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Transformers: Prime His Daughter, His Friend FanFiction

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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own NightShadow

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 7

(The hidden cave)

Anna gripped her father's chest plates; she suddenly felt the ground shaking as she glanced around seeing Bumblebee.

"BUMBLEBEE...!" she screamed. "My father please he needs help, he's unconscious and I can't wake him up." Anna cried.

Bumblebee clicked and chirped, as he scanned Optimus finding his leader in stasis lock. Raf understood what Bumblebee was saying; but was scared to tell Anna her father was in a robot coma and not likely to wake up yet.

Bumblebee contacted Ratchet giving him the location; the ground bridge was spun up immediately following. Bulkhead and Bumblebee carried Optimus through; Agent Fowler carried Anna, who was crying softly worrying over her father's health.

(Autobot Base – Jasper Nevada – Medical Bay)

Ratchet looked distressed, as he glanced down at his friend and leader lying on the berth in stasis lock. Arcee walked in having been summoned back to the base by Ratchet, the look on her face filled with concern.

"How is he?" she asked.

"Not good... He's in stasis lock, and it doesn't look like he'll be out anytime soon." Ratchet explained. "He's lost a lot of energon; they severed his main energon lines with their blasted experiments." he said, as he glanced over at Anna; who he put into recharge with a potent sedative.

"How is Anna?" Arcee asked.

"I have to replace her arms; they were damaged badly. They opened her chest up and obviously took scans and tried to learn how she was built." Ratchet said.

"Why would they do that?" Bulkhead asked.

"They intend to make one like her that seems clear to me. Can you imagine if Mech makes a few dozen of her; but makes them evil instead of nice?" Fowler remarked.

"Then toss in Cybertronian technology on top of that, and no one will be safe even us."Ratchet remarked.

Arcee slid her hand into Optimus' not caring who saw it, she was worried about him. She looked over at Anna, worrying over Optimus' sparkling too.

"She will be so upset, when she learns he's in a Cybertronian version of a coma." Arcee whispered as Jack, Miko and Raf came over looking rather upset over both Optimus and Anna's situation.

"This situation is turning into a seriously bad one by the second isn't it?" Miko asked.

"This is typically where humans would say, it just can't get any worse." Ratchet sighed.

(Mech's headquarters)

Silas was quite angry over losing Optimus and Anna, but he was temporarily calmed by having Starscream and Megatron in his custody. Starscream groaned, and growled at Silas, when he saw he and his master were chained.

"You stupid humans those things that were in my leader were keeping him alive!" Starscream snarled.

"He won't need them anyway, he wouldn't survive anyway and neither shall you." Silas snarled.

"Where is Optimus Prime?" Starscream demanded.

"Yes him, apparently he heard that little creation screaming in pain; and he went ballistic and got out with her. However we have enough information on the creation not as much as I would have liked on him. But now I have the two of you to concentrate on." Silas said. "I shall return in a few hours, try not to miss me too badly." Silas said sarcastically as Starscream snarled.

"Miserable human..." Starscream snarled, as he glanced at his master.

(Outside the lab)

Someone was watching the two Cons, the door opened and someone lurked in the shadows. Starscream snarled, he detected movement and narrowed his optics.

"Who is there...?" he demanded, as a female walked out in the open.

Her one eye flashed red, as she looked up at Megatron and touched his arm.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE...!" Starscream yelled.

"He is dying, I can help him." she said.

Starscream took in her appearance; she had wild dark hair and a black patch over her right eye. She was strange even for a human; Starscream scanned her and found she wasn't totally human after all.

"What are you...?" Starscream asked.

"I was created by Silas, but he didn't truly think I was made as good as he liked. So, he put me away in a room, I have been learning on this world's Internet learning about something called a family. I wish to have one of those, but I heard Silas talking telling others another one like me that creations are not human and do not belong and can't feel. Is this true, am I just a creation unable to feel?" she asked.

Starscream was at a loss, he didn't know what to say to the girl.

"It wasn't until I felt something odd in this place that just arrived, I believe it was him. I had to come in here; and find out what it was. It was him, this robot I think I have found where I belong." she said.

Starscream had never been so silent before, he glanced over at Megatron. Would Megatron take her in, would he be bothered with her? He knew how Megatron hated weakness and hated Optimus' weaknesses for emotions, but what if this somehow changed and he let her into his spark?

The femme transformed her arm into a grappler and climbed onto Megatron, she worked her way up; and looked at the hole in Megatron's chest. She looked at Starscream and nodded.

"I can save him, if you allow me the chance." she said.

"Child, what is your designation?" Starscream asked.

"I am called C-1 by Silas..." she whispered not liking the name.

"What the slag kind of designation is that?" Starscream demanded. "Stupid human, we will give you a proper Decepticon name, once we leave here." Starscream replied, as she nodded.

She flipped down from Megatron body.

"I will be right back, I need some tools." she said as she ran out.

Starscream wondered if this C-1 creation could truly bring back Megatron, it would be good on one hand but bad on another.

Several hours pasted and she was back and got started working on him. She worked and worked, Starscream remembered the dark energon in his one sub compartment.

"I have some dark energon to help him, and use a piece of my spark as well." he remarked sourly hating himself for this now.

She removed a shard of his spark, and used the dark energon with it. She smiled, while she held the glowing parts in her hands; she placed them inside his chest. She and Starscream watched as his chest plates completely healed and Megatron onlined his optics.

"W...where am I...?" Megatron asked wearily as his optics landed on her small form.

"I saved you..." she replied bowing her head slightly.

Megatron tried to move; and found himself reinforced with strong chains.

"What is the meaning of this...!" he roared.

"Hold on, I can get you freed." she said her arm transforming into a sharp sword as she cut Megatron, and then Starscream loose.

The doors opened and in walked Silas and the other humans, who stared dumbfounded at the fact Megatron and Starscream were loose. That is, until he saw the female creation with them; and his eyes turned toward understanding.

"I am going to melt you down C-1; you troublesome piece of scrap metal." Silas snarled as Megatron grabbed the female.

"She is coming with me, insect..." Megatron snarled, as he used his cannon on the ceiling.

He and Starscream transformed, and took off into the air leaving a very angry Silas behind.

"I HATE FAILURE...FIND THAT SHIP ONCE MORE!" he roared. "I want them and Optimus Prime and the other creation; and anyone who fails to do this will be DEAD!" he snarled.

Silas walked into his quarters, and stared at the mirror.

"I will be ready for you next time Optimus Prime, and when we meet again and trust me we will meet again. I will teach you some manners, you won't soon forget that is a promise." he snarled slamming his fist into the mirror, as absolutely no blood came from his hand when he did that.

There were no cuts or anything at all, when he did that; while he suddenly started to laugh in a sinister way.

"Next time Optimus Prime, next time..." Silas remarked.

(The Decepticon warship)

Everyone was pleased seeing Megatron alive; Starscream had mentioned the truce with Optimus until Mech could be smashed.

"For now we will join forces with Optimus, only until we crush those humans." Megatron retorted as he sat down with C-1 sitting on his claw. "Now as for you I will rename you; you deserve a fitting name for one as capable as yourself. How about Nightshadow, do you like it?" Megatron asked.

"Oh yes, I do; thank you..." she replied.

:::... Master the child wishes a family; the human treated her badly perhaps she could be your ward...::::

Megatron thought about what Starscream said; maybe it wouldn't be so bad being a parental unit.

"Nightshadow, you will remain with us and become my ward or what humans call a daughter." Megatron replied.

Nightshadow went to hug Megatron startling him.

"W...What are you doing?" he asked suddenly.

"I... I wanted to hug you..." she answered.

"No hugs, hugs are bad." he replied, as she stopped dead in her tracks looking confused.

He growled.

"Alright one hug and that is all." he grumbled, as she smiled and hugged his face.

He caught sight of Breakdown and Knockout watching, and he narrowed his optics at them.

:::... Do not start she saved my life, which is more than either of you have done...:::

Everyone remained quiet then, as Soundwave approached Megatron and bowed before him.

"We will have to meet with Optimus and his Autobots; so we can coordinate our next plan of attack on these humans. Get Optimus on the monitor for me, Soundwave." Megatron ordered.

(Autobot base)

Ratchet was called to the communications monitor to speak with Megatron; he was shocked seeing Megatron to say the least.

"You're alive...How?" Ratchet asked.

"Never mind that, Starscream told me he spoke with Optimus by private commlink and issued a truce so we could crush these Mech humans. I need to speak to Optimus so we can plan our strategy against them." Megatron said.


"Well where is he?" Megatron asked.

"We will have to wait for planning strategies I am afraid." Ratchet remarked.

"Why...?" Megatron demanded.

"Those slagging humans tortured Optimus, and ruptured his main energon lines; he is badly damaged and losing a lot of energon. He fell into stasis lock, and at the rate things are going he might not be back with us for a while." Ratchet said as Megatron snarled.

"This is unacceptable he is a leader like me, he shouldn't be destroyed this way he is a warrior." Megatron snarled. "Work your miracles Ratchet; we need him to pull this off." Megatron said. "I will be in touch..." Megatron replied.

"Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that a good thing having Optimus Prime in stasis lock. He could die and then the Autobots would be without a leader..." Knockout asked.

"It is only good if Optimus Prime dies by my hand not by some fleshy creature who is trouble for all Cybertronians. The plan is to destroy those humans and then go back to fighting Optimus and taking him out. Only I get to kill Optimus, because only I know how to give him a warrior's death fitting a warrior such as himself. We may be enemies but I still respect him and one leader to another; when the day comes that I take his spark he will die in my arms." Megatron snarled. "The way it should be..." he added as Knockout shrugged.

"And what if he offlines you first; are you going to die in his arms too?" Knockout asked.

"Knockout... You know nothing of honor... Do not tempt me to rip your head off, because I am in a foul mood and just might do that." He replied with sneer.

Megatron rose to his pedes, and took his new daughter for a tour of the ship. He was desperately trying to clear his processors of everything that had happened, while Nightshadow sat on his shoulder taking everything in with her new home.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Nightshadow

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 8 –

(Autobot Base – 2 weeks later)

Ratchet had replaced Anna's arms, replaced her one eye and updated weapons for her. However Optimus was still in stasis lock, Anna never left his side she would lay on his chest plates. She would stay at his side not wanting to leave it, she was afraid if she did; he would leave her forever.

Anna was only there a short time, but her love for her father was very strong. She ran her fingers over his face, while tears ran down her face.

"You have to get better daddy; you have too for Me." she begged.

It was then Anna listened closely to her daddy's spark, the regularity of his spark pulses were not right. She listened as they sounded way off the charts; she yelled for Ratchet then; when suddenly Optimus started to tremble in stasis.

"RATCHET...!" she yelled.

Ratchet rushed in so fast it shocked her.

"He's having spark attacks...!" Ratchet exclaimed as the others came in Bulkhead carrying Miko, Bumblebee Raf; and Arcee carrying Jack and Agent Fowler.

Ratchet tried to ease Optimus' spark down; while Agent Fowler glanced over seeing Anna's bottom lip trembling making it apparent she was going to cry.

Arcee put Agent Fowler down with Anna; he tried to comfort the shaken little girl.

"What's a spark attack?" Raf asked.

"It's the same as you humans having a heart attack, when Autobots have a harrowing experience. They can sometimes have small spark attacks, because their sparks are out of whack. Optimus had a rather dreadful time of it, and now he is suffering from the aftermath of it." Ratchet said, as he tried to keep his leader and friend comfortable.

Agent Fowler held Anna as she cried, while looking down at her father who was still in stasis. He convulsed badly making Anna pull from Agent Fowler, and drop to her father's chest plates.

