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Transformers: Prime His Daughter, His Friend FanFiction

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Transformers: Prime His Daughter, His Friend FanFiction

I read this fanfiction and let me say it really is amazing story. You guys should go check it out. Let me warn you it gets weird on some parts of the story and I didn't write the story. All credit goes to to the individual who wrote the story.
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Has anyone started reading this story yet?
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I thought it was a really good story even though I never read stories like that.
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Will be copy and pasting the story to this website.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers.

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 1

(M.E.C.H headquarters)

Silas slammed his fist down on his desk, his nostrils flaring as anger seeped all through his body. He felt his blood rushing in his veins, just like hot lava in a volcano.

"I do not like the fact that titan still eludes me, nor do I like the fact that my apprentice decided to die without handing over his creation." Silas snarled, as the veins in his neck bulged out.

"Sir, regarding the living technology titan, we will get him I promise you." one of the men replied.

"I do not doubt my men or our technology Jefferies, what I do not like is waiting. I want to learn what makes this titan tick, besides he made me look like a fool and no one does that."

"What about Grandfather's creation?"

"Yes that, all that I know was it was a techno organic that he created, damn fool died before giving it me." Silas grumbled. "Okay, we watch all over for anything that could be this creation, and we continue to monitor for the titan. Gentlemen no mistakes or let downs, if I am disappointed that means all of you will be very unhappy." Silas said with a snarl. "Now, get to work." he ordered.

(Somewhere in New Jersey)

Optimus was sent via the ground bridge to New Jersey, he wanted to be alone and enjoy the scenery. However this particular day was not a sunny day, it was a snowy and icy day. The snow was like a blanket over the grass and the ice glistened and sparkled like the shiniest of diamonds. However, Optimus hated the snow; because of the time he and Arcee were trapped in the Arctic and almost perished. He was just about to contact Ratchet to resend the ground bridge; when out of nowhere Starscream attacked him.

There were no humans luckily, because Starscream sent several missiles at Optimus. He was able to dodge most of them, until Starscream got a lucky shot in. The missile hit Optimus, causing him to skid out of control hitting a massive tree. He transformed just as Starscream fired once more, a direct hit to Optimus stomach. Optimus' hand went to his stomach, as his precious life's blood poured out of the wound. Optimus' optics dimmed, Megatron was always trying to kill him, but at least Megatron was willing to give warriors an honorable death. Starscream fought dirty with all warriors, even his own leader he was treacherous with.

Starscream transformed in midair; and landed a few feet away from Optimus.

"My how the mighty have fallen isn't that right Optimus Prime?" Starscream asked in a haughty tone.

Optimus spat energon out of his mouth, and then glanced at Starscream.

"You can never do anything honorably, can you Starscream?" Optimus asked.

"Why should I do anything honorably; when I can do it the sneaky way and achieve the best results?" Starscream demanded as his arm transformed into a nasty blade. "I never would have figured I would have both a large energon source in this state, and also bag Optimus Prime all in one mission." Starscream said, as he stalked up his blade scraping Optimus' windshield. "Time to get scraped Optimus Prime." Starscream snapped.

"HEY! Get away from him, doo fess!" a young female voice yelled.

Starscream turned to see who dared to interrupt him from killing Optimus.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Starscream demanded, until his optics landed on a human girl.

Starscream cackled then, Optimus' optics dimmed not wanting the girl to get killed.

"RUN AWAY FROM HERE…!" Optimus ordered.

"Oh this is slagging rich a flesh creature is going to stop me, is it?" Starscream demanded with laughter, as Optimus tried to struggle to get to his pedes.

Starscream spun around, and slammed his fist into Prime's face.

"Stay down Prime!" Starscream ordered, as he turned back to the girl.

Optimus collapsed once more, and the girl narrowed her eyes at Starscream.

"That was not cool, that was mean and sneaky!" she yelled.

"Get over yourself fleshling; I am all about sneaky." Starscream replied.

The girl glanced over at Optimus; and saw he was in really ghastly shape. She narrowed her eyes at the stupid jet, she didn't like bullies.

"You hurt that nice robot, I am going to kick your booty now." she stated as Starscream roared in hysterics.

"I would like to see you try it human; what are you going to do throw stones at me?" Starscream asked sarcastically.

She shrugged, and then her arm transformed into a blaster.

"I thought I would blast you, which sounds really perfect." she said as Starscream frowned.

She started shooting at him, and he yelped and transformed and took off.

"This isn't over human….." he wailed.

"Yeah whatever…." she said running over to Optimus, who was fighting stasis.

She touched Optimus' face tenderly, he was ice cold and she saw his energon blood spreading all over the snow.

"D….Do not be afraid…. little one." Optimus said weakly. "I…..I won't hurt you."

"I'm not…..My name is Sari; what's yours?" she asked.

"O…..Optimus….I need R…..Ratchet's help…Must ground bridge home or p….perish." he whispered, as he tried his commlink.

