front of his face.
“Unacceptable for that purpose.” Shockwave said in monotone. “This unit’s parts would be more suited to repairing the damage to my radiation detector.” Shockwave turned and walked towards a table made out of scrap and started taking the transformer apart, separating each component into neat rows. Strika and Obsidian watched for a moment before turning to each other.
“Sometimes it seems his broken gadgets have more personality than him.” Obsidian shrugged. He noticed the scrapped paint on her armour. “Did your recent parts quest get you into trouble?”
“Autobots sought to stop me,” Strika said. “I wasted little time.”
“So you could hurry back to give Shockwave a present?” Obsidian laughed. Strika glared at him. “There’s no shame in admitting you couldn’t take them all, my dear.” Strika kicked Obsidian into the wall, he knocked over a generator. Strika chuckled under her breathe, before she was knocked aside. She turned, and Shockwave stood behind her. He leaped into the air and roundhouse kicked her into and empty area of the cave. Obsidian lifted himself off the generator. He brushed himself off and addressed his supporter.
“Thank you Shock-” Shockwave grabbed Obsidian by the throat and threw the large Decepticon across the cave into Strika.
“Do not damage my equipment again.” Shockwave said. He knelt down and righted the generator.
Obsidian and Strika stood, shaking their heads. Shockwave heel-turned and went back to his work. Strika and Obsidian said nothing, and went their separate ways. Strika went back to the doorway, confident she’d be free of further harassment. As she entered a strange melodic sound touched her ears. She followed it. A voice, unfamiliar. Softer, organic. It’s pitched flowed up and down. She made it to his chamber. The sound was behind a large, sharply detail metal door. Strika stood straight and double checked herself to assure she was presentable, then tapped the enter button. The door split, folded, and hissed away. Inside the floor rose up into a small hill in the center. On this hill was a tall chair, a glowing screen hung suspended above the left armrest. The sound was intensifying, getting louder, until a slow hand tapped the screen. The sound instantly dropped in volume until it was but a background noise. The chair swivelled around, and in it sat a cross-legged titan, his body a cool blue meal, every panel on him sharpened like a razor, separated out so no edge was obscured. He slowly moved his hand over the top of the small screen.
“Magnificent, isn’t it?” The mechanical man said. “The creatures of this world call it music. Opera, to be specific.” He closed the screen, and the sound left the room.
“Funny how it is,” He rose out of his chair. “We are so alike, our races. Yet ours has been around for millennia, and we never came close to creating anything like that. All we did was invent war…” He turned stared at Strika. His inhuman face flexed in what one could assume to be a smile. “And what a wonderful thing we did. What have you to report, Strika my dear?”
“Lord Megatron,” Strika bowed. “We have almost hit the target destination. Once we’ve finished scanning this sector. It should be close.”
“And the Autobots?” Megatron said, he stretched his hands. “Have they any idea what we’ve done?”
“None at all my lord.” Strika replied. “They are snivelling imbeciles fighting a lost battle.” Megatron chuckled.
“Of course they are.” Megatron walked down the hill towards the exit, Strika remained with her head down, sliding out of his way.
“Have Obsidian meet me outside.” He said. “I think it’s time I meet them personally.”

"I went to boot camp for this?"

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Comments and crits are welcome. I'll be posting additional instalments every few days or as they're written for later ones.

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Continue this is good stuff man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XwX
Originally Posted by Olymprix View Post
((I thought Big A was Alpha Trion's pimp name...))
Comic:Transformers:Battle For Earth
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i agree with roadrage on this! awesome stuff!
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So far, this is pretty good. I like the character interaction here; we got to know a little about everyone, though the Decepticons more so (Shockwave and Strika especially). I also like how you introduced Megatron His "And what a wonderful thing we did" line was creepy.