"Daddy please, please get better I am finally happy please don't die...Please." she cried as Ratchet glanced at her.

Ratchet didn't want to make any promises he couldn't keep; because truth be known he had no idea if Optimus would make it this time. He was strong yes, but when a mech had spark attacks while in stasis it was a bad sign.

Miko, Jack and Raf wanted to help her, so they got her to go for a walk in the base away from the others. They took her out a little further into the base way past her bedroom; and sat on the floor with her trying to ease her mind.

"I was just a stupid little creation until daddy came into my life; I'm loved and wanted now not a little no body." Anna whispered, as she looked over at her friends.

She glanced at Miko, Jack and Raf; the look in her eyes made them all feel really bad.

"Ratchet's the best, Anna..." Raf replied.

"Yeah, he will have your dad up and running in no time; he'll be okay you just need to have faith." Miko replied as she saw Raf and Jack's expressions.

She smacked both of them.

"If either of you say anything to anyone; that I have a nice side I will personally rip your insides out, got it?"

Raf glanced at Jack.

"She's kind of scary when she wants to be." Raf remarked.

"And don't you forget it..." Miko said snapping her fingers.

(Medical bay)

Optimus was quiet for a while not convulsing any longer.

""That's a good sign right?" Fowler asked.

"Yes, hopefully it won't trigger a massive spark attack; that would damage his spark." Ratchet replied as he injected something into Optimus' energon line.

"I am glad the kids took Anna to the back of the base, poor Anna she is running herself ragged." Agent Fowler said.

Bumblebee made several clicks, chirps and whistles then; as Arcee put her hand on Bee's servo.

"He's been through worse, and always came up standing." Arcee replied.

"Are you talking about the Cons?" Fowler asked.

"Yes, he has withstood some grisly attacks and been damaged heavily; but he also hadn't acquired spark attacks with the damage." Ratchet remarked sourly.

Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee taking Agent Fowler let Arcee have some time alone with Optimus. Arcee sat by his side, running her hand gently over his face. She looked at her sternly, while her fingers ran over his face.

"You better get better, you mean the world to me and I am not ready to lose you." she remarked.

(Optimus' mind)

Optimus was seeing images of so many faces Elita -1, Arcee and Ann; all of them swirling mixing up and changing. Then even some of the images mixed and matched bleeding into the image of Megatron, Starscream or Silas. He would see Silas taking him apart, then it would go blurry and he would be taking his daughter apart. It was then Optimus started to go into a massive spark attack at the last image.

"RATCHET... HURRY...!" Arcee yelled as everyone came running in once more.

"By the Allspark, he's having a massive one now. Come on, Optimus; shake this thing loose please." Ratchet said gruffly, as he managed to get Optimus stable.


"I have to know what caused this..." Ratchet remarked, as he went into Optimus' thoughts and memory banks searching for answers.

He didn't like what he found the last images, and thoughts being that of Anna. It was then Ratchet made a decision someone in Optimus' life.

"What is it, doc bot?" Bulkhead asked.

"I must make a decision for Optimus' own sake to keep him healthy; I must remove the health risk to him." Ratchet said.

"What health risk all the Cons...Silas and Mech?" Fowler asked adding a little sarcasm to his question.

"Anna..." he remarked.

"WHAT,,,,,!" everyone asked.

"This was a mistake for him to adopt this techno organic; he has too much stress to begin with." Ratchet remarked.

"You can't do that Ratchet he loves her, and she is crazy about Optimus." Fowler replied angrily.

"My processors are made up I am removing the bond from him, and someone will have to remove her from the base; and sees to it she never returns to cause him anymore stress." Ratchet replied in a cruel tone. "I have to do this he is my main concern; he is our leader and Prime." Ratchet answered. "I am sorry about the girl I really am; but I cannot allow him to be put in danger." Ratchet said firmly.

No one saw that standing by the medical bay door; a stunned and betrayed Anna stood with big tears sliding down her face. She ran to her bedroom grabbing her duffle bag throwing everything inside her bag; while she wiped her tears away from eyes. She was not happy, not happy at all! She had found a home; but now she wasn't wanted anymore. Ratchet was going to wipe her daddy's mind of her; what had she done wrong to deserve being cast aside like this? She wasn't a pure robot, she wasn't human; what now did all the Autobots now think she was a freak too?

She took out paper and wrote a note, she didn't want to worry anyone. So she left a note to let them know she wouldn't bother them ever again; she understood she was a burden and would leave.

She quickly slipped up the stairs to where the elevator was heading for Fowler's helicopter and out of the Autobot's lives forever.

(Optimus' quarters)

Ratchet went into Optimus' quarters to get some things, which he would need for the memory erase of Anna. It was then he saw the drawings on Optimus' desk; that Anna had drawn for him. A picture that Miko had taken of Optimus and Anna together and he sighed.

"I can't erase his memory not now, he loves her and she loves him. What was I thinking; he has been happiest now with her I have no right to steal that from him." Ratchet scolded himself, as he headed back for the medical bay.

Ratchet unenthusiastically walked back into the medical bay, the others looked at him when he entered.

"I can't do it, he loves that little girl and she loves him." he replied, as the Autobots smirked then knowing he would change his mind.

(Anna's bedroom)

"Hey Anna, Whatcha doing?" Jack asked, as he went into her room finding the note on her bed.

Jack ran over snatching the note and reading it.

"MIKO...RAF...GET IN HERE HURRY!" Jack shouted.

"What is your problem, Jack?" Miko demanded.

"Anna ran away..." Jack replied.

"What...?" Raf and Miko demanded reading the note.


I would have left a special note for my daddy, but he won't remember me after Ratchet erases me from his memory banks. So I am just going to leave this for the rest of you. Thank you for at least letting me know, what it felt like to have a temporary family and friends. I will be forever grateful for that, I guess though I wasn't really meant to have friends and a family. Please watch over my daddy now that I can't, I will never forget him, even though he will never remember me anymore. I tried to be a good daughter, but I heard everything that Ratchet said and I do not want to be a stress factor for anyone especially my daddy. My life will probably be very lonely and empty without my daddy, but maybe Silas will find me and take me apart. It's a better end then being lonely and alone without my daddy.


PS I borrowed Agent Fowler's helicopter...

Miko reread the note not understanding, why she would think she wasn't wanted.

"Jack we have to tell the others, this is crazy Silas is looking for her." Miko remarked.

"Yeah, I don't think they will care Ratchet is going to wipe Optimus' memory banks of her." Jack snapped.

"So, what are we going to do?" Raf asked. "We can't just do nothing, Jack.." Raf said as Bumblebee walked into the room.

Bumblebee whistled at Raf asking what was going on and how Anna was. He looked around asking where Anna was with whistles and clicks. However, when neither one of the children answered him, he became upset especially when Raf didn't answer.

Bumblebee knelt by Raf asking him for an answer, when finally he shrugged and handed Bee the note from Anna.

Bumblebee's optics widened, and he took off for the medical bay heading for Ratchet and pushed him a little making angry clicks.

"Bee, what's wrong with you?" Arcee demanded.

Bumblebee made angry clicks and whistles, and handed the note to Arcee.

"What's wrong?" Fowler asked as Miko, Jack and Raf came in.

"It's Anna she ran away; she overheard Ratchet talking to us." Arcee replied her own spark catching with pain.

"WHAT...!" Ratchet demanded. "But I changed my mind I realized I was wrong, so I didn't wipe his memory banks or the father and daughter bond." Ratchet replied.

"She's doesn't know that." Bulkhead remarked sourly.

She handed the note to Ratchet, who quickly felt bad that the little techno organic left because of him.

"Slag it all, we have to find her!" Ratchet shouted. "If she isn't here when Optimus wakes up, it could be very bad." Ratchet replied.

"She couldn't have gotten far on foot." Fowler replied.

"Yeah about that, she stole your chopper." Jack replied.

"She's distraught I will cut her a break..." Fowler mumbled.

"I don't care what you have to do find that little girl now!" Ratchet ordered.

"I have an idea, Agent Fowler; does your chopper have locater chips in it?" Raf asked, as he brought out his laptop.

"Yeah, but kid you could never find it with your little laptop..." Fowler replied.

"I found out where the Cons had you when they kidnapped you; I used the tracer from the microchip, which they use on their agents now." Raf replied matter of factly.

"Anyone ever tell you you're a genius, kid?" Fowler asked.

Raf merely shrugged, and started typing away on his laptop.

"I got her...There she is..." Raf said, as everyone paired off with their bots agent Fowler went with Raf and Bumblebee.

(Medical Bay – 30 minutes later)

Ratchet had been sitting on a chair watching Optimus; when he suddenly started to convulse wildly. Ratchet jumped to his pedes and started to try to treat Optimus; when the communications monitor started going off.

"Oh slag it, computer allow the transmission..." Ratchet grumbled, as he suddenly saw Megatron face on the monitor.

"It's been over 2 weeks Ratchet isn't he out of stasis yet...?" Megatron started to ask until he saw the evidence of the severity of Optimus' sickness. "No, spark attacks too, how...? He is the strongest mech I know, how is this possible?" Megatron asked as Ratchet finally got Optimus stable once more.

Ratchet sighed.

"Everything Silas did to him and whatever else is going through his processors, are adding to it." Ratchet answered sparing a glance at the monitor seeing Megatron had a human female on his shoulder. "And who might this be?" Ratchet asked as Megatron snarled slightly.

"This is my ward...Nightshadow." Megatron replied.

"No, I am his daughter you crazy old coot...!" Nightshadow remarked.

"Old coot...? Now see here you disrespectful little human..." Ratchet started to say.

"Do not sass me old coot, I am Megatron's daughter; I eat Autobots like you for breakfast, got it?" Nightshadow snarled.

"Well so much for our truce, for the sake of stopping Mech, huh Megatron?" Ratchet snapped.

Megatron chuckled then.

"Don't be foolish Ratchet, my ward/daughter was only playing with you, and she has a delightful sense of humor." Megatron remarked as Ratchet frowned at him.

"Since when do you have a daughter anyway?" Ratchet asked.

"That is for me to know, and for you to find out." Megatron snapped.

"Oh for the love of Cybertron, Optimus has a daughter what is the big deal." Starscream snarled as he tried to look at Optimus through the monitor. "Is he dead?" Starscream asked, as Megatron pushed Starscream away.

"Is there something you want Megatron?" Ratchet asked as he suddenly heard Optimus moaning and coming out of stasis lock.

Ratchet moved quicker then Megatron had ever seen him move to reach Optimus.

"Optimus, take it easy..." Ratchet replied softly, as Megatron and Nightshadow watched from the monitor.

"R...Ratchet, where am I?" he asked in a fatigued tone. "A...Anna, where is my A...Anna?" Optimus asked trying to sit up.

"Shhh, I need you to relax Optimus just try and keep still; while I take some scans okay?" Ratchet said, scanning his body rather quickly.

He was pleased with what he read in the results, but he still didn't want to explain what happened with Anna. So, he had to make up something rather quickly to tell his leader and friend.

"Optimus, Anna was so worried about you I thought it best if the others took her for a little drive, they should be back in a little bit..." Ratchet tried to say until Optimus interrupted him.

"C...Call them back I want my daughter by my side..." he replied.

"Still as bossy as ever, aren't you Optimus?" Megatron replied sarcastically.

"M...Megatron...?" Optimus whispered in shock.

"Yes Optimus, I am back." Megatron remarked. "We crush Mech together, and then our war continues." Megatron replied.

"Or we could I don't know discontinue the war PERIOD." Optimus replied.