::::: Optimus to base, come in Ratchet:::::::

::::: Optimus you do not sound good, do you need assistance:::::::

:::::: Injured severely need help…hurry::::::::

Optimus looked at the young girl; she had long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. She had the sweetest yet impish smile, he had ever seen; but her eyes held a part of sadness to them.

"W…..where are your parents?" he asked.

"I don't have a family; I live on the streets out of a duffle bag. I did have a creator; but he expired; and there wasn't anyone else for me to go." she explained.

She watched the Autobot leader carefully.

"Who created you?" she asked tilting her head.

"I…I and my team are Autobots from the planet Cybertron, we are here protecting your planet from….." Optimus paused, when he felt pain shooting all through his circuits. "The other robot you were shooting at, he is a Decepticon and evil. We protect Earth from Decepticons…Sari, would you like to come stay with me and my Autobots. You should not be a lone in this would, it isn't right." Optimus whispered his optics dimming slightly.

"Really…?" Sari asked.

"Y…yes I will be your guardian….." Optimus replied, as the ground bridge suddenly opened up.

A red and white bot come out, along with a gigantic green bot; and a yellow bot.

"Optimus…!" exclaimed the red and white bot rushing over.

"T….This is Sari, she saved m……She will be s…..staying with us…." Optimus said weakly, as he fell into stasis.

"Help me carry him back to base…" Ratchet ordered looking at Bulkhead and Bumblebee.

"Will he be okay?" Sari asked.

"Yes, he will be fine….. Thank you for coming to his aide." Ratchet replied in his usual gruff manner.

Sari watched as they picked up Optimus, Ratchet looked back at Sari then.

"Come along then, are you coming?" Ratchet demanded.

Sari smiled.

"Yes, of course." she said grabbing her duffle bag.

Sari followed the bots into the ground bridge; she turned and looked back where she had come from.

"Goodbye old life and hello new life." she replied running to catch up as the ground bridge closed.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers.

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 2

(Autobot Base)

Sari sat by Optimus' side and never left it; she put her tiny hand into his.

"Please get better..." she whispered as Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead gathered around Optimus' berth.

"So, little one what's your name?" Arcee asked.

"Sari, what's your name?" Sari asked the pretty femme bot.

"I am Arcee and this is Bulkhead, Bumblebee and the big red and white cranky bot is Ratchet." she answered with a smirk.

"Oh cool, you're very pretty." Sari replied.

"Thanks Sari..." Arcee replied with a grin.

"Would you like something to drink?" Arcee asked, giving the girl a can of soda.

"Yes please, I am thirsty." she replied, as she popped the tab and downed the soda.

She suddenly burped really loud.

"Sorry, my bad..." Sari replied, as Optimus onlined his optics locking them on the girl.

Sari glanced up seeing those wide bright blue optics of his, and her smile broadened with no trouble at all.

"You're alive..." she squealed, as she climbed up to his face.

"S...Sari thank you so much..." Optimus replied, as she hugged him, which caused the giant leader to purr.

"I wasn't going to let Mr. Grouchy kill you, no way not on my watch." she replied.

Ratchet glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Don't you three have to go pick up your charges?" Ratchet asked.

"Oh we are so late..."Bulkhead mumbled as he, Arcee and Bumblebee left.

Sari glanced back down at her bot, she considered Optimus her bot. Optimus gently put his hand over her protectively.

"How were you able to keep Starscream from scraping Optimus?" Ratchet finally asked.

Sari smirked, and then transformed her arm when Optimus moved his hand.

"I'm a techno organic, and I have a lot of cool weapons built into me. My creator died, and I was left on the streets so to speak." she explained, as an alarm went off. "What's that noise?" she asked.

"Agent Fowler, he helps us out and we return the favor at times." Ratchet explained.

The elevator opened and in walked Agent Fowler, he had a smile on his face.

"You saved my butt before Prime; the D.N.G.S is safe where it belongs." Agent Fowler said as he saw Sari by Optimus. "What happened to you Prime?" Agent Fowler asked.

"Starscream attacked me, and I was rather fortunate this young lady saved my aft." Optimus said winking at Sari who smiled.

Agent Fowler went to Sari; he had a smile on his face.

"What's your name, honey?" Agent Fowler asked.

"Sari...Nice to meet you Agent Fowler." she replied.

"Where do you live?" Agent Fowler asked.

"Here with my guardian Optimus Prime and the Autobots; I am a techno organic my creator who built me died. I didn't have a home, until I met Optimus anyway." she explained.

Agent Fowler smiled once more then turned toward Optimus once more.

"I am concerned about Silas and M.E.C.H still though, Prime; they know you guys exist and saw you especially in action." Agent Fowler replied as Sari gasped.

Optimus sat up putting his servo around Sari, because she looked very upset.

"What's wrong, Sari?" Optimus asked concerned for her.

"Silas and M.E.C.H my creator spoke to Silas all the time and he was a scary. He would argue with my creator all the time saying he owed him something he was working on." Sari answered.

"You're safe now, sweetheart." Agent Fowler said.

"I know I have Optimus and the Autobots..." she whispered.

"I will help you too..." the agent said.