One recommendation I would make though is to put spaces between your paragraphs and your quotations, to make it a little easier to read.
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not bad, but more spacing would be great !
Originally Posted by pitt55 View Post
You don't see Optimus sitting in a corner, sharpening his blades, fantasizing about ripping Decepticons' guts out when not in battle for instance.
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Thanks! I'll definately try the spacing. I just realised that when I wrote this it was in a word program, so paragraphs were taller and the breaks between dialogue were more noticable. I never considered how it would look on TFW's wider pages. I'm glad that was pointed out because it really isn't fun to read.

Let's see if this is any better:


Optimus, Ironhide and Road Rage drove down the gravel driveway towards the abandoned farm house. Waves appeared over the dry grass as the wind blew. White smoke trailed behind the three as they passed the half-demolished building, continuing towards the barn. The area was barren even during the summer, but as winter approached, it became totally lifeless. Rusty old wheels and farm equipment leaned against the barn as nature slowly overtook them. A weathervane squealed on top of the rusty red barn. Optimus slowed at the door, then accelerated to push it open. The three vehicles drove in. Outside, the barn was dilapidated and aging, inside it was reinforced with brand new wood beams, and the entire floor was lowered into a large room that extended beyond the footprint of the barn itself. The Autobots continued down a dirt ramp into the crudely constructed safe house. Optimus slowed to a stop. Hydraulics hissed, and the vehicles outer shell broke and peeled away. He somersaulted into robot mode, and stretched. Ironhide and Road Rage did the same. Optimus walked over to a tipped over tractor trailer and sat down, he leaned against the dirt wall and began picking clumps of grass of his joints.

“Those guys are getting a lot less shy.” Optimus said. “What is that, the third time this month they’ve been out and about?”

“Fourth.” Road Rage said as she opened a container at the edge of the bunker. “I saw the purple one messing around near a hydroelectric plant in the county north of here.” She pulled out a long glowing orange tube and proceeded over to a table. Ironhide sat next to her.

“I think they’re up to something.” Ironhide said.

“The Decepticons are up to something?” Optimus reacted with false surprised. “Stop the Goddamn presses.”

Ironhide scoffed. He took the tube and pulled off the gold cap. Out slid two glowing rods. He took one and bit a chunk off. Optimus looked over.

“Hey, save that stuff.” He motioned to the half-eaten energy rod in Ironhide’s hand. “We’ve barely got enough of those to last the week. Road Rage crossed her arms and frowned.

“I bet the Decepticons don’t have to worry about energy.” She huffed. Optimus slumped back and waved his arm.

“Yeah, well, that’s because they steal.” He brushed the remaining clumps of soil and grass of his leg and stood. “We don’t. That’s the rules. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go “borrow” some materials from the scrap yard.” He walked up the dirt ramp out of the barn. Road Rage looked at Ironhide, still chomping away. Outside Optimus transformed and drove down the dirt road towards the highway. He made his way into town. As he passed through he saw the remainder of their recent run-in with danger. Trash cans knocked over, leaving debris everywhere, chunks of pavement missing from the streets, and two very confused elderly people examining the Optimus-shaped indent in their yard. Eventually he made it to the scrap yard. He pulled in, his wheels kicking up dust as he passed under the entrance. He moved through the heaps of scrap until he was well out of sight from the road, and returned to his robotic form. He examined the closest pile and got on his knees to begin digging. Not ten minutes had passed until he had a sufficient mound of usable material and was about to get it ready for transport when he heard a loud boom. He looked over the scrap mounds, expecting there to be some sort of fire or clouds of smoke in the distance, but nothing. Then he heard it. A wailing, noise. A rumbling in the air. He looked up. Something ripped through the air fast. A fighter jet. He only caught a glimpse. Optimus began to panic slightly, and wadded up the scraps he collected quickly so he could leave. He heard a crashing noise behind him, and before his reflexes even had time to turn his head, he was kicked through the scrap pile in front of him. Optimus was sent flying out of the scrap yard, hitting the road. A passing minivan narrowly avoided getting flattened. He bounced off the road into building, landing in the street across from the scrap yard. He heard someone yelling, a car skid to a halt, and a a thumping noise getting louder. Optimus snapped to it in time to turn around and knock away a hand grasping for his neck, but another grabbed his head, covering his eyes. Again he was tossed, landing in the middle of an intersection. This time, However, Optimus was prepared. He reached behind him, grabbing his tow hook and cable, and threw it at his attacker. He felt it grab, then pulled as hard as he could. His vision blurry, Optimus swung his fist at the figure, grazing it. Optimus’ blow was answered with a hard hit to his left cheek. He went down, a foot coming to rest on his chest. Optimus’ vision came back, and he saw his attacker clearly now. He was tall, silvery blue, angular, built, and judging from the expression in his red eyes, angry. The figure reached up and grabbed Optimus’ tow hook, which was caught on the robot’s chest.