"That's never going to happen Optimus, never." Megatron said, as he disappeared from the monitor but not before Optimus saw the girl on his shoulder.

"Who is that with Megatron?" Optimus asked.

"Apparently he has a daughter too..." Ratchet replied.

"Speaking of which, get the team back with mine, after a brush with death I wish to be with her." Optimus replied.

Ratchet cringed, not knowing what to do; he prayed to Primus they found Anna before Optimus found out anything had happened.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Nightshadow

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

A/N – I would like to send out a special thank you to my good friend SHIZUKA TAIYOU; for all her help with several ideas for the different chapters.

Chapter 9 – Transformers Prime

(Where Anna is)

Anna felt tears roll down her face blurring her vision; it was terrible she couldn't see. She landed the helicopter and got out sitting down on top of a mountain just looking out. She just let loose with an uncontrollable sobs, she had been so happy. She didn't understand what she had done to make Ratchet hate her, and accuse her of being the reason for her daddy's stress.

"Maybe I am just a creation not anything special, I'm not even worth worrying about." Anna whispered, as she looked at her hands.

It was then she heard a noise, and a lizard stared at her; its tongue darting out of its mouth.

"Hello there, I won't hurt you come here." she whispered trying to persuade the lizard to come to her.

The lizard slowly made its way toward the girl; Anna picked it up and held it close. The lizard looked afraid at first; but then it settled in her hands. It was a much bigger lizard then common geckos; it was rather friendly and she needed a friend right now. She ran her finger down its back, it stayed still allowing Anna to touch and stroke it. She smiled sadly; she liked making new friends, even if in the long run they left her.

"Do you have a family little guy?" she asked, knowing full well it couldn't understand her.

She sighed.

"I used to, but not anymore." she whispered. "Do you wanna stay with me?" she asked, as it crawled closer toward Anna. "Good come on, let's see what I can put you in so you don't fall." she started to say, until the lizard crawled onto her shoulder and stayed there. "Will you be okay there?" she asked.

The lizard stayed on Anna then, as if telling her he would be okay.

"Okay, come on..." she replied, getting back into the helicopter taking off once more; just as the Autobots had tried approaching, only to lose her once more.

(Autobot base)

Optimus was getting impatient, he wanted his daughter by his side; and he could tell when Ratchet was stonewalling him.

"Ratchet, what is going on?" Optimus demanded.

"Ratchet, come in; it's Arcee." came the femme's voice from the command computer.

Ratchet cringed, this was not good.

"Answer her..." Optimus growled.

Ratchet sighed, and walked over to the computer.

"This is Ratchet, go ahead..." he answered.

"Ratchet, we almost had her, but she took off again. This kid is more cunning then anyone I have ever met; and that's saying something about our own charges." Arcee remarked.

"Keep searching, Arcee." Ratchet replied, as he heard Optimus' vents cycle wildly.

"Where is my daughter, Ratchet?" Optimus demanded trying to get up.

"Stay down, sir..." Ratchet replied.

"Explain yourself, where is she?" Optimus ordered.

Ratchet sighed then.

"Alright, here it is..." Ratchet replied.

Optimus listened as Ratchet explained; he held a blank expression on his face as shock washed over his entire systems. He put his hand to his chest plates, while pain emotional pain gripped him.

"You tried to destroy my bond with my daughter; you tried to erase her from my memory banks? She means the world to me, why would you hurt me like that, why Ratchet?" Optimus asked the pain in his optics startled Ratchet.

"I was trying to protect you, you were having spark attacks; I figured it was the right thing to do." Ratchet replied.

"Do you still intend to do this to me, now that I am awake?" he asked his optics narrowing.

"I decided against it anyway I was in your quarters, and found her drawings on your desk. I also found the pictures that Miko took of the two of you; I decided that it would not be in your best interests if I did that." Ratchet replied.

"You decided on your own accord, all these decisions you wanted to make they were life changing decisions. You were going to steal something from me I could never get back." he replied. "Because YOU thought it was the right thing to do, was this for my best interests or YOURS?" Optimus demanded, as he got to his pedes.

"Sir, you need to rest..." Ratchet remarked.

"I would be resting if my daughter was here with me, but no instead you drove her away from me." Optimus growled, as he started to walk with guarded steps.

"Sir, you're sick; please don't do this." Ratchet insisted.

Optimus held his hand to his spark, pain coursing through his spark now.

"I am going for my daughter, I will return only when she is safely in my cab with me." Optimus snapped, as he transformed and went out of the base.

Optimus followed their father and daughter bond, he could feel it and was drawn to it.

"A...Anna..." Optimus whispered.

Optimus sped up, and sent out a private commlink to her.

:::... Anna please answer me; its daddy please say something...::::

(Where Anna is)

Anna looked up reading her daddy loud and clear, tears sprang to her eyes then.

:::... Daddy, you're alive...::::

:::... Thank Primus, yes sparkling please come back to daddy...::::


:::... Anna...:::::

:::... Ratchet doesn't want me there; he said I would endanger your spark...:::

:::... The only thing that will endanger my spark is if I lost you, youngling...::::


:::... Really...:::

:::... Yes sweetspark...::::

Optimus' words falter slightly, the big mech still sick; but determined to bring her home.

:::... Daddy I wanna be with you...::::

::::... Okay sweetspark, everyone is searching for you, we will meet at a special place; and Agent Fowler can get his helicopter back. I will get YOU back and we will go home...All right...:::::

::::... Okay Daddy...::::

Optimus sent out private links to his soldiers, and gave them the location they would be at.

Once there, Optimus transformed seeing Anna running toward him; his spark pulsing wildly seeing his little girl. He lowered his hand, and she jumped on showing her father her new friend.

"He's very nice, Anna; what's his name?" Optimus asked.

"Hmmm, not sure help me pick out a name for him, daddy." Anna replied.

"All right, how about Bobble?" Optimus asked, as the other pulled up.

"Okay sounds good to me..." Anna said, as she saw Agent Fowler walk up to Optimus.

Silence at first...

"Agent Fowler, I am sorry I stole your helicopter." she whispered.

"It's okay sweetheart no harm done." the agent said as she grinned.

Bee walked up to Optimus, and whistled and chirped at Anna.

"He said don't scare us like that again..." Raf said.

"Sorry guys, I didn't think I was wanted anymore by what Ratchet was saying." Anna said, as Optimus kissed her cheek.

"He was wrong and realized it after; but by then you had already left." Bulkhead replied.

"Oh..." Anna whispered, as she turned back toward her father, and grabbed his face hugging him.

"Shhh, all is forgiven just no more running away okay; we are a family we work out our concerns together, all right?" Optimus asked.

"Okay daddy..." Anna said, as she glanced at Arcee and smiled. "Come here, Arcee..." Anna said softly, as Arcee walked over.

"Yes sweet spark, what is it?" Arcee asked.

Anna hugged Arcee then, and whispered. "I want you to be my mommy..." she said softly as Arcee' optics widened at that.

Optimus had heard her as well.

"I...I...I did not put her up to that..." Optimus stammered.

"Sure you didn't..." Arcee murmured, as she swaggered away, her hips swaying back and forth something Optimus' optics never missed.

Anna grinned wildly then, Optimus glanced at his daughter with a smirk.

"Are you trying to get me into trouble, Anna?" he said with mock sternness as she giggled.

"No daddy, you got yourself into trouble all by yourself without my help." Anna chimed, as he stopped and gazed at her.

"You are definitely a handful aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes, I am..." she giggled.

(An hour later)

They were on their way back to base, Agent Fowler going back to where he worked. The others headed back to base, the other children came too as it was the weekend, and they stayed over a lot. This mainly after Anna was there, it was nice for her to have friends over.

Anna was tired, but waited until they got home for falling asleep. Once they arrived at base, Ratchet walked slowly over to Optimus whom was holding Anna in his hand.

"Anna, I owe you an apology of sorts, I was wrong and I am deeply sorry for hurting you." Ratchet said as she nodded.

"I forgive you, Ratchet..." She yawned turning toward her daddy. "Is there someplace Bobble can go where he won't get hurt?" Anna asked as Jack smiled.

"I can give you my huge tank, which I had for my turtles and lizard; I had when I was a kid." Jack said.

Arcee put her hands on her hips then.

"Jack really...?" Arcee mumbled, at the whole when I was a kid statement.

"I am tired daddy..." Anna whispered.

"Okay sweetspark, Daddy will tuck you into bed..." Optimus said, as he thanked Primus for Anna being safely returned to him.

Optimus forgave Ratchet, but a part of him wondered if he'd ever completely trust the medic again now.


How many of the readers want there to be a pysical relationship betwen Optimus and Arcee? Let me know in your reviews...

I have had messages sent privately about this and I am how many of readers want this to happen...
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Nightshadow

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

A/N – I would like to send out a special thank you to my good friend SHIZUKA TAIYOU; for all her help with several ideas for the different chapters.

Chapter 10 – Transformers Prime

(Several weeks later)

Ratchet was still uneasy with Optimus' past spark attacks, and told him he couldn't go into battle for awhile. This however didn't set to well with Optimus at all; he was a leader and a Prime and held responsibilities.

"Yes you do hold responsibilities to your daughter now; she needs you online and functioning." Ratchet growled.

Optimus knew better then to fight with the medic about this, it was a useless battle. Bulkhead and Bumblebee went on patrol, while Optimus was grounded from battle.

Arcee strolled into Optimus' quarters, Optimus kept his gaze anywhere but right directly on Arcee. Arcee was quick to pick up on this as well, but being the type of femme she was well she had to tease her commander about it.

"How are you?" she asked.

"I...I am functioning much better now, thank you for asking, Arcee." Optimus replied avoiding any other part of her but her optics.

Arcee walked up and sat on a chair, her optics shining brightly as his intakes cycled loudly. Arcee smirked at this, she wanted to laugh, but didn't dare. She merely kept her response neutral for as long as she could, which she was afraid wouldn't be much longer.

(Suddenly Anna and Miko came in)

"Daddy, how are you?" she asked, as he lowered his hand for her.

Miko jumped on too, Optimus smiled at the two human femmes. Anna said she and Miko were what humans called BFF now which meant best friends forever. Optimus thought it was endearing, he liked the fact that the others enjoyed her friendship. It made up greatly for the harsh time they went through several weeks ago.

Miko gave Arcee a cagy smirk, and Arcee knew right away she was up to something.

"Don't do it kid..." Arcee whispered.

"What was that Arcee?" Optimus asked.

Arcee's head snapped up then.

"Oh nothing Optimus, I think I should leave..." she suddenly replied.

"Why...?" Anna asked innocently.

"Because I smell a rat..." Arcee muttered.

"There are no rats in here; there is only a lizard in my bedroom named Bobble." Anna said smirking.

Optimus couldn't help but chuckle at the innocent little remark. He enjoyed the playful banter between himself, Anna and Arcee along with the other children. It was a welcome relieve from all the stress from the past.

He glanced at Arcee and smiled, maybe he thought it wouldn't be so bad to try once more to have a femme.

"Arcee I was thinking..."

"Oh no, that can't be good..." Miko whispered.

Optimus looked at Miko for a minute, before she giggled wildly.

"I wanted to ask you, if you would like to go for a ride with me later on?" Optimus asked.

"If Ratchet is okay with it sure..." Arcee said as he smiled.

"Very good..." he replied.

Optimus smiled then, especially when Ratchet walked in suddenly all optics and eyes were on him.

"What...?" Ratchet asked.

"Daddy wants to go riding with Arcee..." Anna said as she winked at Miko and they both exclaimed. "ALONE...!" both girls giggled wildly as Optimus glanced at his daughter.