"Thank you Agent Fowler..." Sari said.

"You're welcome, Sari."

Sari tried to relax but found herself nervous, and deeply afraid of Silas for some reason.

(Mech's headquarters)

"Sir, there has been sightings of possible titans in Jasper Nevada; we also know at least two children are friends with these titans." the man said, as Silas rubbed his chin.

"We need to find a way to capture the lead titan; I want him alive I want to get our best scientists on this. We will take him apart piece by piece; until I learn everything about him. I want to learn his threshold for pain; I want to learn all his weapons, his strength capabilities." Silas replied.

"What if the titan dies sir?" the other man replied.

"What do I care if it dies after, it's just a machine; but I don't want it to die right away we will want to study it for a while." Silas mumbled then. "We have to find a way to draw him out, but how?" Silas asked. "How...?" he repeated his eyes turning rather sinister.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers.

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 3

Sari sat on the sofa playing video games with Miko, Jack and Raf; Optimus was watching her his spark racing with what was going through his cerebral processors. He glanced at Ratchet, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee; and then lowered his gaze.

"Optimus what's wrong?" Ratchet asked.

"I would like to adopt Sari as my own youngling; Elita and I never had a sparkling of our own. I want her as my daughter, she needs a father." Optimus replied.

"Maybe Agent Fowler can help?" Bulkhead offered as Bumblebee whistled and clicked in agreement.

"Sari, would you come here please?" Optimus asked.

She smiled, and flipped down off the high level platform they were all playing at. Miko leaned down her eyes practically bugging out of her head at the move.

"COOL..." Miko replied.

"Ahhh Miko, don't..." Bulkhead replied.

"Miko, don't copy what I do I'm not human...Remember?" Sari replied with a grin as Miko nodded and groaned in exasperation.

"No fair..." Miko growled.

Sari saw Optimus lower his hand for her, and she hopped right onto it without batting an eye.

"Sari, can I ask you something?" Optimus asked.

"Sure, anything you like..." she replied.


"I would like to adopt you first in this planet's way, and then in the old Cybertronian ritual way." Optimus explained, as he saw the look in her eyes the tears forming. "You are crying... Is it a bad idea, are you not happy with having me as a parental unit?" he asked suddenly feeling hurt at the knowledge she might not want him as a father.

"You silly alien robot, of course I am thrilled." Sari said leaning into his face hugging him.

Optimus moved his finger against her making her smile.

"I am very happy to know this, Sari." Optimus replied as she patted his face.

"I get to have a real daddy!" she cried as she gave him the best hug she could. "You don't mind if I call you daddy, right?" she asked as he held her.

"Of course not little one, of course not..." Optimus replied.

"Good, I can go on mission's right?" Sari asked giving Optimus big sad eyes.

"You stay with me and do as I say, then yes you can but you must obey my orders." Optimus replied.

Arcee chuckled.

"Get used to the fierce protectiveness Sari, because your daddy is majorly protective." Arcee replied.

Sari rubbed her daddy's face, while tears fell down her face.

"I don't care, I will have a real family." she replied. "And nothing or no one can take that away."

(On the Nemesis)

Starscream paced wildly in front of Soundwave, and where their leader lay in stasis. Starscream's optics flashed angrily, while he paced back and forth.

"A human infant with some sort of little blaster made me... Starscream Lord of destruction look like a fool. Well what comes around goes around, I will find her and I will tear her apart for no one makes me look like a fool...NO ONE." Starscream snarled as one of the Vehicons walked up. "Yes what is it?" Starscream demanded.

"A human vehicle was grabbed, and we have the two humans in custody."

"Oh very well, bring them in." Starscream snapped, as two men were thrown on the floor of the ship.

The two men are dressed exactly like Silas' men from M.E.C.H; Starscream watches the men with an interested look.

"What were you doing snooping around my ship, humans?" Starscream demanded.

"We were looking for someone; we thought we might be able to find him here." the one guy answered.

"Really and who is this someone you're looking for?" Starscream asked.

The one guy pushed a button on his device, and a digital rendering Optimus Prime came up. Starscream smirked at the picture.

"Perhaps we can help each other, why do you want Optimus Prime?" Starscream asked.

The men laughed.

"Our boss wants to capture him, and study him to learn what makes him tick." the one man said, as he glanced over at Megatron's form in stasis.

The man unbeknown to Starscream was taking photos of Megatron in stasis, figuring Silas would definitely be pleased with this extra tid- bit of information.

"I see..." Starscream replied, as Soundwave gripped a piece of metal crumpling it up in anger, not liking nor trusting these humans or Starscream.

"Do you know where we can find him to catch him?" the one guy asked.

"No, I unfortunately do not know where their base is; but there may be a way to flush him out." Starscream remarked.

"We're listening..." the two men said.

"He has just recently been injured, and a human infant came to his aid. She was strong for a regular human, knowing him as I do. He will probably keep her by his side and go all noble." Starscream said with a wave of his claw.

"What did this human look like?" the one guy asked.

"Oh I don't know, they all look alike to me." he griped.