“I must say I can’t see how you would have given Strika so much trouble.” The silver robot dislodged the hook and held it at his side. “Then again, even blindsided you managed to get a grip on me, so obviously you’re more capable than your appearance would suggest.” Optimus tried to lift the enemy’s foot off his chest, to no avail.

“Who are you?” Optimus asked him.

“Surely you’ve heard of Megatron,” He said. “Leader of the Decepticon army, future ruler of Cybertron and all her colonies?”

“Can’t say I have.” Optimus replied. Megatron scowled. He stomped on Optimus’ chest, then grabbed him by his head and wrapped Optimus’ own tow cable around his neck. Megaton pulled tight, Optimus gasping as the delicate systems in his neck were slowly being crushed. Just before anything broke. Megatron let go, and kicked Optimus down the street. Megatron shrugged his arms. A large mechanical block emerge lengthwise from each of his lower arms. He brought his fists together and the components connected, leaving his left arm and forming a weapon on his right, which he pointed at Optimus. He fired. A missile shot from the weapon towards Optimus, impacting dead centre. Bits of metal and street were strewn about, and Optimus landed in a heap ten yards down the street. Megatron fired another missile, destroying a diner between the two of them. Terrified people ran as the building collapsed. Megatron frowned, and fired again, this time devastating a barbers shop. He grunted and began walking to Optimus’ prone body, firing yet again, and missing. The confined area was interfering with his targeting systems. Finally he got close enough he couldn’t miss. As Megatron lined up the final shot, he was struck from behind. Optimus siezed the opportunity, scrambling to his feet and tackling Megatron. They went down, and Optimus laid into Megatron with a series of furious punches. Megatron brought up his arms to defend from the attack, but Optimus didn’t let up. Finally Megatron struck with his own punch, sending Optimus flying. Megatron rolled backwards and spun around, to confront his ambusher. A car came flying at Megatron’s face, which he knocked aside. Above him dropped down Road Rage, who landed on his back and began pulling on his face. Megatron yelled and reared back, giving the opening for Ironhide to charge and shoulder tackle him. He went flying, Road Rage jumped off and landed next to Optimus. Megatron skidded off the street and into a park. Road Rage struggled to lift Optimus, who was badly beaten and unable to stand. Ironhide ran over and pulled Optimus up over his shoulder. The three began to run when Megatron landed in front of them.

“Disgusting simpletons!” He growled. “I will make you suffer for this!” He drew his weapon.

“Road Rage!” Ironhide yelled. “Do it!” Road Rage turned to Ironhide with a worried look, but understood. She transformed into vehicle mode. Megatron laughed and took aim at her, only from Road Rage to split apart. Weapons and blades sprung from every nook on her vehicle mode and unleashed a storm of bullets and plasma bursts on Megatron, who couldn’t help but rear from the attack. Ironhide ran away with Optimus, Road Rage reversing to follow, but still firing madly. Megatron buckled under the onslaught, and was forced to retreat. With Optimus and Ironhide safely away, Road Rage returned to her vehicle mode proper and sped off after them.

Back at the barn, Ironhide gently propped Optimus up against the wall. Road Rage sifted through a container of medical supplies. Ironhide waved his hand in front of Optimus’ lifeless eyes and snapped his fingers.