"Someone decided to have wild bouts with the chaotic laughter." Optimus said.

"Are you teasing your father, Anna?" Ratchet finally asked.

"I cannot tell a lie, I am trying to pick on my daddy, he is such an easy target to tease." She giggled hugging him making him smile broadly.

Optimus was happy; his little girl was as humans would say a breath of sunshine. He was thankful to Primus that he got her back home, after that terrible misunderstanding with Ratchet.

"Okay, I am going to give you the okay to go driving with Arcee, nothing more strenuous then that and I mean it, Optimus." Ratchet remarked, as Optimus nodded and got to his pedes.

Optimus nodded.

"I'll take good care of him, doc bot." Arcee replied as they both walked out and transformed together.

(Half hour later)

Optimus drove with Arcee a long side of him; it was nice to get out of the base for a drive. He had been cooped up for quite awhile and hated it, he was not use to just lying about like that.

(Autobot base)

Ratchet was alerted to a transmission from Megatron, who was slightly irritated about something.

"Ratchet, get Optimus on I need to speak with him." Megatron ordered.

"He isn't here, he went out with Arcee he's been cooped up and wanted to out for awhile so she went with him." Ratchet said as Starscream stuck his face into the monitor.

"We all know what that means don't we?" Starscream snapped as Megatron snarled and pushed him away once more.

"Starscream MOVE...!" Megatron grumped as Ratchet rolled his optics in annoyance.

"What's on your processors anyway, Megatron...?" Ratchet asked.

Silence and then he sighs.

"Breakdown and Knockout left here after picking up some sort of signal, I got word from Soundwave they might be targeting... Prime..." Megatron growled. "I figured Optimus would still be recuperating so I didn't pay any heed to it, until Soundwave thought he picked up Prime's energy signature." Megatron explained.

"By the Allspark, they better not make him worse, Megatron..."

"You are such a grumpy old fart, aren't you?" Nightshadow remarked coolly.

"Now see here, if you don't teach your youngling to learn some manners when addressing those older and wiser then her, Megatron." Ratchet said.

"Whatever..." Nightshadow said as Megatron fought the urge to smirk.

"I will be in touch..." Megatron replied.

"Yes, you do that..." Ratchet snapped with a sneer. "Miserable disrespecting...Oh no Optimus...!" Ratchet tried to send a commlink to Optimus or Arcee but neither answered. "BLAST IT ALL...!" Ratchet shouted, as he sent a private message to Bumblebee and Bulkhead sending the location where Arcee and Optimus were; unaware the battle was all ready well under way.

(Arcee and Optimus' location)

Arcee was trying to keep Breakdown and Knockout focused on her, but the two seemed more content in going after Optimus. Breakout transformed his arm into the hammer, but Optimus managed to stay clear of it.

What he didn't stay clear of was Knockout's energon prod; Knockout slammed it into Optimus' neck to stun him into collapsing. Knockout managed to get Optimus' chest plates open then; he smiled as he rammed the prod into Optimus' chest.

Optimus yelled out convulsing worse than ever, Knockout smirked realizing he had succeeded in bringing on a worse spark attack on the Autobot leader. He watched as Optimus shook wildly his optics brightening, Arcee snarled then

"GET OFF HIM...!" she snarled, as she frantically tried to break free of Breakdown.

Suddenly surprising everyone including Arcee; Megatron shot out of the sky and sent blasts at Knockout sending him flying toward the ground a few miles away. Megatron transformed, and landed on the ground by Optimus who was trembling.

"I warned you we have a truce for now, and when it's over only I get to snuff Optimus Prime's spark no one else!" Megatron yelled turning back toward Breakdown who had since let Arcee go.

Megatron knelt by Optimus scanning his spark, he knew Optimus would be alright; but there was slight damage to his spark.

"Optimus you have slight damage, but you will be alright after Ratchet sees to you." Megatron said as his daughter walked up.

Nightshadow glanced at Optimus with slight interest.

"Power radiates from him too..." she said as Megatron smirked.

"Yes, it does..." Megatron said.

Optimus glanced up slowly.

"M...Megatron..." Optimus whispered.

"I am sorry for this breach of conduct on my soldiers behave, you have my sincere apologies; and word it will NEVER happen again during this truce. Because if it were to happen again I would rip the spark out of whoever tried without batting an optic. We have been at this for a long time, Optimus; if you are to be slain it will be by my hand and my hand alone." Megatron said. "A warrior's death where you die in my servos..." Megatron replied more to Optimus than anyone else.

"The end of this war could go either way, Megatron or we could both be offlined by each other. Do not think I am washed up..."

Megatron smiled closing Optimus' chest plates. "You're still a sick mech, Prime." Knockout snarled, as blasts came from Starscream arriving on the scene.

"And you're a glitch head Knockout, we need his help to rid us of Mech don't be a fool." Starscream remarked.

Megatron made sure no one saw him give the Autobot leader some energon. Optimus looked startled at first, but accepted his gift.

Megatron rose to his pedes, after Optimus finished the energon.

"I will talk to you back at base, when you are looked at and recharged call me on the communications device."

"Very well, Megatron and thank you..." Optimus said.

"I keep my word, Optimus; you should know that." Megatron replied as Optimus got up with Bulkhead and Bumblebee's help.

Optimus nodded, as the others left and Ratchet spun the ground bridge up.

(Autobot base)

Ratchet was having a fit and Anna and Miko suddenly felt guilty.

"I am so sorry daddy..." Anna begged.

"Sweetspark this isn't your fault..." Optimus said. "Shhh, come here or your Miko..." he said when the other girl looked just as guilty. "Everything will be alright your see." he said as Miko headed out with Bulkhead.

Anna stayed with her father though protecting him, while he recharged always staying by his side.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers.

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 11 –

(Autobot Base)

Optimus was recharging with his daughter on his chest plates, she was keeping a vigil over him. Arcee walked into the medical bay to check on Optimus; she smiled when she found Anna on his chest plates.

"Keeping tabs on your daddy I see..." Arcee said.

"Yeah, he's my father I have to; he might get into trouble." she replied.

Arcee walked over leaning down giving Anna a kiss on the cheek.

"So how is he?" she asked.

"Good, he snores when he's recharging..." Anna said wrinkling her nose.

"I heard that..." Optimus said his optics onlined.

"DADDY...! You're awake now?" she asked innocently.

Optimus gently ran his finger down her face; he glanced down at Anna with such love in his optics for her.

"I love you, Anna..." Optimus whispered, as Arcee smiled.

"I love you too daddy..." Anna said.

"Anna, could you give Arcee and I some privacy just for a little while sweet spark?" Optimus asked.

Arcee suddenly went still rather nervous about why; he wanted to be alone with her for.

"Sure daddy, I can do that." Anna said winking at Optimus, and then giggling as she left.

Optimus glanced at Arcee, and motioned for her to sit by him; which she gladly did. Optimus gently slipped his fingers into Arcee's, his optics brightened slightly as he seemed to falter at first before speaking.

"Arcee, we have been through a lot together, we've both almost been one with the Allspark many times." he started.

"Yes sir..."

"Call me Optimus, no need to be formal now." Optimus replied.

Arcee nodded...

"Okay Optimus..." she whispered, as he gently pulled her closer against his body.

It all happened so quickly, one minute she was standing the next she was in Optimus' arms, and he was gently kissing her.

It actually didn't take too long, she started to melt against him; kissing him with a potent need she never knew she had.

(Outside the medical bay)

Jack, Raf, Miko and Anna were listening outside the medical bay door, as ratchet came walking up his patience oddly worn now.

"See here, what are you four children doing?" Ratchet asked suddenly making them jump.

"Listening to Optimus and Arcee make out..." Miko replied matter of factly.

"WHAT...?" Ratchet demanded.


"Way to go Miko..." Jack barked.

Miko put her hands on her hips, and stuck her tongue at Jack.

"Well it's true..." Miko replied.

"I am going to count to five, and you four better be running to Anna's bedroom; or playing games or whatever it is you troublemakers do." Ratchet remarked as he sighed, when they didn't move. "Did you not hear me?" Ratchet asked.

"Yeah Ratchet, we heard you." Raf replied.

"Well...Why haven't you obeyed?" Ratchet asked.

"We don't feel like it..." Miko remarked as the medic growled mumbling about unruly humans.

"This is what happens without discipline no respect for their elders..." Ratchet retorted.

"You know we love ya anyway, doc bot..." Miko replied.

"Yes well, just behave...NOW SHOO..." Ratchet said as the four children ran off laughing.

Ratchet planned on catching Optimus and Arcee in the act, so he wanted no sounds to alert them of his presence.

He went into the medical bay and watched, as he saw them kissing on the berth.

"NO MAKING OUT YOU TWO!" Ratchet exclaimed, as Arcee slipped and fell onto the floor.

Ratchet chuckled then.

"GOTCHA, I believe the appropriate human phrase is..." Ratchet remarked.

"We did nothing wrong Ratchet; Arcee are you okay?" Optimus asked.

"Yeah, no thanks to doc bot here..." she mumbled.

Arcee got helped up by Optimus, Then Ratchet checked his spark finding it responding the way he felt it should.

"I have to call Megatron so we can plan our strategy against Mech; we have to stop them, before they harm another Cybertronian or my daughter again." Optimus replied walking out to call Megatron.

It didn't take long before Megatron's face appeared on the monitor, his daughter on his shoulder.

"Optimus, how are you feeling?" Megatron asked.

"Better thank you for asking Megatron..." Optimus said, as his spark longed for the old Megatron to stay, and never allow that other Megatron to resurface ever again.

"Have you any ideas on how to deal with Mech, Optimus?" Megatron asked.

"Not in the least, they are fully loaded with technology; I'll give them that much." Optimus remarked.

"I say we go in heavy loaded and smash them, and make them sorry they messed with the Decepticons and Autobots." Starscream snarled sticking his face into the monitor smiling in a sinister way.

"Oh get out of the way Starscream..." Megatron mumbled. "We do not attack without a full proof plan; I am not losing any warriors to these insolent humans." Megatron said as he saw Optimus watching Nightshadow with worry. "What is it, Prime?" Megatron asked.

"I am concerned for both our daughters; Silas has harmed my daughter once already. I do not want him to take her again or your daughter, he is a vicious human. I will break my rule of no harming humans just for him, and these other Mech humans." Optimus replied.

"Bravo Optimus, I am glad we finally see optic to optic on this." Megatron remarked.

"We may not see optic to optic on many things, but this I can assure you will go very badly for this Silas and Mech." Optimus remarked.

"Ask him father..." Nightshadow replied.

Megatron growled then.

"Nightshadow... Do not start this again..." Megatron remarked.

"Ask him father..." she repeated.

"What is it?" Optimus asked.

"My daughter wants to go to human school and learn of all things." Megatron replied.

"That sounds like fun, can I go to school too, daddy?" Anna asked walking up with her friends.

Optimus cursed under his breath, and looked at Megatron.

"I blame you for this..." he whispered.

"Oh put your silly feud aside, and let us go to school and learn." Nightshadow retorted.

"Daddy, please..." Anna said, giving Optimus the big soulful sad puppy dog look.

Nightshadow did the same to Megatron, who looked appalled by the look.

"STOP THAT THIS INSTANT...!" Megatron demanded.

"Not until I get my way, father..." Nightshadow retorted crossing her arms.

Megatron growled.

"Slagging child, what if your face plates freeze that way with that expression on your face?" he demanded of her.

"Don't worry guys; we will take good care of your daughters; if you agree that is." Miko replied.

Megatron looked at Optimus.