"Think machine, its important!" the one guy dared to say to Starscream.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME, FLESH CREATURE?" Starscream demanded. "My name is Starscream Lord of Destruction, and you would do well to remember my designation flesh creature." Starscream snarled. "Now out of my sight, get rid of them take them back to where ever it was you found them." Starscream ordered not seeing the way they looked at Megatron's body in stasis.

However this time, Soundwave saw them looking; and didn't like it one bit.

(Twenty minutes later)

The one man was on his cell phone calling Silas with the information; they had just learned.

"So, the titan's name is Optimus Prime and there is one that is much more vulnerable. Fine, we will have to take them both then and what about the Techno organic you mentioned some information about that as well?" Silas asked listening to the conversation and smiling. "So, this Optimus Prime has taken a shine to the creation, and then we can use this to snare them both. We can also grab this other titan you mentioned, my luck has finally changed for the better now." Silas remarked.

"I want to make arrangements to take this Starscream as well; he will be a perfect subject as well. This will be a test of my skills to bag Optimus Prime, Starscream, the creation and this other one, and then I will win with the grandest technology of all stolen of course but whoever said I play fair." Silas said with a laugh so filled with a sinister air to it.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers.

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

A/N - Sari is now Anna

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 4

(Autobot base – Jasper Nevada)

Agent Fowler was shocked at first, but agreed to help Optimus adopt Sari for Earth's traditions.

"Agent Fowler, would you stay and be our guest for our custom in adopting a youngling?" Optimus asked.

"I would be honored Prime." Fowler said, as Optimus smiled and nodded.

Arcee and Miko were helping Sari get ready for the event, Sari looked rather pretty in a cute traditional dress with pink ruffles; which of course Miko had to wear one of too not her usual punked out clothes. Miko leaned over toward Sari and whispered in a growl.

"I am so getting you for this; I hate dresses like this." Miko muttered as Sari snorted in laughter.

Sari looked at Arcee then, her eyes big and inquisitive.

"Was my daddy ever in love?" she asked finally.

Arcee smiled then.

"Yes, a very long time ago, she was the Autobot femme commander her name was Elita-1." Arcee said.

"Oh, did they get married?" Sari asked.

Arcee smiled sadly.

"They were sparkmates, but during the uprising most femmes were killed." Arcee replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring up something sad." Sari replied.

"It's okay sweetspark, you didn't know." Arcee said.

Sari looked up at Arcee then.

"Are you his girlfriend now?" Sari asked.

Arcee stilled at that, her optics widened slightly.

"Actually no... Not really I mean that's to say we aren't ..." Arcee stammered.

Sari smirked then.

"Oh I get it, you like him; don't you?" Sari asked.

Arcee froze at those words then, she had a strange expression on her face plates. Miko giggled, and high fived Sari.

"A little bot romance going on, huh?" Miko asked.

"No, no, no, there isn't any romance; he's my commander. It makes no different he's a gorgeous mech with the most electric smile and optics ever to catch this femme's spark." Arcee said.

Sari and Miko giggled uncontrollable then.

"Oh slag, did I say that out loud?" she mumbled.

"Oh yeah...!" Miko exclaimed.

"Femmes secret okay, you don't tell anybody that means no telling your guardian Miko; and no telling your daddy Sari." Arcee ordered as she wrinkled her nose.

"Okay, I promise..." Sari replied.

Sari nudged Miko then.

"Okay, okay, okay; I promise." Miko muttered. "I am so going to get you." Miko grumbled with a frown.

"Okay you're all set now, Sari." Arcee replied.

"Good, can I have a few seconds to myself before I come out?" Sari asked.

"Okay...Come on Miko." Arcee said as Miko followed her.

Sari looked at the mirror, which Agent Fowler brought for her room that the Autobots made for her. She looked at herself in the mirror, tears falling as she suddenly felt like needed and wanted. She wasn't just a creation a thing; but someone special to someone, and not just anyone Optimus Prime and his Autobots.

"Well Sari, you've done it you've found a home and a real daddy." Sari said to herself as tears fell once more.

She started to sing something her creator never allowed her to do, it was song she had heard on the radio one day called 'No one by Ally and A.J.'

This of course attracted everyone's attention, especially Optimus' attention. They went into her room Optimus watched in amusement as she twirled and sang the song.

She caught sight of the Autobots and stopped suddenly, she quickly realized maybe she wasn't supposed to sing here either.

"I'm sorry I was happy; I won't do that again." she whispered, as Optimus walked closer and lowered his hand toward her.

"Don't be silly, you can do that if you wish." Optimus said, as she hugged his face.

"My creator had forbid me from ever doing anything normal kids could do, he said I wasn't human and was only a creation. He never named me I was only referred to as a creation." she explained, as Agent Fowler wiped his one eye trying to keep the others from seeing. "I just picked the name Sari; so people wouldn't think I was strange." she looked at Optimus then. "Would you like to pick out a real name for me, daddy?" Sari asked his eyes hopeful then.