“He’s unresponsive!” Ironhide said, worried. Road Rage ran over, her arms overflowing with medical tools and equipment.

“Stick this in his arm!” She said, handing Ironhide a small vile. Road Rage held a light up to Optimus’ eyes. He didn’t react. She grabbed a small square device and clicked it. It fanned out into a hexagon, and she placed it over Optimus’ dented chest plate. It beeped wildly, until eventually evening out into a steady tone. Optimus jolted back to life and clawed at the air, Ironhide held him back.

“Ease up, man.” Ironhide said. “You’re safe.” Optimus looked around, then held his hand to his head.

“What the hell was that thing?” He said. Ironhide and Road Rage shrugged.

“It nearly killed us all.” Road Rage said.

“And it wasn’t any Decepticon I recognized.” Ironhide added.

“I saw it’s jet mode.” Road Rage continued. “It was an F-22 Raptor. That’s American military, right? So obviously this guy didn’t make planetfall here.” Optimus thought a second.

“He told me his name was Megatron.” He said. “Is that supposed to mean something?”

“Let me check.” Ironhide said. He walked over to a computer setup. A single, small monitor lit up as he accessed history records. He typed with his chubby fingers the name, and a lone entry popped up. He accessed it.

“Only thing here is a conviction notice.” Ironhide began reading. “Megatron, built cold 3rd year of the new millennia, was originally a shipping district supervisor who allegedly allowed secret passage of illegal militia troops during the uprising of the Autobot/Decepticon unity movement. He was considered an instrumental player in the segregation of Autobots and Decepticons in the eyes of the government, and upon release after conviction swore to reclaim the Decepticons rightful place as rulers of-”

“Cybertron and all her colonies.” Optimus finished. “God damn it…” Optimus sighed. “So he’s the Deception’s leader? Just what we need.”

“How are we supposed to fight their leader without backup?” Road Rage said.

“We need real soldiers. With guns and stuff.” Optimus said.

“Like us?” Ironhide asked.

“I said real soldiers.” Optimus said.

“Speaking of,” Ironhide began. “How you holding up, Road Rage?”

“Better than the last time.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “I’m gonna sleep tonight, I tell ya.” Optimus stood up.

“Belay that nap,” He said. “It’s time we did what our bosses sent us here to do, and destroy the Decepticons!” He smashed his fist into his hand. Road Rage looked him up and down.

“Like that?” She said. “Can you even walk?” Optimus thought a moment, then waved her comment away. He took a step, and immediately his legs buckled and he fell to the ground.

“Okay, maybe not right this second…” He said from the floor. “But my point is we can do this, together.”
Road Rage and Ironhide both got visibly uncomfortable.

“Like, you mean all of us, fight all of them?” Ironhide said, counting with his fingers.

“Don’t they have like fifty guys?” Road Rage said. “We’re outnumbered!”

“How’s about this:” Optimus began. “You deal with them, or deal with me.” Road Rage thought, looked at Ironhide who shrugged, then looked back down to Optimus.

“Like, you right now?” Road Rage said.

“Just…” Optimus said, dropping his head into the dirt. “Gimme a moment.”
Megatron entered through the highest tunnel, straight down into the mountain’s interior. His thrusters blared as he screamed through the caves. He landed on both feet, dust swirling around him, finally subsiding as he stood straight and motionless. Out of the shadows Obsidian hovered over to his master’s side, head down, arms crossed behind him.

“Welcome back, eminence.” He said, his head remained low. “I trust your trip was insightful?” As Obsidian raised his head to see his master, he noticed the scorched marks and chipped paint. Megatron was pristine when he departed.

“I see.” He said. “Is there anything I can do?” Megatron said nothing, he didn’t even turn to look at Obsidian before leaving for the bunker. Obsidian remained, illuminated only by the light from the top of the cavern, he looked up.

“Megatron is angry,” A voice from the darkness said. A red dot appeared against the black. “You should avoid contact as much as possible until he has calmed down.”