"Well..." Megatron muttered.

"Only if you are careful Anna and do what I instruct..." Optimus said.

"YES...!" Anna exclaimed as Nightshadow looked at her father.

"Oh very well, I suppose I can allow it but you try to be in the same classes as Optimus' sparkling and those other humans. And whatever you do don't call attention to yourselves." Megatron mumbled.

"Like that'll happen..." Starscream remarked sticking his face into the monitor once more.

Anna, Jack, Raf and Miko were celebrating as well as Nightshadow who was cheering.

"Nightshadow will need a normal name, Megatron." Optimus replied.


"How about Meg Con, I like it..." Megatron replied as his daughter kept cheering.


"Optimus...?" Megatron replied.

"Yes, what is it?" Optimus asked as Miko and Anna screeched in the background.

"We are so slagged..."

"Yes, very...I blame you..." Optimus said signing off.



Thank you for all the sweet and kind words a lot of you sent through private messages and reviews. As a result, I have decided to stick with the story myself; I have this brand new chapter for everyone. I have some fresh new ideas that popped up into my brain for it, and as you probably guessed the problem with Mech will take some time to actually resolve, which means in my story anyway some interesting things will happen now. I figure also in here somewhere Airachnid will make an appearance. I don't want Megatron and Optimus to just BOOM defeat Silas and Mech, and then that be the end of it. No our hero and villain in my story are in for some interesting twists and turns, and yes Arcee and Optimus' love will blossom more. (The only thing in this story romance will be heavy kissing and spark merges, this is basically a family story. It's only rated M for wiggle room and all.

Anyone who likes my other stories, that are more detail in the romance department; check out my BayVerse new story entitled MINE – It pairs Barricade and Optimus Prime (My favorite pairing by the way) That one will be more with the interfacing and all...

Enjoy and thanks


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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 12 – Transformers Prime

Optimus and Megatron had discussed what type of story; they had for their daughters to tell their teachers about themselves. Of course, neither father knew just how 'interesting' their lives would get with their daughters in school; but they both were about to find out real fast.

(Several weeks later)

Anna and Meg were driven to school by Optimus, Meg got out of the cab first. Anna looked back at her father's holoform.

"I'm nervous..." she said with a weak smile.

"I know sweet spark, but look at it like it's a new adventure like everything else." Optimus replied.

She smiled.

"Thanks daddy..." Anna whispered throwing her arms around his neck. "I love you..."

"I love you too..." he answered kissing the top of her head.

He watched, as she climbed down from his cab; and hurried over to where Meg was. Optimus beeped the horn pulling out. It was then he caught sight of Megatron's holoform watching from far away. Optimus smiled to himself, and pulled away knowing Megatron was changing before his optics; because of his daughter something he never thought would happen.

Anna and Meg walked up the few steps to the school, there were two boys watching the girls.

"Hey there sugar..." one of them said to Meg.

Meg sneered not liking the boy's tone or way he stared at her.

"My name is Meg not sugar; do not refer to me with that designation..." Meg started to say until Jack ran up grabbing her by her hand.

"You cannot do that, keep a low profile..." Jack mumbled.

"DARBY...!" Why are you always trying to muscle in on all the girls? Get it through your thick skull the babes don't want a loser like you..." Vince snapped.

Meg sneered at Vince putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh and I suppose you're some sort of a chick magnet?" Meg demanded.

Vince glared at her studying the patch over her eye.

"You look like a female pirate, what's up with that?" Vince asked snidely.

Meg cackled then.

"You look like a lame retard, but do I ask you about that?" Meg said as she turned around with Miko and Raf joining now. "I don't think so..." Meg whispered.

"You miserable little..." Vince went to hit Meg; Jack stopped him hitting him first.

Vince stumbled slightly.

"Oh you are so dead Darby..." Vince snarled as Meg had enough.

She flipped up, and kicked Vince in the chest sending him flying against the lockers.

"STAY AWAY FROM JACK...!" Meg yelled. "Insolent bug..." she snarled, as someone walked behind Meg making Miko, Jack and Raf cringe.

"Miss. Con to my office please..." the principal replied.

"She was protecting herself from Vince he was trying to hassle her, the big jerk..." Miko replied.

"I was trying to stick up for her too..." Jack said.

"We all were." Anna said with quick thinking.

"Is that so, well then perhaps all of you would like after school detention?" the principal said. "Anna and Meg are new so I will call your father Anna; he is also listed for Meg's contact as well."

All of them cringed at that, they knew Optimus would flip.

(Autobot base)

There was a beeping sound that was strictly for when the school called; Optimus took care of it by answering it first.

"Hello...Yes this is Orion Pax and Anna Pax is my daughter; is she alright... Yes Meg Con is my niece... SHE DID WHAT?" Optimus fumed. "Yes I will be right down..."

Optimus vented and then stopped.

"I will find my happy place...1...2...3...4...5..." Optimus whispered. "Arcee...!" Optimus bellowed as she came running.

"What is it, Optimus?" she asked.

"I need to find my happy place; you're coming with me...Start the ground bridge." Optimus said.

(The school)

Optimus and Arcee headed for the school, Arcee stopped him short of the steps.

"Who am I?" Arcee asked.

"Girlfriend..." Optimus replied without missing a beat.

"Really...?" she asked.

"Yes..." he replied as she smiled smugly.

Optimus and Arcee followed directions to the principal's office; the principal was a young and very attractive blonde. Arcee narrowed her eyes at the way she ogled Optimus' holoform; she did not like this human.

"My name is Sarah Bell; you can call me Sarah, Mr. Pax." she replied.

"I'm Arcee...His girlfriend." Arcee growled.

Sarah sized up Arcee, rolling her eyes at her.

"Don't you dare roll those eyes at me; I'll roll that head of yours so fast it will make your head spin." Arcee muttered making Optimus nudge her.

"Happy place find your happy place..." Optimus whispered.

"I've got her happy place right here...She knows your taken, and is eyeing you like a piece of meat." Arcee muttered softly.

"Miss Bell you called me here to talk about the girls, I would be very grateful if you wouldn't just stare at me. I am with Arcee, and do not intend to leave her." Optimus said, as the blonde turned all shades of red and stuttered all over the place.

"Now I've found my happy place..." Arcee snickered.

(The classroom where the kids are)

Meg was blowing bubbles with her bubblegum, her attention landing on Jack. She smirked and kicked him in his leg; when the teacher left the room for a bit.

"What...?" Jack asked.

She leaned over moving his hair from his eyes, and then she smirked at him.

"Okay..." she said. "Jack is it?" Meg asked.

"Yeah, I believe I asked you what before..." he said.

"Don't get lippy..." she replied.

"Sorry, what's up?" Jack asked.

"I want us to attend that...together." Meg said as his eyes followed her finger to the flier on the bulletin board for the carnival.

"But...but I was going to ask Sierra..." he complained.

"Too late I asked you..." Meg replied.

Raf leaned over toward Jack laughing.

"Tough break..."

"Oh not good, I don't want Megatron breathing down my neck, if I do something wrong he will vaporize me and bring me back just to clean up the mess." Jack replied.

"Optimus wouldn't let him hurt you..." Miko replied as she glanced over and saw Anna fast asleep and starting to snore. "What's with her...?"

"You need to wake her up, sleeping in class not good." Raf replied.

Suddenly the teacher came back in looking at Meg and Anna.

"Meg Con, Anna Pax, Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai and Raf Esquivel you are to report the principal's office now." she replied.

The five kids got up sighing, as they grabbed their books; and headed for the principal's office. They got to the principal's office, and were told to go in. Meg and Anna froze when they saw Optimus and Arcee staring at them.

"Daddy, Arcee what are you doing here?" Anna asked.

Optimus' eyes landed on Meg then, who tried not to make eye contact with Optimus.

"You were fighting Meg?" Optimus asked.

"He was being a jerk, but on a happy note Jack and I are going to the carnival." Meg replied grabbing Jack's arm. "He was so cool before Uncle Orion; he hit that fool when he tried to get all up in my face." Meg replied.

Optimus sighed then.

"Find your happy place, find your happy place." Optimus mumbled once more.

"Why do you keep saying that dad?" Anna asked.

"Ratchet told me to use that, as a way of not getting too stressed out." Optimus replied.

"Is it helping?" she asked.


"No, so far it's not, but that's probably due to the fact my niece is beating up boys." Optimus grumbled.

Meg laughed a little uncomfortably at that remark then, she really didn't think what she did was wrong.

"Father would be proud of me, Uncle Orion; I believe so anyway." Meg replied.

Optimus sighed.

"You're not supposed to draw attention to yourself." Optimus mumbled.

"If you say so..." Meg replied sinking into the chair next to Anna, who was sitting near her father.

Anna yawned, then alerting Optimus that she was tired.

"Anna, what's wrong?" he asked.

"She fell asleep in class too, Optimus." Miko said, as Anna suddenly fell off the chair as the principal came back in.

"ANNA...!" Optimus and Arcee exclaimed.

Optimus gathered the girl in his arms gently.

"Daddy, I don't feel so good..." she whispered.

"Ms. Bell, we will have to do this another time, my daughter is sick and I need to get her to her Uncle Ratchet who is also her doctor." Optimus said, as he carried Anna out of the principal's office.

Optimus laid Anna on his seat in his cab, and then he sent word for Ratchet to spin out the ground bridge. Once at the base Optimus took Anna into the medical bay; where Ratchet scanned her and ran tests on her.

"It's a failsafe Optimus, whoever created her made a failsafe which kicked in now. It's eating away at her systems." Ratchet replied.

"What are you saying?" Optimus asked.


"What are you saying Ratchet?" Optimus demanded his optics flaring and brightening in pain.

"She's dying Optimus, if she lasts 48 hours I'd be surprised." Ratchet replied softly. "I'm sorry..." Ratchet whispered.

"NO...I do not believe this, Primus wouldn't have given her to me, if he was going to snatch her away from me so cruelly. There must be something we can do Ratchet, please I can't lose her not now. She's become a part of me, a part of my life." Optimus replied as Arcee moved closer.

"A part of OUR life..." Arcee said, as Optimus glanced at her energon tears threatening to fall from his optics.

(Ratchet's POV)

I thought for a minute at Optimus' words, she was a part of him now. Maybe she could literally be a part of him, she was part machine. Could I figure out a way for her to become Cybertronian, and keep her alive? I would have to do the same for Meg; she was a techno organic as well.

"I am going to try something, Optimus." I replied, as I removed the failsafe mechanism.

I sighed looking at my leader; and dearest friend.

"I need to override how her original creator programmed her; there may be a shot to save her. I will need to replace her heart part with that of a spark; and then I can replace it with a spark." Ratchet said as Optimus looked at Anna.

"How can you replace it with a spark though?" Arcee asked.

"Use part of mine..." Optimus replied without thinking twice.

"Yours is not enough, I will need another shard of another spark." Ratchet replied.

"Use me too..." Arcee said, as Optimus looked at his femme.

"Thank you..." Optimus said, leaning in pulling her into his body. "Thank you..."

"I will need you both to get onto the berths, so I can extract the shards from your sparks. You will also need to be sedated, this is going to hurt." Ratchet said.

(15 minutes later – during the operation)

Ratchet had just put the shards into Anna's chest, giving her one brightly shining spark. He had done it, he had saved the little techno organics' life.

"Thank Primus; I wasn't sure that was going to work." Ratchet said as he needed a cup of energon, his circuits were fried.

He also figured the same thing should be done for Meg as well, but telling Megatron was not going to be easy no not by a long shot.