Optimus thought for a minute, he did like her name but if she truly wanted him to pick out a new; he would do it. He settled on the name Anna, and she seemed to be so excited about the new name.

"Nice choice Prime." Agent Fowler replied as Optimus nodded.

Anna hugged Optimus' face tighter.

"I love it...And I love you daddy." Anna whispered, as tears slipped from her eyes.

Optimus felt like his life was at least half complete, the only thing missing was a mate. But he had been without a mate for so long now, it just didn't affect him quite like it used to.

He had noticed Arcee watching him oddly; she had the sweetest smile on her face plates. Optimus couldn't help but gaze at Arcee, and of course Anna couldn't help but see it. This action caused her to grin wildly, with ideas racing through her head. She couldn't help but think of ways to ensure her daddy and Arcee got together; plus to ensure they did, she would enlist Miko's help.

Optimus glanced down at his daughter's expression on her face.


"Yes daddy, what is it?" Anna asked.

"Should I be a little concerned?" Optimus asked.

"About what daddy...?" she asked innocently.

"That look, little one." he answered.


"Oh no daddy, everything is just a- okay." she said grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

"Why do I not believe that youngling?" Ratchet asked as Bulkhead moved putting his hand down breaking something as usual. "BULKHEAD I needed that!" Ratchet roared.

Anna giggled, and grabbed Miko by the arm.

"Excuse please, we'll be right back." Anna said as she pulled Miko over to the side.

"Whatcha need chickie?" Miko asked.

"You have to help me get my dad and Arcee together, can you?" Anna asked, as Miko turned back toward Optimus and Arcee.

"COOL, I can do that." Miko said.

"Awesome..." Anna replied, as they high fived each other.

"Why do I get the feeling things are going to get rather lively around here now?" Arcee asked in a sarcastic tone.

"I do not think your life will ever be boring Prime." Agent Fowler remarked.

Optimus glanced back at his daughter, who looked up at him and winked.

"Hi daddy..." she replied as she walked back over.

Optimus lowered his hand then.

"Do I want to know...?" he asked as she climbed on.

"Nope just girl talk..." Anna answered, as Miko cackled at those words.

"That sounded sinister in nature, Miko..." Bulkhead replied.

Miko shrugged then.

"I am innocent big guy, right Anna?" Miko asked.

"Yep that's right." she said hugging her father's face.

Optimus couldn't help but chuckle at that, however in the back of his processors; he also couldn't help but wonder just what his daughter and Miko were up to.


A/N - Next chapter Silas makes his move against Optimus and Anna
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers.

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 5

(Several months later)

(M.E.C.H head quarters)

Silas was overseeing some projects, when he received a phone call; and a rather unpleasant smile touched his lips.

"Do not lose the truck, and do not let the titan know you're following; is the techno organic in the truck?" Silas asked and waited patiently for an answer. "Excellent... I expect to see both in the lab by the end of the day, Jeffries; do not disappoint me again." Silas ordered. "Finally, I will have both the titan and the techno organic." Silas remarked. "What was rightfully mine to begin with, now I can learn how both tick."

(Where Anna and Optimus are)

Anna sat in the passenger seat; while her father drove using his holoform so no one would be alerted to them. Anna was curious as to why Optimus was so quiet, she reached for the arm of his holoform.

"Are you okay, dad?" she asked.

He glanced over at her, and with an enchanting smile nodded.

"I am just happy, Anna; I have a daughter who means the world to me." Optimus said, as suddenly his attention was distracted.

He saw several vehicles behind him and several closing in on the sides. He frowned, as he realized after he scanned the vehicles they were Silas' men.

"Stay with me Anna we have a problem; do not leave my side. I need to protect you understand?" he replied.

"Yes daddy, I do." she replied, as several of the vehicles slammed into Optimus.

It was apparent they were trying to drive him off the side of the road; he had to keep to the regular roads. He couldn't get Ratchet to spin up the ground bridge either; he couldn't risk compromising their base to these humans.

"Hold on, Anna!" Optimus ordered, as he strapped her in tighter.

Optimus sped up and tried to get past the one vehicle, but the guy wasn't going to allow Optimus to get away. Optimus snarled inwardly, his main concern was his daughter's safety.

He caught sight of two guys getting strange weapons; and aiming them at him. He frowned, as he felt the weapons discharge hitting his body, making his circuits feel like they were on fire.

Anna saw his holoform flicker away; she realized her father was hurt.


Optimus tried to quickly contact Ratchet.

::: Ratchet... Silas' men...attacking:::...

:::: Optimus what is your exact location now:::...


:::::: OPTIMUS::::

Optimus had ended up transforming into his robot mode, he tried to hide Anna the best he could. But when he was threatened by Silas' men, she flew into action trying to protect her father.

She transformed her arm into a blaster, and pointed it at them.

"GET AWAY FROM MY FATHER..." she snarled firing at the men.

"Father...? He's a machine and you're NOT a child; you're a creation." the one guy said, while aiming a weapon at Anna, that overloaded her circuits making her mechanical parts shut down.