“Oh really?” Obsidian said. “What ever gave you that idea, Shockwave?” Shockwave didn’t move from the shadows, but continued speaking.

“I am unable to process emotions.” Shockwave said. “The one who sought to kill me those centuries ago accomplished that much at least. However I have detected a pattern in Megatron’s. When he is angry, he is violent and aggressive towards others. Thus, he should be avoided.”

“Magnificent.” Obsidian said. “Now if only you could detect sarcasm, so I would not have to suffer through your inane ramblings.” Shockwave said nothing, instead the red dot that signalled his presence disappeared, and the chamber was quiet again. Only Obsidian remained, hands still behind his back, his shadow stretching across the ground, his silent propellers barely disturbing the dust beneath him.

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much much better! but i was just havin too much fun readin that i forgot to say some thin about the spacing.
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Next part is a go!


Strika tapped furiously on the computer’s holographic keyboard. Oblong shapes appeared rapidly and were quickly punched out of existence by her careful fingers as she cross-referenced coordinates and probe results. She took a moment to wipe the condensation from her brow as processor overheated. Her mind was racing. It seemed as though they had finally done it. Found what they came to this wretched dirt ball to find. She was still analyzing the information when Megatron stormed in. His abrupt entrance made Strika jump with a start.

“My lord, what has happened?” She asked. Megatron pulled up a chair and sat at the briefing table. Strika was unsure how to approach Megatron in this state, so she did when she could only think to do.

“My lord, I believe we’ve found it.”
Megatron’s eyes widened. He jumped to his feet.

“And you wait until now to tell me?” He shouted. Strika stuttered, trying to explain she’d only just found out, but Megatron stopped her before she could.

“Never mind. Alert Shockwave and Obsidian.” The Decepticons got to work. The base was alive with activity. Equipment from the cave was brought in and locked down. The only one not frantically making preparations was Shockwave, who moved with the same deliberate and precise movements that defined him. Eventually everything was secured and ready. Megatron returned to his chair, only this time the rest came with him. As he sat five more seats rose from the floor in front of Megatron’s seat. Strika, Obsidian and Shockwave occupied three, and holographic stations popped into existence.

“Begin tunnelling.” Megatron ordered. “Let us greet our old friend.” The entire base shuddered and began to rumble. Beneath the mountain a Decepticon mining vehicle drilled down.

“Five-hundred fifty kilometres to target.” Strika said. The machine went deeper.

“Five-hundred kilometres.” She repeated.

“Four-hundred fifty.”

“Three-hundred fifty”
They drilled faster.

“Two-hundred fifty”


“My liege!” Obsidian exclaimed. “If we continue with this speed we won’t stop in time! We shall drill right through it!”

“Keep going!” Megatron roared.

“Seventy-five!” Strika continued, worry in her voice.

“Master!” Obsidian pleaded.

“Do not falter!” Megatron repeated.

“Fifty!” Strika was in panic now.

“I must advise caution.” Shockwave interjected.

“Wait for it!”

“Twenty-five!” Strika turned to Megatron.

“Brace for impact!” Obsidian cried.


“Full-stop!” Megatron ordered. The ship lurched hard. It wasn’t possible to just stop this vehicle. Stopping the drill would crush the body with it’s own momentum, and solid ground is not as easy to push aside as air. The vehicle groaned, the stresses of slowing so quickly was too much. There was a loud thud and crash, and the drilling craft finally stopped. Everyone took a moment to recover. Obsidian brought up a damage report.

“Major structural weakness,” He said. “Engines eighteen and thirty are dead. Drill is ruined. We can reverse but that’s it. And hull breach on the observation deck.”

“Did we make it?” Megatron asked.
“Scanners indicate we passed our target destination.” Shockwave reported. Megatron leaped out of his chair and out the door.

“Where’s he going?” Strika asked. The Decepticons followed. Megatron ran down hallways, down the ramp to the observation deck. He opened the door. The room was filled with dirt and rocks. Megatron wasted no time, and began digging. The others arrived just in time to see him remove enough dirt to expose metal.