"Find your happy place Ratchet; find your happy place..." Ratchet muttered finding his own advice for Optimus during this situation especially right now.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 13 – Transformers Prime

(Autobot base – medical bay... 48 hours later)

Anna opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was her father sitting in a transformer size chair recharging. Arcee was with him, and he was holding her hand. She was all smiles, while Ratchet walked over seeing his patient was awake.

"Well good morning, sunshine..." Ratchet replied.

"Hello Ratchet..." she replied.

"How do you feel?" Ratchet asked as he scanned her.

"Better, just a little loopy; but my chest it feels really different now." she said as she rubbed her chest.

Ratchet smiled then.

"You almost died, you have a piece of your daddy's spark and Arcee's as well. They saved your life by giving up a piece of their sparks for you." he explained as Anna looked at her father, and then Arcee.

Anna started to cry then; Optimus felt the flux in her new spark and onlined. He looked at Anna with such love in his optics for her.

"Anna...I was so worried about you, you scared everyone. You have been offline for 48 hours." Optimus replied as he went over to her.

Optimus nuzzled his daughter's face with his, while she just ran her hand over his face making him smile. She was so very precious to him; he would never take any chances with losing her. She brought sunshine into his life; he needed that he hadn't noticed how much his life lacked love. Well two very different loves one the love of a child, and then there was the love of a mate.

Abruptly the medical bay was a washed with bots and children; one child in particular was watching and very quiet.

"We will need to speak to Megatron about doing the operation on Meg as well, so she will be safe from harm in the future. Optimus nodded, and then turned his attention toward Meg.

"This is for you..." Meg mumbled giving Anna a small teddy bear.

Anna was touched by the gesture, and surprised the other techno organic by hugging her.

"Hey no touchy, touchy bad...bad touchy..." Meg grumbled trying to act like her father; but truth be told she liked being liked by her friends.

"Meg, have you told your father about what happened at school?" Optimus asked her.


"No speak the English..." Meg said trying to fake Optimus out.

Optimus lowered his hand, and she climbed on.

"I also have to explain to dad I have a date..." Meg said as Jack froze.

"It's not a date..." Jack replied.

"Maybe he'll be happy I have a boyfriend..." Meg stated.

"I am not your boyfriend..." Jack mumbled, while she cleverly ignored him.

Meg turned around, and stuck her tongue at him.

"If I say you're my boyfriend, you're my boyfriend, got it?" Meg ordered as Jack banged his head against the wall.

"I am so dead, Megatron will step on me and I will go splat." Jack remarked.

"No, you'll probably go squish is more like it." Ratchet replied.

"Ratchet..." Optimus remarked.

"What...? I am just stating a fact, he will go squish." Ratchet said as Anna looked at her father.

"Hey daddy, can I go out on a date?" Anna asked.

"Yes, when your 18 years old, Anna." Optimus remarked, as Anna's mouth dropped open.

"Now Optimus..." Arcee started to say, until he put his finger to his lips.

"Zip it..." Optimus grumbled.

Arcee put her hands on her hips then, and that look on her face well even Ratchet cringed.

"WHAT WAS THAT BUSTER?" she demanded.

Optimus froze; Arcee was in so many ways like Elita. Elita could cut him to the quick with a look or a word. He didn't fear many things, but an enraged femme, well that sent fear to his very spark.

"I wish to retract what I said..." Optimus replied rather quickly.

"I thought so..." Arcee replied with amusement as she leaned up and kissed him ferociously. "That's to prove no hard feelings, okay?" she said after their lips parted.


"Okay..." Optimus remarked with a loopy smile on his face.

"Uncle Optimus...What about my dad...?" Meg asked.

"Ring up Megatron, ask him to meet me and his daughter at these coordinates." Optimus said as Ratchet spun up the ground bridge.

Meg cringed.

"You go and tell me how it turns out." Meg remarked.

"Let's go little one, he's your father let's go." Optimus remarked as she sat on his shoulder crossing his arms over her chest.

Meg was not liking this at all, what oh what was her hot headed father going to say about everything that happened?

(The meeting place with Megatron and Optimus)

Megatron saw his daughter on Optimus shoulder, and his optics lit up seeing his daughter; regardless how the warlord tried to hide the fact his daughter was special to him. Optimus handed Meg to Megatron, who smiled when she was place in his claws.

"I missed you child, how was school?" Megatron asked.

"Fine..." she said nervously.

"Meg..." Optimus replied.

Meg cringed, and peeked around at her uncle.

"Do I really have to tell him Uncle Optimus?" Meg asked.

"Yes Meg, you do." Optimus said.

Megatron glanced at Optimus, then back at his daughter.

"What did you do?" Megatron asked.

Anna looked from her father, his second in command and then her uncle; and then sighed.

"There were two boys being jerks, the one boy especially Jack tried to stick up for me. I let him anger me, and I flipped into the air; and kicked him in the chest." Anna said as Starscream snickered.

"Nice shot..." Starscream remarked.

"No Starscream she and Anna are supposed to be lying low, so they do not draw attention to themselves." Megatron snarled.

"Right...Bad techno organic, bad." Starscream mused.

Meg rolled her eye then.

"Meg, you are supposed to be keeping a low profile; you will need to try harder." Megatron said, as she moved closer toward his face running her hand over it.

Optimus thought the gesture was sweet, and he could tell Megatron enjoyed the closeness with his daughter.

"Father, I have a date and boyfriend." Meg replied rather quickly.

"WHAT...?" he demanded.

"Jack Darby, he is Arcee's charge and he is so cute and strong. He is the one, who stuck up for me, he is a little afraid you might make him go splat though." Meg replied.

"Good call..." Starscream snickered.


"But it might be more like a squish than a splat..." Starscream said as Megatron shot him a cold look. "What I was trying to be helpful?" Starscream snapped.

"Meg, I am not so sure about you dating a human..." Megatron said.

"He protected me, father; doesn't that say something about his character?" she asked.

Megatron growled, and then looked at Optimus.

"You will see to it, that this Jack Darby does not hurt my daughter, Optimus." Megatron ordered, as Optimus sighed slightly.

"There is something else that needs to be taken care of, Megatron." Optimus said.


"What is it?" Megatron asked.

Optimus' intakes cycled, and then he spoke.

"Anna almost died her creator installed a failsafe."

"Is she online?" Megatron asked.

"Yes, she is better, Ratchet did an operation where he put a shard of my spark, and then one of Arcee's to combine and forge a spark in her chest. My concern is for your daughter, she is a techno organic as well. She could have a failsafe too, and if that is the case she could perish." Optimus said as Megatron's optics widened in fear.

"No, I will give her a piece of my spark to save her." Megatron replied.

Starscream glanced nervously at his leader; he knew he would want him to offer a piece of his spark. But Starscream was not one to share his life for with anyone even for his master's daughter.

"STARSCREAM, you will offer up your spark for a shard for Meg." Megatron ordered.

"Master I am rather fond of my spark, I am not sure I..." Starscream stammered until Optimus narrowed his optics.

"I will offer a small shard for her, Megatron." Optimus said as the warlord glanced over at Optimus.

He was stunned; Megatron couldn't believe his audios at first.

"You wish to save my daughter?" Megatron asked.

"Yes, Megatron..." Optimus said.

"Very well, thank you." Megatron said.

Optimus stopped and glanced back at Megatron.

"Silas and Mech know your ship; I suggest you set up a headquarters near our base. We can protect each other and have each other's backs." Optimus replied extending his servo toward Megatron.

Meg watched from her father's shoulder, while he slowly moved his claw toward Optimus' hand and shook it.

"Very well, like old times then; we mine energon together and watch each other's backs." Megatron remarked, as Starscream narrowed his optics then.

"You're ending the war?" Starscream snarled.

"Yes Starscream, we have no need for war; when there are great troublesome enemies on this planet that could destroy our race." Megatron replied.

"What if the other Decepticons do not see your point of view?" Starscream demanded.

Megatron turned toward Starscream then, he snarled then.

"I suppose you are trying to say you want control of the Decepticons still?" Megatron growled. "Soundwave and the rest of the troops will follow me, Starscream." Megatron retorted.

"Knockout and Breakdown will not nor will I, this is ludicrous being with Optimus Prime." Starscream snarled, as he took off into the air.

Megatron snarled.

:::... Soundwave are Breakdown and Knockout onboard the ship...::::

:::... No Lord Megatron...::::

Megatron gave Soundwave the location where he and Optimus were, after he explained the situation.

"Soundwave will be here shortly with the Nemesis, and we can go back with you." Megatron said.

"Are you concerned about Starscream?" Optimus asked.

"Yes he is a fool, but he is a cruel and backstabbing fool." Megatron remarked.

Megatron glanced up at Optimus then, the look in the warlord's optics startling Optimus for a moment.

"All these years Optimus, I was a fool at what I put you through; I am just as much to blame for your spark attacks as Silas and Mech." Megatron said as walked closer toward Optimus pulling the Autobot leader into his servos. "What you offered to do for my daughter, when Starscream turned his back on my daughter and me shows me you are more honorable then I truly gave you credit for." Megatron replied as the Nemesis appeared.

"Very well, we shall make our base next to yours..." Megatron replied as the ground bridge was spun up.

Megatron's ship would be brought through separately; Optimus figured it would be a good idea to have Megatron's base completely first. They hid it where even neither Starscream nor Mech would find it to be on the safe side.



There will be new villains of my own creation who will be popping up, as well as Silas and Mech, Starscream, Breakdown and Knockout making appearances as well. There will also be Optimus and Arcee's spark merging scenes in later chapters.

Next chapter will be Meg's operation to give her spark, as well as a special scene between Jack and Megatron over Meg... Yes I like the laughs with this story, gotta have a mixture of emotions.


Enjoy :O)
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 14 – Transformers Prime

(Autobot base – medical bay)

Ratchet was seeing to the aftermath of Meg's operation; while Megatron and Optimus were with the other Autobots. Optimus was helping Megatron with plans for his base; Soundwave was watching Miko and Jack play with video games. Bumble and Raf were complaining that Jack and Miko were hogging the games all the time. Anna merely smirked at that, while Miko was acting like herself.

"Raf just wait and hold your pants on..." Miko said as Bumblebee whistled and clicked.

"Bumblebee said he doesn't have pants, he can't do as you said." Raf said in a snicker.

"Boys and Mechs... Should we let them play Jack?" Miko asked as Megatron glanced over.

"So, you're the one, who will be dating my daughter, come here boy." Megatron said walking up.

Jack froze at that.

"Well, come here I won't bite." Megatron retorted.

Jack walked closer to the still intimidating warlord, Megatron chuckled at his reactions.

"Let me lay down the rules boy, if you hurt my little girl I will hunt you down and make you pay. Number two, if you try to interface with my little girl I will hunt you down and make sure Soundwave removes your interfacing unit." Megatron started.

"HEY WAIT A SECOND..." Jack started.

"I am not done BOY..." Megatron snarled.

"You will treat her with respect, and if I ever hear tell of you cheating with another femme...Well you don't wanna know what I'll do..." Megatron with sudden laughter, as Jack cringed at that.

"Yes sir, I understand..." Jack mumbled.

"Stop mumbling boy, I can be an extremely loyal friend, isn't that right Optimus?" Megatron said.

"Yes, we were like brothers, I held you with the utmost respect." Optimus replied.

"See boy, no harm no foul ." Megatron replied, as he picked Jack up making Jack scream like a little girl. "That was not very mech like, now was it?" Megatron asked.

"I am a teenager not a mech, Megatron!" Jack yelled as Arcee watched closely.