"Daddy...!" she screamed dropping to the ground.

"A...A...Anna..." Optimus barely got out; before he too was overcome by the power of their weapons.

"Load the titan onto the plane, I'll take the techno organic." the man known as Jeffries ordered. "Silas will be happy; we managed to finally catch the titan and the creation all in one day."

(Autobot base – Jasper Nevada)

Ratchet paced wildly.

"We need to contact Fowler, if indeed Silas and Mech have grabbed Optimus and Anna we will need his help." Ratchet remarked.

"What do we do, if that's what happened? I mean they didn't seem to care about the law when we encountered them the first time?" Jack asked.

Arcee looked extremely worried then, humans could be cruel but these humans especially could be cruel. Optimus referred to them as Decepticons in human skin, and they had him and his daughter.

"Primus, protect them...Please." Arcee whispered, as Raf looked up at Arcee and walked over toward her.

"They will be okay you'll see." Raf replied as she smiled sadly at the boy.

"Thanks Raf..." she said, trying not to comeback with any of her usual snappy comebacks; because that wouldn't help he was only trying to help.

Ratchet contacted Agent Fowler and told him what happened; the man was there within a few hours to help find a way to get Optimus and Anna back in one piece.

(Mech head quarters)

Optimus onlined, and found he was restricted by something; he tried to reach out to his daughter through their bond. She was scared, he could feel her fear and it made him angry.

::: Anna, listen to me I am right here, do not give up and whatever you do don't listen to his words:::...

::: Daddy::::...

:::: Anna, I will think of something to get us out of this situation::::...

Optimus fell silent when he saw the door open, and several humans come in led by Silas himself.

Optimus narrowed his optics at the human called Silas, as he walked closer making Optimus tug harder at the restraints. This caused Silas to smirk slightly at Optimus' fruitless attempts to try and get free.

"You belong to me now Optimus Prime, and so does the little creation belong to me." Silas remarked.

"She is MY daughter and I can promise you if you hurt her; I will break my rule of not harming humans." Optimus snarled.

"Your daughter...? She is a creation not human; you're not human either. You're only a machine; a fancy machine but still a machine nonetheless." Silas answered as Optimus snarled. "You are only a machine someone built..." Silas started until Optimus growled out words once more.

"I AM NOT just a machine, human; I am an Autobot leader and a Prime from the planet Cybertron. You think you're so smart with your human technology, capturing a leader of a peaceful race of aliens trying to protect this world from Decepticons. I am not just a machine we have emotions, and feel things like your race can." Optimus remarked sourly, his blue optics brightening with rage.

"So... You feel things do you..?" Silas remarked, as he nodded at the one scientist who had some sort of remote control device.

A long mechanical arm moved slowly toward Optimus, the nuzzle was pointed and it moved toward his neck.

"Let's see how much pain you can truly withstand, Optimus." Silas remarked, as he gave the signal, and the mechanical arm sent electric currents all through Optimus' body.

Optimus refused to give this human the benefit of anything; this was only a ghost of what his body could withstand. He was a leader, who he worried about was his daughter. She was just a youngling, and wasn't used to pain not like he was anyway.

Optimus tuned out the humans; he reached into his bond with his daughter.

:::... Anna, are you alright::::...

::::... D...daddy:::...

Optimus snarled inwardly, she sounded in pain and scared.

::::... D...daddy they opened me up, they said I belong to Silas now::::...

::::... Anna listen to daddy's voice, stay with daddy okay I will find a way to get us out of this mess:::...

"You better know one thing, if anything happens to Anna there is nowhere you can hide from me, Silas." Optimus snarled, as another shock was sent through his body.

"Your threats don't bother me, besides my men are after two other titans this one." Silas said showing Optimus Megatron's picture, this startling Optimus that Megatron was still alive. "And another named Starscream..."

Optimus assumed if he was telling him his plans he figured Optimus wasn't going to survive what he planned for him. Maybe he could try to reach some sort of agreement with Starscream; they could find a way to beat Mech together.

::: Optimus Prime to Starscream, come in Starscream:::...


:::: What do you want Autobot:::..

:::: We have a common enemy Starscream; there is a human group that goes by the name Mech. They have managed to catch my daughter and me; they are gunning for you and Megatron now. I believe they are after our technology, and will go to any lengths to retrieve it. If they tap into our bodies and learn our secret there will be no Cybertronian safe not even you and the Decepticons:::...


:::::How did you know about Megatron being back here::::...

:::: They have pictures of him::::...


::: What do you propose we do::::...

:::: I am not sure, but for the time being we need to call a truce until they can be stopped. I will work on freeing my daughter and me:::::::...

:::: Very well...and wait since when do you have a daughter:::::...

:::::: Since now::::::...

:::: Wait that little insolent whelp that protected you, SHE is your youngling now:::..

:::: Yes...Starscream::::...

Starscream growled.

:::: Fine I will notify my troops about Mech::::...

Starscream snarled, as Soundwave watched him.

