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by Jarl

Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job

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Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job

The phrase "The vehicon-job" popped into my head last week, when I was playing with my toys. I got a giggle out of it, because when it comes to puns I am a five year old. Then, I started thinking... Vehicons are cars, autobots are cars... hmmmmmm...

Infiltration Protocols
On the far-off world of Paradron, a squad of Vehicons successfully infiltrated an Autobot base under the guise of Autobot reinforcements from another planet. After sabotaging the base defenses and defeating the Autobots, they were amazed to find the base's sole prisoner: A Star-Seeker named Cannonball. Deciding their success and the bounty on Cannonball's head would ingratiate them to Megatron, they decide to travel to earth in hopes of earning promotions and, perhaps, full Decepticon titles.
Team Prime intercepts the transmissions between the Vehicons and the Decepticons, and decides to play the naive hosts to the vehicon-men. In addition, they plan their own infiltration, painting Arcee, Wheeljack, and Bumblebee up as new Decepticon arrivals in order to fake a crash landing in a doctored up Jackhammer.
As they go amongst the completely unconvinced Decepticons, dealing with "Autobot prisoner Nightscream", the Paradron Vehicons attempt to ingratiate themselves to the Team Prime skeleton crew, failing miserably. However, as they spend time around Prime, the kids, Ratchet, and Bulkhead, they start to appreciate the Autobot lifestyle and the sense of individuality they so desperately seek...

Box Set:
* Vehicon 3892 as "Jolt" (PRID Vehicon)
* Vehicon 9015 as "Dragstrip" (PRID Vehicon)
* Vehicon 2478 as "Jetstorm" (Arms Micron Jet Vehicon)
* Vehicon 3301-S as "Sideways" (FE Vehicon)
* Cannonball (Arms Micron Breakdown)

Attendee Set:
* Arcee as "Flamewar" (PRID Arcee)
* Bumblebee as "Bugbite" (FE Bumblebee)

Attendee Set:
* Wheeljack as "Downshift" (PRID Wheeljack)
* Starscream as "Nightscream" (FE Starscream)

* Big Daddy (FE Cliffjumper)

I used White Mocha's "rules" to determine the molds, though I ended up with too many deluxes and not enough bigger molds. I considered Voyager Starscream instead of the FE, or trying to slot Dreadwing or Bulkhead in as other Star Seekers, but ultimately decided to go with the lineup I had.
The original idea was all Vehicons would be past evil repaints of Autobot cars, hence Dragstrip was the first. Immediately that ran into trouble, as pretty much every other evil repaint of an Autobot was already black enough to be a crappy disguise, or was already a character on the show. So it was switched to all Vehicons just being evil cars throughout the years. Except Jetstorm, who I included because I love Beast Machines Jetstorm and miss him terribly. Also, Sideways is the FE Vehicon because it's bigger and therefore should be in charge, even if it's not as good a toy.
Bumblebee and Arcee both turn into evil Botcon repaints of former toys of theirs. Arcee's colors I ended up deferring to the retail Flamewar toy for, rather than the Botcon deco; partly because it was easier to do those bold flames than the tribal flames on the Botcon toy, and partly because if I stuck with the Botcon deco, Arcee would have a tribal flame tattoo on her lower back, right above her butt, and I refuse to put a tramp stamp on Arcee.
Wheeljack and Starscream of course turn into their Armada figures, both of whom were turncoats who had convenient different names to draw on from later in the Unicron trilogy. I took a good long look at Wheeljack to try and decide how much damage he should have, if there should be an Autobot or Decepticon logo, and eventually decided to go with a rough dark energon slash across his hood.
Big Daddy I was surprised to learn wasn't already a Star Seeker, for some reason I got it in my head he was one of the named ones. I was also surprised to notice his head looks a lot like Wheeljack's, as he's a repaint of Cybertron Downshift (and I'd totally forgotten this fact, not owning him). So it was easy to "sculpt" a new head for him.

All "disguised" figures have their faction symbols covered with Rubsigns, which I'm afraid doesn't really come across very well. Where necessary, vehicle mode accuracy was prioritized above robot mode accuracy. All parts are the correct colors between modes, but I didn't really try to stick to unifying any plastic colors. I think that covers the big picture, if you got any detail questions you can ask away.
Attached Thumbnails
Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-big-daddy.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-bugbite.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-cannonball.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-downshift.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-flamewar.jpg  

Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-nightscream.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-vehicon-dragstrip.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-vehicon-jetstorm.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-vehicon-jolt.jpg   Botcon idea: "Infiltration Protocols", AKA The Vehicon-Job-vehicon-sideways.jpg  

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I want this to be real. So, so much.

Originally Posted by Superquad7 View Post
Also, Shatterpoint's post is pretty cool :)
Originally Posted by Meta777 View Post
Ah, Shatterpoint. Able to twist even the most mundane into the most hilarious.
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MAN! All 4 of those Vehicon repaints are of characters I'd like a new toy of....Especially G2 Jolt!
Originally Posted by Bumble View Post
Way to support the MP line! Wish we could keep KO discussion to the KO threads in the 3rd party forum :rolleyes2
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is not insane. Really!
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I'm not sure multiples of the same mold in the box itself would go over well. Might have to spread out those Vehicon repaints.

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those are pretty cool. i don't collect prime but if that "bugbite" & "big daddy" were made i'd buy on sight

Originally Posted by Arcee
“Things used to go smoother when I just shot everybody.”
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That was my plan for Cannonball. Throw in FE Bulkheads wrecking ball to make it complete.
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Love the Armada nod with Downshift and Nightscream. I personaly would have done a Jet Vehicon in Cybertron Sideways colors for Sideways, but I still love all of it.
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That Big Daddy and Cannonball need to be real things.

Nicely done.
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This is glorious!

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Cannonball looks fantastic, I thought that mould would work for him but I didn't realise that well, only other mould that could work would be ratchet. Breakdown could work as Impactor too if you wanted another use of the mould as a lost Autobot.

maybe have three of the vehicons as the troop builder. and include a purple RTS Lugnut as the vehicon's Decepticon contact? He kind of suits the prime aesthetic.
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