"I am not going to hurt him; I am only making him understand I do not want my little girl's spark broken. I know humans can be quite pickle about mates." Megatron remarked as Raf was quite to speak up.

"You mean fickle..." Raf said trying to be helpful.

Megatron glanced down at Raf.

"What...?" Megatron demanded.

"You meant fickle not pickle; pickle is a food." Raf said as Bee whistled and chirped.

"Oh, well fine then yes fickle; you change mates like changes to your fur." Megatron said.

Raf coughed then.

"Excuse me Megatron, its clothes not fur; animals have fur." Raf replied.

"Does he do this to you?" Megatron asked Optimus.

"Optimus knows how to talk, well not to say you don't know how to talk you just need a little help with things." Raf stammered.

"Nice save boy..." Megatron mumbled.

"Okay, okay, okay she'll be treated like a princess okay?" Jack finally responded as Megatron smirked.

"That's better boy... Ratchet, how is my daughter doing?" Megatron asked stopping by Optimus side placing a claw on Optimus. "Thank you for what you did, I will never forget what you did for my daughter." Megatron remarked as he turned and put Jack in Arcee's hands.

"She is coming along nicely Megatron; she is responding well to the spark just as Anna did." Ratchet said.

"Very well, that is quite comforting to know, I believe." Megatron replied.

"I got word from Agent Fowler; he is going to help us with the base for you. He is quite pleased you have turned over a new leaf." Optimus replied.

Megatron frowned.

"Honestly Optimus these Earth sayings are strange, what the slag does turning over a leaf have anything to do with me changing for the better?" Megatron demanded.

Jack, Miko, Raf and Anna started to laugh at Megatron then; Megatron growled at Jack then.

"Behave boy..." Megatron growled.

Jack stopped laughing suddenly, and glanced up at Optimus; who merely smiled and shrugged.

However everyone was startled by the sounding of the device; that had to do with school for Anna and Meg. Optimus answered, and found that annoying principal on the line.

"Miss Bell, yes how are you?" Optimus replied, as Arcee rolled her optics not liking the human at all.

"Find your happy place Arcee." Ratchet said.

Megatron snorted.

"What is that supposed to be find your happy place?" Megatron asked.

"I will see he gets the message, yes thank you." Optimus stopped, and stared at Megatron. "Meg's principal would like to see you tomorrow..." Optimus said.

"What...Why?" Megatron demanded.

"To give you a glowing report of my behavior..." Meg whispered as she sat up.

"Meg, you're awake..." Megatron replied going to her.

She climbed up onto her father's claw, and up to his face careful of the pointed armor her father had. She ran her hand over his face, and the tough as nails warlord melted. Optimus felt honored to see this side of Megatron, it was special to see them bonding like this.

"Are you in trouble, why does your principal want to see me?" Megatron asked.

"I don't know I haven't gotten into anymore trouble." Meg replied.

"Yes, we shall see; I also talked to your boyfriend; and we have come to an understanding... Haven't we boy?" Megatron asked.

Jack jumped at that...

"Yes sir, we have." Jack answered.

"Very good boy..." Megatron said. "Can she go for a flight with me, Ratchet?"

"I don't see why not, she is fine." Ratchet said.

"Good, let's go for a ride my dear." Megatron said as she smiled.

Optimus still couldn't get over the change in Megatron; he liked having the old Megatron back. He thanked Primus over and over again for returning the old Megatron to him.

(The following morning – Principal's office)

Megatron was using his holoform sitting waiting for the principal; Megatron's holoform was 30'ish, Italian looking male, with piercing eyes and wavy dark hair. Sarah Bell came into the office, and the second she saw Megatron; she gaped at him stunned.

"Mr. Con, I presume?" she asked.

"Yes, I am Meg's father and you are?" Megatron asked.

"Sarah Bell your daughter's principal; tell me Mr. Con are you single?" she asked.

"Yes, I am the only one here..." Megatron answered.

"No, I meant is there a Mrs. Con or a girlfriend?" she asked.

"What does that have to do with my daughter?" Megatron asked suddenly disliking this human.

"It doesn't I just was curious about you, I like to meet my students parents. When I saw you, you struck me as very I don't know, you have a strong presence." she replied.

Megatron snarled, he was not one for femmes of any race doing the hitting on. He got to his feet, and glared at the femme.

"If that is all you're after, this so called meeting has ended. I can assure you Sarah Bell; YOU are so out of your league with me." Megatron snarled as he got up.

She rose to her feet rather angry then.

"First Orion Pax dismissed me, and now you; what is wrong with you two?" she demanded.

"You tried to do this to Orion as well? He is with Arcee, you're lucky she didn't pull that fur off your head and feed it too you. That femme is wild as they come, Sarah Bell..." Megatron said.

"Perhaps, but there is also an old saying Mr. Con; Hell hath no fury, then a woman scorned." she whispered as Megatron left her office mumbling something about irrational human femmes.

However one thing neither Optimus nor Megatron realized was they did not want Sarah Bell as an enemy.


A/N –

So the plot thickens, I did mention there would be some new villains besides rogue Cons.

The next chapter will focus on Optimus and Arcee's blossoming relationship, and also the first date with Meg and Jack at the carnival... Will Jack come to care for Meg...Or will he mess up and cheat on Meg with Sierra?

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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell, Cricket & Archer,

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 15 – Transformers Prime

(Autobot base)

Arcee was returning back to base with Bulkhead and Bumblebee from picking up their charges. Anna was with her father challenging him video games, because the games had special hook ups thanks to Ratchet so they could play too.

"I'm beating ya daddy..." Anna announced, as her father turned the tables on her and owned her little organic butt in the game.

Anna's mouth hung open in shock.

"You were saying, sweet spark?" Optimus asked slightly amused.

"You beat me, how is that even possible?" Anna asked as Meg cackled then.

Meg flipped down off her father's shoulder.

"I will wipe the floor with ya, Uncle Optimus..." Meg retorted as Optimus smirked.

Megatron couldn't hide his amusement at that, and shrugged.

"She's her father's daughter, I can't walk away from a challenge either Optimus." he said.

Optimus nodded.

"Okay Meg, bring it." Optimus replied.

"Get him Meg..." Megatron chuckled.

Meg and Optimus played the racing game for several hours trying to beat one another. Arcee touched Optimus' shoulder after the game was over, and she whispered something into Optimus' audios and he bolted upright.

"What did you say you wanted to do?" Optimus asked.

"Why don't you just follow me to my quarters and find out, Optimus?" Arcee said, as she walked away swaying her hips leaving all the mechs speechless.

Soundwave punched Optimus in his servo, playing a recording of a wolf howling, Megatron had an evil glint in his optics.

"Go get her, Optimus; show her whose boss..." Megatron chuckled wildly.

Optimus started to walk toward Arcee's quarter, when she quickly hollered out.

"I just may show him whose boss, Megatron..." Arcee mused as Optimus smirked as he disappeared into her quarters.

Optimus watched as she locked the door.

"You know, Optimus; I was..."

Optimus didn't let her finish, he had scooped her up into his arms. He held her in his servos, and started to kiss her gently at first.

"Wow...That was just Wow." Arcee whispered as their lips parted.

"I take it you approved, it was to your liking?" he asked, as she ran her fingers over his face returning the kiss.

Optimus felt his chest plates rearranging themselves out of instinct; he saw Arcee's already moving. He watched her spark racing, he looked at her smiling. His fingers already reaching for her spark, a sad expression crossed over his face plates. But it was replaced by the emotions he felt for Arcee.

"Are you sure?" Arcee asked Optimus running her fingers gently over his face.

She knew his history with her femme commander, and his bonded Elita-1. She didn't want Optimus to look at her and see Elita, or for him to regret moving to this step if he wasn't sure.

"There's time, are you sure you're not pushing yourself too fast, Optimus." Arcee asked as Optimus' optics widened as he realize she was the one who was feeling like he was moving too fast.

He closed his chest plate's dread and shame hitting him, Arcee was angry with herself for hurting him. She never meant to hurt him; she just wanted to be sure he truly was ready.

He nodded, his optics misting slightly but no tears fell for pride's sake.

"I am sorry I was wrong; please forgive my bad judgment on this it's been so long. I was out of line; excuse me I need to take a drive." He said, as he went to get his daughter scooping her up.

He wordlessly transformed and left the base, the others not sure what to make of his actions. They turned toward Arcee who walked out; energon tears stained her face, as she tried to hide it.

"What just happened?" Ratchet asked.

"I made the biggest mistake, and will regret it for the rest of my life." she whispered. "I stopped him, and I hurt him I didn't mean too. I just wanted him to be sure, he truly wanted me." Arcee whispered. "He's been through too much, I blew it with him, and he will never want me now." Arcee said, as Jack went to her.

"I'm here if you need me, Arcee." Jack replied.

She looked at Jack with sadness in her optics, she nodded and transformed. He hopped on putting his helmet on, and she took off.

(Where Optimus and Anna are)

Anna could tell her daddy was crying, she ran her hands over his dashboard.

"Daddy, it'll be alright you'll see." Anna replied.


Anna watched as her father pulled into a private secluded cave, she got out and he transformed. She watched him sit heavily onto the ground leaning against the cave wall; she scrambled up onto his lap.

"She doesn't want me, Anna; I thought she did I wanted to spark merge. It would bind us forever, but she didn't want me. I guess it will be only you and I, kid-o; no other femmes." he said his voice static filled with emotion.

Anna looked up at Optimus, her new spark angry at Arcee for hurting her father.

"She doesn't deserve you daddy not now..." Anna whispered, as she climbed up toward his face.

"Anna..." was all her could say.

Anna ran her fingers over her father's face, he started to chirp and click talking in his native tongue now. Optimus was hurt; he had never been rejected before; if she truly didn't want him, he would have understood. He had been so sure she did, could he have misread her actions so badly? He would never try again, he had tried once and been hurt by Arcee's rejection. He had his pride, and he would never let his guard slip concerning the femme again.

"You want a mate again, don't you?" Anna asked her father.

"I wanted someone to share our life; yes I did..." he answered. "I miss Elita-1 she will always be in my spark; maybe this is Elita's way of telling me no more mates." he whispered.

"What was she like?" Anna asked.

Optimus smiled, and then activated hologram images of Elita. The strong leader of the femmes, she was as beautiful as she was fierce and she always had his back in battle. Anna watched the pink and white femme her eyes practically popping out of her head.

"Wow, she's gorgeous!" Anna exclaimed as he smiled sadly.

"Yes, she was gorgeous, she would have loved you. I am sure you would have loved her too; she was protective of younglings and me. She never backed down from a fight. Arcee reminded me a lot of Elita sometimes..." Optimus said softly.

Anna huffed then.

"Would Elita hurt you on purpose?" Anna asked.


"No, she wouldn't have not on purpose anyway." Optimus said.

"Then she's no Elita, daddy." Anna remarked, as she curled up near her father's face.

Anna saw her father slip into recharge; she looked toward the heavens tears sliding down her face.

"God, please don't let my daddy suffer, bring him back Elita-1 please." Anna asked.

(Where Arcee and Jack are)

Arcee transformed, and walked over to a cliff side just looking out at nothing in particular. Jack watched her feeling her pain; she wiped an energon tear away angrily. She hated tears.

"I hesitated and made him think I didn't want him, Jack; I hurt him. I can feel the anger in Anna's spark; she despises me for hurting her father. I burned some bridges I may never be able to finish again all because I hesitated." Arcee replied as she sighed.

"I'm so sorry Arcee." Jack replied.

"Come on; let me get you back for your date with Meg." Arcee replied.

She transformed, and then Jack climbed on, as they headed back to base.

