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Megatron's Halloween - A TFP Tale.

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Megatron's Halloween - A TFP Tale.

A short story I came up with to celebrate Halloween, enjoy [Set in the TFP-verse].

Megatron's Halloween.


Halloween night. Megatron watched from the woods as the Kids celebrated the date like every year, dressing up as fictional creatures and figures, asking for candy and all sorts of non-senses, Megatron could only sigh upon such vision.

"Hey, Megatron!" Knockout tapped his boss in the back.

Megatron turned around, only to behold Knockout painted in purple with pumpkins painted on his paintjob, alongside him Breakdown could be seen with fake fangs.

"What the...?" Megatron barely could find words to describe such bizarre vision.

"It's Halloween!" Knockout said with a small-smile and making gestures with his hands.

Breakdown followed "Come on, Lord Megatron! Lighten up!"

Megatron could only think on all the time he spent creating the Decepticon taskforce, only to end up like...THIS, he facepalmed.

"Why should I care for human dates, Knockout?" All he could think of was Knockout's head on his table "We have more important matters to deal with." Megatron returned to watch the kids with disgust as he said to Knockout "You two, take that ridiculous paintjob off and go back to the nemesis. NOW."

"But, bss!" Knockout tried to argue to no use: Megatron just pointed at the Nemesis, ordering Knockout non-verbally.

Soon, Knockout left with a saddned face, leaving Megatron alone to his thoughts.

"How can my servants be so stupid?" He said to himself in disappointment, "It's almost like they are TRYING to irritate me with their ridiculous attitudes." Megatron continued to talk to himself like a lunatic while making gestures "What kind of stupid creature would care for HALLOWEEN?"

Amidst his rant, Megatron noticed a small kid walking into the woods alongside his friends, all dressed up like vampires.

"There's nothing to be afraid of, come on people!" He recognized the kid: That was Miko, and alongside him Jack and Raf.

He grinned to himself, "Well, well, well, this may not be such a worthless date after all!" Megatron slowly walked out of the trees, watching the kids every move with Fusion Cannon in hand.

The thirty-foot tall giant jumped out of the trees to the front of the kids, screaming "TRICK OR TREAT."

"AAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Unison their scream.
Miko fainted, followed by Raf.
Jack was left there, with his hand on his chest due his fast-paced hearbeat.

"Hahahah!" Megatron laughed like he hadn't in decades, "YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE!" he continued to laugh to himself endlessly, almost madly, "YOUR FACE WAS PRICELESS!" he pointed at Jack and continued to laugh, hitting a nearby tree with his hand.

Jack's reaction went from fear to complete confusion: Megatron was just...mocking him, he didn't even try to attack them. "Uh..yeah."

Miko recovered briefly, "Uh, what just---

"BOO!" Megatron grinned his teeth. She fainted again.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he laughed even more, and while he was in such joy, the kids quietly ran away.

"Ah, I should do this more oftenly!" He said to himself as he turned around.
Much to his surprise, Knockout and Breakdown were there, just staring at him with wide eyes, "...Wow." they said in unison.

"Wha-whatt?" He said innocently.

"Were you...?" Breakdown [perplexed] pointed at the [running away] kids and said.

"NO!" Megatron quickly defended, "It was a surprise attack, one designed to SWIFTLY wipe them out!" he made out excuses nervously.

"U-hum." Knockout grinned in disbelief, "Yeah, Megatron, we all know it was." he laughed to Breakdown as the Decepticons walked back to the Nemesis.

"Shut up, Knockout." He said angrily.

Knockout continued to grin as he said, "Oh, by the way, there's a bunch of kids camping on the way to the Nemesis, what do you say we go there and play with them a little?"

"Sure why not." Megatron said in reflex, before realizing the non-sense he just uttered, but he then noticed: That was really fun for him, so why the hell not.

For the first time in a while, Megatron had a genuinely good time without killing anyone. He may try to slaughter Earth tomorrow, but for today, he's just another kid playing pranks.
Cybertronian Civil War - Decepticon Chronicles (fanfic).
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nothing going on here
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happy halloween to you overlord
Originally Posted by pitt55 View Post
You don't see Optimus sitting in a corner, sharpening his blades, fantasizing about ripping Decepticons' guts out when not in battle for instance.
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I was checking out the new posts when I found this thread. Good story.
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Megatron is certainly enjoying the holiday well I see! It reminds me of the picture I drew for this year's Halloween on Devientart right here!Emperor of All Hollows Eve. by ~KaijuGuy19 on deviantART
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Thanks for the replies, guys!

I intend to make a Megatron's Chrismas too, I may actually turn this in a franchise
Cybertronian Civil War - Decepticon Chronicles (fanfic).
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