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More than Meets the Eye Animated for Botcon 2061!

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My name is Drift.
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More than Meets the Eye Animated for Botcon 2061! (Now with more Skids!)

Arbitrary introduction: I adore Transformers Animated (which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has seen my previous work).
I also love (and I mean love, love, love) the new More than Meets the Eye ongoing from IDW - I'd like to go as far as claim that it is the best/most fun comic currently out there, Transformers or not (good job, James Roberts + of course the entire team!).
Lastly, the succes of the Animated Stunticons Botcon sets proved that, with some deviously smart new headsculpts and colorschemes, there was still some extra mileage in the Animated toymolds. much further can they go? I felt inspired to play around a bit with the concept of creating Animated versions of MTMTE characters, that can potentially work for a future Botcon set. To keep that last thing in mind (a personal challenge!), I came up with some rules that I wanted/needed to follow:

1) Existing toy molds only - For once, I am not out to create entirely new, Animated, takes of Transformers characters with entirely new bodies, alt modes, etc. For example: I gave Rung the alt mode of Prowl, because it's the closest fit - even if Rung's altmode in MTMTE has been described as being terribly useless.

2) I have now idea how the paint budget for Botcon toys is measured, but I do know that not all of the toys can get awesome new headsculpts (unless, of course, you create a headsculpt that can be used on multiple toys - see Breakdown/Sideswipe and Fisitron/Autotrooper from the Stunticons sets). Therefore, I am trying to limit myself a bit when it comes to new heads - or might just offer images of how a toy would look with the existing head as well as a new headsculpt. We will see!

3) Maybe I will let this third one go, but for now: I will try not to re-use the exact same molds as from the Animated Stunticons sets, but might see if I can use some others that we haven't seen yet (alot of the ones not used are pretty specific though, featuring real personal sculpts, or being insects/dinosaurs :-) )

4) Hopefully I will be able to fill out sets the way they are at Botcon: at least a big one including four deluxes and one voyager, maybe some other sets as well (the bagged exlusives).

5) I will try to stay away from the Blackout mold, Hydrodive Bee and Wingblade Prime, because I was under the impression these are not available for Botcon sets (since these molds are not available worldwide, having one pop up as a convention exclusive would drive some people nuts, fighting over an even rarer piece of merchandise would ensue, and the world as we know it would end. Or something.

6) Totally going to cheat and just put a voyager Ramjet somewhere, because his colorscheme is super awesome and I'm still mad he didn't get a toy (other than that exclusive Japanese Activator...ugh)

*I will update this thread whenever I have something new to show, whether it's robotmodes, altmodes, name it. But: no promises, no deadline*


edit: all characters are done, so I've cleaned up some of the older
attachments that are no longer needed.

old characters (not used)

new/final characters

Okay, I'm 100% DONE!

You can now download two huge jpg files for these 70x100cm posters!

If you want the first one, go to this link (the image shows up as broken - don't worry, it's because it's huge. Just press the download button!):

If you want the second one, use this link:

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for the support, the comments, the critique everybody! And remember: feel free to spread the word if you like what you're seeing...redirect people here, or to my deviantart page. (

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More than Meets the Eye Animated for Botcon 2061!-mtmte_poster_web.jpg  

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Digilaut has returned! Excellent.

Rung is awesome. CD's head is a bit bland, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that Rodimus would be a good base for CD.

Great stuff, looking forward to more!

Check out my parodies! Click pic for arts![/shamless plug]
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who's next on your amazing list ?
Originally Posted by pitt55 View Post
You don't see Optimus sitting in a corner, sharpening his blades, fantasizing about ripping Decepticons' guts out when not in battle for instance.
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Swerve from soundwave?
Pipes from Prime?
Other than that, I got no ideas for this.
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Quick! Call the bomb squad!
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Bulkhead and lugnut for DJD. Great and imaginative work by the way.
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Great artworks!
Let's hope we can have those before 2061

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Wait... what?!?! I thought you retired? Seeing you back in action is good news!

Your renditions of Rung and Chromedome are fantastic!
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Hey peeeeeete!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN
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If I win the lottery I will fund this so hard.
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