(Mech headquarters – in a darkened room)

A young woman is shackled to the floor; she has long brown hair that looks matted and tangled. She continuously pulls at the chains and screams trying to pull free; her eyes bright blue filled with fear as she looks around. The door opens and in walks Silas with another man; who has a lab coat on and a tray with several instruments on it.

"So, how is our latest discovery doing?" Silas asked.

The woman glared at Silas and spat in his face.

"The same I see you are most definitely an interesting find, you have super strength even though you are human. You have a super advanced mind for building things that have to do with vehicles and robots. Yet, you won't speak; I have tried everything to find a weakness in you. You leave me no choice but to tell you in the coming months, I am going to have to dissect you." Silas replied running a knife down her cheek cutting it.

She screamed scrambling away, as Silas laughed. But his laughter soon died when the cell door exploded and in rushed a robot, whose arm transformed and shot gas bombs. He rushed over to the human ripping the chains out of the floor; he took off transforming into a slick red and purple car.

"Sleep Cricket, I will find us shelter." the vehicle said.

Cricket touched her face, when she looked at her hand; there was blood on her hand.

"I know your hurt, Cricket; I will find someone to help you." he said as he started driving anywhere he could to keep Cricket safe from Silas and Mech.

Ooooo oooo


Okay new character is being introduced; she is going to be a special character. She is more a less a surprise fun extra, she is smart obviously but still a mystery. The name Cricket as everyone will come to learn was named by her robot she built. He also took on a life himself, he picked out his own name. And no I am not giving any hints on how Mech got her just yet. Her story will be revealed, and when it does lives will be turned upside down... R&R guys
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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers at all- this is merely for fun and enjoyment because I love Transformers. I only own Anna and Nightshadow/Meg and Sarah Bell, Cricket & Archer, Tony,

Summary – Optimus is brutally injured in a sneak attack by Starscream; but a street smart homeless girl comes to his aide. Prime is enchanted with the young girl, and with Agent Fowler's help adopts her.

A/N – this story takes place after the episode 'Convoy' as Silas and his group M.E.C.H are gunning for both Optimus and his daughter with nasty surprises in store for both father and daughter.

Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend

Chapter 16 – Transformers Prime

(Autobot base)

Jack was waiting for Meg, when she came out she had a cute black mini shirt on. She had picked out a black mid- drift; Jack's eyes strayed to the belly button ring. Meg smirked at that, and then winked at him. Megatron saw Jack's eyes looking at her stomach, he growled.

"What are you doing boy?" Megatron demanded.


"What..." Jack answered with a jump.

"Were you ogling my little girl?" Megatron asked.

"No, no, no sir..." Jack replied as Meg giggling wrapping her arms around Jack's neck kissing him.

"I like him daddy, don't scare him." Meg giggled.

"Very Well..." Megatron replied, as he looked over at Optimus who looked distracted. "Anna, why don't you go with the other children to this carnival event?" he asked.

She looked at her father then.

"I am taking care of my daddy, thanks to that she devil." Anna snapped, as Arcee looked down at her looking hurt at the name she called her.

"I will take care of him, you have my word." Megatron said.

Anna looked at Optimus, who nodded.

"I'll be alright, go have fun with your friends." he insisted, as Anna kissed him on the cheek.

Arcee winced; she had lost both Optimus and his daughter all in one shot.

"Anna I am sorry, please know that." Arcee said.

Anna ignored her; she flipped down from her father and rode with Raf and Bumblebee. Jack and Meg rode there on Arcee; while Miko rode with Bulkhead. Megatron walked over toward Optimus, he put his servo about Optimus and the two disappeared further into the base.

"I don't understand what I did wrong, maybe this is a hint from Elita; that I am supposed to remain without a mate." he replied.

"And perhaps it's just Arcee's way of making sure you were ready, or she just was scared herself. We could debate this all evening; what is really frying your processors, Prime?" Megatron asked.

"Anna asked me about Elita-1; it brought back a lot of old memories." Optimus said.

"Perhaps my spark truly does belong to Elita, and Arcee realized before I did." Optimus said.

"Or she could be afraid?" Megatron remarked.

Optimus balked at that.

"She isn't afraid of anything, at least to the best of my knowledge she isn't afraid of anything." Optimus answered.

"We shall figure this out together, brother." Megatron said, as Optimus' head snapped up at the gentle use of the word he used.

Optimus clicked and chirped, and Megatron merely smirked.

"What I can't call you brother...?" Megatron chuckled.

Optimus smiled at that.

"Thank you Megatron..."

Megatron smirked then.

"Tell you what, let's indulge ourselves with the human children's video games for a while, and then we'll call it even." Megatron said.

Optimus snorted then.

"Very well...I am pretty good though..." Optimus said.

"We shall see how good you are..." Megatron said, as they went to where the games were.

Ratchet watched then, as they went over to the games.

"Would you like to play?" Optimus asked.

"I have no time for games..." Ratchet mumbled.

"Are you afraid we will beat you, Ratchet?" Megatron asked, as Soundwave watched tilting his head.

Ratchet growled.

"I play winner..." Ratchet retorted.

(At the carnival)

Jack smiled at Meg, when she was looking at the one game.

"Want one of those?" Jack asked, as she smiled nodding.

Jack went over and won her a giant stuffed teddy bear, then held it for her. They walked to another stand; Jack slowly slid his hand into hers. Meg looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you Jack; this does mean a lot to me." she replied.

"I wouldn't have taken you, if I didn't like you." he replied.

"Really...?" she asked.

"Of course, come on." Jack said squeezing her hand.

Jack bought her some cotton candy, and she grinned from ear to ear. She was happy, so very happy. Arcee's holoform crackled to life and watching from afar, she followed Anna who played a few of the games.

"Hold up, Anna..." a male voice said.

Anna turned around seeing one of the boy's from her school; she waited and just watched him trying to catch his breath.

"Want one of those stuffed animals?" he asked.

She didn't know what to say at first.

"Come on, he needs a home; let me win him for you." he said.

Anna watched as he threw the baseball, and knocked down the bottles.

"I'm Tony, you don't remember me do you?" he asked handing her the stuffed kitten.

"Thanks..." she replied biting her bottom lip.

"I'm glad Darby wasn't the only one who got lucky, and found a nice girl." he said as she smiled.

Arcee's holoform watched from a safe distance; Anna looked happy. She sighed then, and let the holoform crackle away giving Anna her privacy.

Anna blushed slightly.

"Thanks Tony..." Anna said.

"Want to go for a ride on the Ferris wheel?" he asked.

"Sure, I'd like that." Anna replied.

"Cool come on, Anna." Tony said.

Jack and Meg had the same idea; they went heading for the same ride. Meg smirked, looking over at her cousin.

"Looks like Anna found a date." Meg said as Jack glanced over seeing Tony with her.

"He's cool, Optimus will like him." Jack said as Meg cackled somewhat.

"Honestly Jack...? If Uncle Optimus is anything like my dad, he will chain Anna up in her bedroom and throw away the key..." Meg remarked.

"He let you go out, Meg..." Jack said.

"True, but then again he knew I was determined to date you." Meg replied.

Meg tilted her head at Jack.

"You're not afraid of him anymore are you?" she asked.

"Naw...well maybe a little...Alright a lot..." Jack said as that Meg found totally amusing.

"He won't hurt ya, I mean come on Jack." Meg said. "His bark is worse than his bite." she stated.

"He barks LOUD." Jack replied.

Meg giggled.

"You're so weird Jack." she laughed.

"Oh lucky me..." Jack said rolling his eyes.

She touched his cheek with her hand.

"But you're my weird guy..." she said, as he looked at her slowly leaning in kiss her.

When he pulled back, her eye widened.

"Wow that was..." Jack started to say.

"Hot..." she finished for him.

"Meg, I would like for you to meet my mother." Jack said his eyes lighting up.

"Really...?" Meg asked.

"Yeah, come on; she's at one of the refreshment stands." Jack said walking up holding up toward his mom. "Hey mom, I'd like you to meet someone." Jack said as his mom turned around.

"Hi Mrs. Darby, I'm Meg Con..."

"Hello Meg nice to meet you." Jack's mom said shaking Meg's hand. "Well I am impressed; you must have made an impression on my son. I never see his friends, he's so secretive sometimes." she said as Meg giggled at that. "Are your parents here Meg?"

"It's just me and dad, and no he is with my Uncle. My uncle is having girl troubles so my uncle is trying to comfort him." Meg said.

"Awwww, well your dad sounds like a nice man to want to help his brother like that." she said.

"My dad is the coolest, but my uncle is cool too in a dorky kind of way." Meg said as Jack muffles a slight snicker at that one.

Miko and Raf come running up to Meg and Jack.

"Who are you two?" his mom asks.

"I am Miko and this is Raf we are his friends, we have to talk to them about something...Excuse us..." she said.

"Of course, Hon...See later jack." his mom said. "Nice meeting you Meg." she replied.

"Same here, Mrs. Darby..." Meg replied as they walked away. "I bet my dad would like your mom, Jack."

"I don't think your dad would date a human." he said.

"Why, what difference does it make if she's human or not?" Meg asked.

"Okay seriously, we need to find Anna and get out of here!" Miko shouted.

"What why?" Jack asked.

"Remember my bug issues with little spiders...?" she asked.

"Yeah, after we got rid of the scraplets..." Jack said laughing.

"Well there's a really nasty big one and she's really angry." Raf replied.

"WHAT...Oh no Airachnid...We have to get Anna and get out of here... Go I have to go warn my mom."

Jack ran back to his mom, who was with his aunt.

"MOM, you have to leave now, there was trouble with some kind of gang. We are leaving too please just go." Jack said urgently.

"Jack...What's going on?" she asked.

"Just go I will see you at home later on..." he said, as he and Meg ran to the others as his mom shrugged; and she and his aunt left the carnival.

(Where Anna and Tony are)

Anna and Tony were heading for a stand, so they could get ice cream. They got there and no one was there, Tony looked over the counter and found someone caught in what looked like spider webs on the ground.

"Oh my god, what did this?" Tony asked.

"What's wrong?" Anna asked as she heard female laughing.

Anna spun around, and there was a gigantic metal spider lady! Tony looked up as well, he jumped over the counter grabbed Anna by the hand.

"WHAT IS THAT SPIDER LADY...?" he asked.

"My name is Airachnid not spider lady; you idiotic human!" she snarled.

She sniffed at Anna.

"You reek of Optimus Prime and Arcee, Oh this is too precious she is mated to Optimus Prime and YOU are their love child?" she laughed.

"Arcee is not with my father, she was cruel to him." Anna snarled. "You eight legged freak...!" Anna shouted.

"Come on, Anna!" Tony yelled pulling her away from Airachnid.

She watched as Tony and Anna ran into the woods, as she followed them. She lined up a shot with her webbing and shot it at Anna and Tony. It caught them perfectly, as they hung there trapped by the webbing.

Airachnid walked up half amused with her two prizes; she looked at Anna then with a nasty look.

"I must admit if I catch the Autobot leader and Prime no less, I could add his head to my new collection. See I had a bigger collection; but Jack blew up my ship. So I will take you and your little friend here with me to my lair." she replied as Anna struggled to get free. "Oh please, you can't get free..." Airachnid retorted, as she used one of her legs to scratch Anna's face.

Anna screamed when she did, causing Airachnid to hiss as she pulled the two loose and carried them back to her lair with harmful intentions in mind for Optimus' precious daughter.

Ooooo oooooooo


I have a poll concerning this story that I would like my reads to answer for me...

Thanks for your reviews, favs and alerts; it's awesome to know everyone likes this story!

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