“By the Matrix…” Obsidian said. “Is that?” Megatron brushed aside dirt from the metal plate, and on it was etched a small mark. A hieroglyphic symbol, resembling an angular face with a central crest, and flanked by two triangular “jaws.”

“It is…” Megatron said. “A true Decepticon.”

It was pitch black outside. The moon and stars were obscured by clouds, and only occasionally did enough light come through to give visibility. The Autobots drove through the forest with their headlights on, despite Ironhide’s earlier objections it might spoil their cover, but he begrudgingly complied once he ran into a tree for the fifth time. Optimus tracked Strika’s tire tracks all through the forest up to the mountain, and he had a feeling they were close. Sure enough, they made it to a cave, only once they drove inside they realised it abruptly stopped. As the three transformed, Road Rage examined the cave end while Ironhide covered the entrance.

“You don’t think the Decepticons are smart enough to lay a trap, do you?” Ironhide asked, worried.

“Nah, I mean…” Optimus thought. “Well, I dunno. Their boss is here, so maybe he’s smart?”

“If he’s anything like our boss we’ve got nothing to worry about.” Ironhide said under his breathe.

“Excuse me?” Optimus asked flabbergasted.

“I said…” Ironhide thought a moment. “I think we should do something with our surplus of… trout.” Optimus picked up a fist-sized rock and threw it at Ironhide. They squabbled, but Road Rage noticed disturbed ground, and brushed away the lose dirt. It was a metal grating. She was about to examine it when Ironhide and Optimus got physical, and Ironhide tripped. Optimus tried to stop him but the heavy Autobot brought Optimus down, too. They both landed on Road rage, and the trio broke through the fake rock wall. They laid on the ground, in a row.

“I think I found a way in.” Road Rage said. They got up and continued slowly down the. Optimus lead, Ironhide brought up the rear, and Road Rage stayed in the centre. None of them really wanted to go in, but they did. They rounded a corner, and inside was a massive chamber. Lit by spotlights and other devices, it was massive for even Cybertronians. They stopped at the corner and peered around. The Decepticons were there. Strika, the purple one, and Obsidian, whom they’d only seen once. And Megatron was their, directing them. They pulled a large stone slab out of what looked to be some sort of bunker or lab. Optimus opened a small panel on his head and tuned a dial, he then removed two of the three thin antennas on his head and gave one to Road Rage and Ironhide each. They held them up to their ears and listened in. Optimus pointed his head towards Megatron.

“Make sure the cranes are mounted securely.” His voice came through the antenna. “I want no screw-ups.” Megatron shouted to his workers. There were no objections. They began reporting.

“Payload has been secured.” Strika said.

“All generators functioning at ninety percent and up.” Obsidian said.

“Begin extraction!” Megatron commanded. The heavy cranes began to wheeze and groan. Their tethers reaching into a black pit at the edge of the cavern, they began to crank. Slowly, deliberately, something rose from the black. The cranes began to slow, Megatron snapped his fingers at Obsidian, who increased power. They began to smoke, flex, and groan even louder. Megatron took a hesitant step forward. A cable snapped, and one of the cranes buckled and broke backwards, the Decepticons moving out of the way. The Autobots watched from afar as the object came into view. It was large, rocklike. Humanoid. Metal was visible beneath sections of cracked rock. The cranes stopped, and it was suspended over the gap. The cranes moved back on tracks, and the Decepticons closed in. Optimus decided it was the time to strike. He leaped down to the cavern, Road Rage and Ironhide reacting in shock. They hurriedly followed. The three sprinted towards the Decepticons. Shockwave spotted them.