"We are in a temporary truce with the Autobots; it would seem the humans that were here are after Lord Megatron and myself. Optimus feels it would be in our best interests to join forces and fight this group. He and his daughter have been captured; he is going to free himself and his daughter. However he wanted to warn us about these humans, disgusting flesh creatures the lot of them." Starscream snarled.

Breakdown and Knockout listened, as Starscream explained just exactly who Mech was and obviously how dangerous they were to Cybertronians.

(Several days later...)

(Mech headquarters)

Optimus was beginning to feel the effects of the experiments; he was starting to leak energon badly. They had carelessly ruptured several main energon lines; he was groggy from the energon loss and the experiments. They had managed to destroy his battle mask, which was the least of his worries though.

::::: A...A...Anna, please come in sweetspark:::::...

:::: D...Daddy::::::...

She sounded so weak.

::::: Anna, what did they do to you:::...


::::: Anna...:::::

:::: I want to go home...:::

(Optimus' POV)

This place was grating on my last circuit, however it was then I heard it. My little girl screamed so loud; she screamed for me and her voice was so filled with pain and fear.

I might have been injured badly, but my daughter needed me. I wasn't going to let her be tortured and experimented on anymore. I yelled in fury using all my reserved power breaking the restraints; which held me down and I burst through the door searching for my daughter.

::::: Daddy's coming, talk to me sweetling...:::

:::: I hurt daddy...:::

::: I know sweetling, daddy hurts too. I am taking you home, keep talking sweetling...:::

:::: Okay daddy, I wanna sleep daddy; I wanna sleep so badly...::::

:::: No sweetling not yet stay awake for daddy...::::

Optimus followed his bond with his daughter; and sensed her close. He used his cannon on the door not caring who heard him. He found Anna she obviously had been opened up, but closed up and her one arm was removed. He saw her one optic was removed; his spark fell with grief when he saw all the punishment she had endured.

Optimus removed her restraints, and gently picked her up and held her. He had to find the location of this place, he needed to get Ratchet to ground bridge them out of here. Optimus went through the wall; it practically killed him to try to transform, so he was stuck having to stay in robot mode.

Optimus ran with his daughter, he had to find shelter his wounds were severe and if he was going to protect her. He needed to find shelter for the two of them and quickly.

He found a cave, and collapsed way in the back of the cave. Optimus stared at his daughter who was lying on his hand; he sank down on to his aft.

"Please Primus, get us back to base in one piece please...Please." Optimus whispered, as he started to cough up energon, his optics dimming in pain. "Please...Please..."

(Mech headquarters)

"The titan is severely injured he couldn't have gotten far, I want you to find him and the techno organic NOW! I've got most of the information from her body, but I need a little more. I do not have hardly any on that titan, so FIND THEM or start looking for a new job!" he yelled. "And by new job I mean ending your pathetic lives..." Silas warned as everyone scrambled to start searching for Optimus and Anna.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers.

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 6

(The hidden cave - where Optimus and Anna are)

Optimus laid back against the cave wall; his joints whined as he did. He spat energon out of his mouth, while he held Anna in his hand. Anna's only remaining optic followed her father gazing at him.

"Daddy, are we going to die?" Anna asked.

Optimus peered down at his daughter; while he touched her face gently. He ran his finger down the child's face, his spark racing with pain and fear not letting his daughter know how he truly felt.

"No sparkling, we will not die." Optimus whispered, as he saw his life's blood continue to pour from the ruptured lines.

Optimus' optics dimmed slightly, he was in complete and utter agony and his energon was backing up on him now. Anna glanced up at her father seeing his optics dim.

"Daddy, I'm scared, I'm so scared." she replied in such a tiny tone; while tears fell from her only remaining eye.

"I know sparkling, daddy knows." Optimus said his voice came out haggard and weak sounding.

(Optimus' POV)

My daughter was afraid we'd die, how was I supposed to tell her that her daddy would die; if we weren't helped soon. I couldn't tell her that; I would never upset her more; or make her lose her hope. Silas was careless with me; he thinks I am without feelings or emotions. I can love I am capable of love, grief, happiness all of it. I am not just some machine, I may not be human and made of flesh; but I feel and can experience pain.

Anna watched once more her only eye watched me; as her tiny fingers clasped my giant thumb.

"Daddy, I love you; thank you for adopting me and giving me a home." she gently said to me.

"Oh Anna, Sweetling..." I whispered. "I love you too." I replied in a weak tone.

I was feeling more and more sick; I wanted to just purge my tanks. I fought it, because if Anna saw me doing that she'd worry. She was already worried I could feel it when I scanned her. She curled up in my hand, and she cried spark breaking sobs.

"Oh Anna, it'll be alright." I replied softly.

It pained me to see her so upset like this, she didn't deserve this.

"I wanted to make you happy daddy; I wanted to see you with Arcee; she's nice and she's pretty." Anna said to me.

I smiled sadly at that, I indeed thought Arcee was rather pleasing to the optics. I always left the choice up to her; there were other mechs beside me, I did however notice the looks she gave me.

