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League of Evil Objectformers!

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League of Evil Objectformers!

Never before have the Decepticons concerted their efforts to deeply infiltrate our everyday lives.....ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the beginning of a very grim organization....the League of Evil Objectformers!

They are led by Megatron, a walther p38, one of the original decepticon spies.

Soundwave is Megatron's second in command. Cries and screams are music to his ears.

Magnificus is a tactical genius, and keeps some of the more psychotic Decepticons in check.

Megatronus Prime is a twisted fusion of leader Megatron and Optimus Prime's circuits, with an ingenius alt mode to boot. A nike sneaker. He is the creator of Capticon, whom he uses to find and end the life of his rival, Captimus Prime.

Capticon is the silent and loyal New Era Fitted. Short but deadly.

Reflector is the culmination of the unity of three great Decepticon spies: Spectro, Viewfinder, and and Spyglass. The three are excellent at recon missions, and report their findings to Commander Soundwave.

Ejector is the bravest little toaster there ever was, and also one of the sickest, most twisted mind of the group. Left in charge, he would leave the world in cinders. Magnificus's cannon keeps him obedient.

Buzzsaw is another faithul servant and spy of Soundwave....his sharp beak has claimed the sparks of many Autobots.

Ratbat is a highly intelligent, artsy keytar. He has ambitions....but has yet to reveal them.

Wiretap is one of Magnificus's favorite spies, often using information to blackmail his enemies and allies.

Zoom Out works with Wiretap.....collecting more unsavory information for leverage against Magnificus's rivals.

Power Up exists mostly to torture the minds of youth, subjectiing them to terrible mind numbing video games, like Call of Duty.

More will join their ranks soon.
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League of Evil Objectformers!-objectleague.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-walther.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-cassetteplyr.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-microscope.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-flashcam.jpg  

League of Evil Objectformers!-nikesneaks.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-fitted.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-casette.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-keytar.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-toaster.jpg  

League of Evil Objectformers!-cellphone.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-vidcamera.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-vidgame.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-robleague.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-gunbot.jpg  

League of Evil Objectformers!-scopebot.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-fcambots.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-nikebot.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-capticon.jpg   League of Evil Objectformers!-ejector.jpg  

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We're only human.

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This is a very interesting way to organize your Transformers collection. Keep having fun with it!
Originally Posted by Autobot Burnout View Post
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Originally Posted by Dean ML View Post
SQ7 is a wise wise man.
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Good start!
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Wow I forgot about those movie 1 toys existed and how are the shoe transformers been look at megs for some time. Great start
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nice dude!
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mr dyslexia
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Le bump!
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It would be helpful if you posted what you added.
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I totally read the first post in my head by the narrator guy from the G1 cartoon.
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