“Incoming.” He said. Megatron spun around, the surprise on his face replaced instantly with anger. He locked his arms together and drew his weapon. Bullets peppered the ground around Optimus, who dived into a roll, landing on all eight wheels, he sped towards Megatron, slamming headlong into the Decepticon leader’s knees. Megatron was knocked off his feet and driven right into one of the cranes, which crumpled. The rock fell to the ground. Road Rage ran up onto a nearby work bench and leaped off, latching onto Strika’s face. The massive Decepticon spun around, trying to pry the Autobot off. Obsidian moved into assist, just as Ironhide tackled Strika, knocking her into him. Road Rage jumped off before they hit the wall, landing next to Ironhide, they stood poised, ready to attack Shockwave, who merely watched. With lighting speed, Shockwave disappeared into the air, he landed without a sound behind them, and grabbed each Autobot by the head. He aimed to crush the life out of them, were it not for Ironhide grabbing Shockwave’s arm with both hands and squeezing until it caved in. Shockwave let go of both of them and clutched his arm. Ironhide dropped to one knee, but Road Rage spun one-hundred eighty degrees, pushed off the ground with one foot, ran up Shockwave’s leg and delivered a powerful right hook to his elongated face. Shockwave quickly recovered and grabbed Road Rage by the leg, and tossed her at Ironhide. Elsewhere, Megatron shook himself out of the rubble, lifting the tow truck that just hit him off, a fist folded out from the side and punched Megatron in the jaw. He let go of the truck, and it fell on him. Optimus did a full reverse, grinding all eight tires on Megatron’s torso, then backing off. He placed his outstretched arm on the ground and pushed off, landing in robot mode, he reached behind his back and retrieved his tow cable. He overhand tossed it and Megatron, and it latched on the canopy adorning the Decepticon’s chest. Optimus pulled, intent on striking Megatron, but instead Megatron tackled Optimus, and the two began brawling. Megatron began relentlessly pounding on Optimus’ chest, but eventually the latter got in a solid hit, dazing Megatron just long enough for Optimus to kick him off and into one of the generators. It sparked and exploded into a cloud of smoke, then fire. Megatron was knocked away, tripping over Optimus and landing on his back. Optimus turned over to strike Megatron again, but both were distracted by what sounded like firecrackers. They watched as the generators blew one after another, surging with power.

“Uh oh…” They said at once. The line of generators ran all to the rock specimen. Megatron quickly got up and ran for the rock, Optimus not far behind, but they were too late, the generators all blew at once, igniting the entire back of the cavern in flame. The other combatants stopped fighting to witness it as well. The blaze was intense, and they could see the outline of the rock disappear into the inferno.

“No!” Megatron yelled. He held out a hand in vain. He turned to Optimus, furious. “Do you know how long we’ve been trying to get to that, only for you to destroy it?“ Optimus looked at him, then to the fire.

“Well?” Megatron said, gripping at the air between them.

“Uh…” Optimus said. “Score one for us?” Megatron yelled in frustration, then turned back to the fire. Optimus began to back away, he nodded to Road Rage and Ironhide, who likewise had been ignored.

“Okay, so, we’re just gonna go…” Optimus turned, but Megatron grabbed his shoulder.

“Oh no,” Megatron growled. “You’re not-” There was a loud noise. It came from the fire. Mechanical scraping, squeaking. Something moved in the flame. Something huge. It stood up, through the fire they saw red piercing eyes. Whatever it was moved towards them. Everyone took a step back as the hulking thing emerged. It was larger than any of them, even Strika. Tall, black with white armour. Gold trim adorned decorative panels and plates. It was monstrous, but something was off. It’s limbs were spindly, like missing armour plates. It walked with a gimp, and it supported itself on some kind of walking stick. It emerged fully from the fire, backlit against the flames, it stood hunched, menacing yet strangely frail looking. It looked around. Red eyes softly lit behind a visor. It had no mouth, but it’s jaw was lined with sharp spines. Antenna on it’s head twitched.

“Who disturbs my peaceful reprieve from a life of nomadic travel?" It said in a soft voice. Optimus and Megatron looked at each other for answers, then back.

“What?” Megatron said.