I sighed, even if I wanted a relationship with her, if no one finds us I am as good as dead. I am leaking so badly of energon, please Primus help us...please.

(Where the Nemesis is)

Starscream paces trying to think of a plan to help the Autobots defeat Silas and Mech; when the ship suddenly is attacked from outside. The Decepticon warship slams into the ground, Starscream growls, and charges outside to see who dared to fire on their ship.

He finds Silas' men with their weapons trained on him; Starscream snarls and realized Optimus was telling the truth.

:::... Soundwave protect Lord Megatron...::::

"FIRE...!" Jeffries shouts, as they take down Starscream the same as they had Optimus and Anna.

The others ran into the ship, and used their weapons to stop Soundwave and the others from interfering with retrieving Megatron's body. Jeffries looked rather pleased with himself, he had heard the titan called Optimus Prime and the creation had escaped, but this would make up for it greatly; and the titan wouldn't get far it was greatly damaged.

"Hurry up, get those chains around this titan, we need to get this one and the one called Starscream to Silas as soon as possible." Jeffries replied thinking nothing would stop his boss Silas and Mech.

(Autobot base – Jasper Nevada)

Miko, Jack and Raf glanced at their guardians, Ratchet and now Agent Fowler who had just arrived once again.

"What are we going to do?" Bulkhead asked.

"It's been days since they were taken, has Prime tried to contact you anymore?" Fowler asked.

"No, and when he did contact me he sounded awful, I have no idea what kind of slagging shape he is in." Ratchet remarked. "Or what kind of shape his daughter is in for that matter, Optimus will protect her with his very spark if need be." Ratchet replied as he slammed his fist into the wall. "I feel so slagging helpless without knowing his location I can't even send the ground bridge to assist them and bring them home." Ratchet snarled.

"We can only ask Primus to watch over them for now." Bulkhead remarked, as they saw Arcee suddenly transform and take off alone.

"Arcee, wait up...!" Jack exclaimed.

"Let her go, she is worried about Optimus, this is her way of letting off steam." Ratchet remarked.

Bumblebee clicked and whistled, his optics misting slightly for his own attachment to their leader was just as powerful. However none of them were ready to lose their commander and friend; and they didn't want him to die in the clutches of humans. He deserved a warrior's death an honorable death; not some cruel death by evil humans.

"I wish I could do something..." Raf whispered. "I feel so stupid right now."

Jack looked at the younger boy, while Miko looked like she was going to cry.

"Hey Miko, it'll be alright..." Jack said softly as she frowned.

"I AM FINE..." she cried, turning her back on him wiping her eyes.

Miko stopped dead in her tracks; it was obvious she had an idea. She grabbed Jack and Raf, and then pulled them to the side.

"Okay, here's the plan we ground bridge to the location Ratchet sent them too and we poke around a bit." Miko said as Bumblebee clicked hearing her. "This plan wasn't for your audios, Bee." she said.

Bumblebee sent a click after angry click to Miko, as she held up her hands.

"Okay, okay, okay you're in too." Miko replied.

Bumblebee started up the ground bridge just as Ratchet, Bulkhead and Agent Fowler came back into the area.

"Hey where are they going?" Bulkhead asked.

"Where are you four going?" Ratchet demanded.

Bumblebee clicked and whistled then.

"What do you mean scouting and where are you heading?" Ratchet demanded as the ground bridge closed.

Ratchet looked at the location on the computer and snarled.

"They are going to the same location Optimus and Anna started at, blasted humans and our slagging little scout are going to end up getting caught." Ratchet grumbled.

(Where Bumblebee and the three children are)

Bumblebee was determined to find Optimus and Anna; he focused on trying to find his leader's energy signature.

"How are we going to find them?" Jack asked as Bumblebee used his clicks and whistles to talk.

Raf looked at Jack and translated Bumblebee's reply.

"He said he can track Optimus' energy signature being here at his last location." Raf explained.

"Okay, but what happens if we find them with Silas and his groupies."Miko remarked.

Bumblebee made loud and aggressive whistle sounds then.

"That sounded mighty peeved..." Miko replied.

"Yeah, I won't repeat that..." Raf said as Jack and Miko fell silent; until Bumblebee made an excited sound, and took off.

(At the hidden cave)

Optimus was slowly fading; Anna was trying to keep her father awake and alert.

"Daddy, wake up please..." she begged.

"S...sparkling...?" Optimus whispered.

"Daddy, let's play a game, let's play twenty questions..." she replied as Optimus' blue optics were dimming more and more. "No daddy, wake up please..." she pleaded.

Anna looked around with her good eye; she crawled over toward his face.

"Please wake up, you took me in and treated me like a child, not like a creation not like the thing everyone thinks I am. You can't die please fight for me, daddy please!" she cried. "Hey, hey, hey here's the first question; how did you become a leader for the Autobots daddy?" she asked, as she was barely able to hear him talking; he was falling into stasis lock and there wasn't anything she could do to stop it.

She cried wildly as she suddenly heard a sound outside; she sucked in her breath as she looked at her unconscious father.

"They found us..." she whispered.
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