“Can you repeat that in less pretentious terms?" Optimus said antagonistically. The giant robot huffed.

“Alright,” It said in a considerably harsher tone. “Who the hell dug me out of my damned hole?!” It said with a thick, lower class accent. It stomped it’s foot, the ground shook. Optimus put up his hands to try and calm the creature, instantly regretting his previous statement.

“Alright just, calm down, buddy.” He said, trying as best he could to sound calm.

“We’re not buddies.” The robot said, pointing it’s walking stick at Optimus’ face. “My name is Jetfire, and I was perfectly happy in my hole. Now I’ll ask you lot again, who dug me out?”

“Him.” Optimus said without hesitation, pointing to Megatron. Megatron flinched, then asserted himself.

“I dug you out, yes.” He said calmly. “I was not searching for you. But since I have found you, you shall join my ranks!” He said, outstretching a hand. Behind him Strika dropped her face into her hand.

“Hey!” Optimus yelled. “Who says you get him, You already have four guys, we should get him to even the teams.” Optimus pointed at Megatron. Megatron cocked an eyebrow at this show of petty jabbering, and grabbed Optimus by the throat. He tossed him away. Optimus slid into a pile of debris.

“But I guess you make a good counter-point…” Optimus said, dazed. Ironhide and Road Rage ran over to him. Megatron shook his head and chuckled.

“Now where was I?” Megatron returned to Jetfire. “Ah, yes, you work for me, now.” Jetfire leaned into Megatron. Even Megatron appeared diminutive as the massive Jetfire stared him down.

“I don’t work for any ‘Decepticons.’” Jetfire said.

“That symbol on your chest says otherwise.” Megatron tapped a finger on the pointed face on Jetfire’s torso.

“You mean this?” Jetfire asked, he grabbed the panel the symbol was embossed on and pulled it off, crumpling it in his hand. “Nobody’s used this symbol is millennia…” He tossed it at Megatron’s feet. “It’s worthless.”

“I’m sorry to hear I could not pursuade you…” Megatron shrugged. “But I am not disappointed. You are small fish compared to what I seek. As such…” Megatron drew his cannon and fired a missile point blank into Jetfire’s face. Smoke enveloped the massive robot. “I’m throwing you back.” Megatron turned to his troops. Strika and Obsidian’s eyes were wide, they pointed behind him. Megatron turned, and Jetfire’s scowling face emerged from the smoke. He knocked Megatron away with one motion. The other Decepticons snapped out of it and opened fire with their ranged weapons. Jetfire shrugged it off and began to advance, but out of the corner of his eye saw the Autobots run towards them. They engaged the Decepticons, punching, kicked and screaming at their foes. Optimus turned back to Jetfire.
“Run, big guy!” He said. “We’ll cover you!” He was knocked out. Road Rage was likewise struck in the head and hit the ground. With no other opponents, the three remaining Decepticons focused their fury on Ironhide, who also fell to the savage beating. Jetfire wasted no time. He ran up as fast as his aging legs could move him and swung with his cane. It split apart and a steel blade unfurled. It heated to bright red and the Decepticons moved back. Jetfire slammed the blade into the ground, and kicked molten rock at the enemy. Their attackers stunned, he got the other Autobots on their feet and the four fled out of the cave. They emerge outside, the Autobots helping Jetfire squeeze his way out. It was daylight.

“Quick, let’s head back to base.” Optimus ordered. He sized up Jetfire, who looked more than a little disoriented. “Can you fly?”

“What?” Jetfire said.

“With a name like ‘Jetfire’ I assume flying is something you do?” Optimus clarified. Jetfire chuckled.

“You best hold on, then!” He wrapped his arms around the Autobots, confused by the gesture, Jetfire compressed his long legs, and with a groan, a creak and a loose bolt falling out, he leaped into the air, broke apart and reformed into a squared, bulbous-tipped flying vehicle. His three main engines ignited, and Jetfire rocked out of the cavern and into the skies.

“I don’t work for any ‘Decepticons.’”

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