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Fallensinn's Transformer Room

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Fallensinn's Transformer Room VERY PIC HEAVY

OK so for now I just wanted to post the pics of some artwork i painted in my Transformer room. I will post my collection pics soon, i still have to take some pics.

I know this section of the boards are for collection pics but you cant really see the artwork anymore because of the collection so that is why im posting these pics now.

So the main wall is like 20' long, this the cybertron landscape mural. The wall to the left is about 10' long that is the Autobot symbol wall. And the wall to the right is about 15' long and that is my Decepticon symbol wall.

Sorry for the crappy quality cell phones pics, its all i had at the time. I dont really have a wide enough shot to reference. But i will post some collection pics that give better reference.

Update Ok here are some pics of my collection. But due to the size of my collection i lose the artwork. Here are some pics to give reference to how the room is set up.

Ok heres a breakdown of the main wall. The main wall is 1984-1989 and micromasters. If you look carefully they are in somewhat of an organized order.

My favorite shelf: Decepticon Japanese Exclusives.

Heres the Decepticon Symbol wall. It has 1990-1998 which includes Zone, Machine Wars, G2 and European Exclusives. This wall also has Masterpeices, Alternators, Atlernity, Roadbots and Mugenbines (non-TF) and Movie Figures.

Heres the half wall. Displays ROTF, DOTM, CHUG and some 3rd party figures.

Here is the Autobot symbal wall. Displays Robots in Disguise, Armada, old Universe, Energon, Cybertron, and Animated. Also Diaclone figures.

Here is my Godaikin, SoC, and Eldoran display

Here is my Yuusha Brave Collection.

Heres some of my favorite boxes i've collected.

Heres my messy work space and box storage area.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my collection. Ive been waiting to be able to post these for literally years. Im always on the site so feel free to comment.
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That is freakin wild. Can't wait to see the collection!!
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WOOWWWW!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!!! Did you paint the murals? Or commission someone else to? They look sick dude, hella detailed!! Cant wait to see the update on this!!
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No commission. I painted the walls. Thanks for the kind words fellas.
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Now that is awesome. Very unique, I love it.
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That's how i should have my room.
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damn that looks cool cant wait to see when its done nice work
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this is incredible. its nice to see some artistic stuff on here once and awhile. take it from somebody who is an art major, excellent work on those murals man!
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Damnit. I just finished my basement and now I have to start all over again. This is awesome.

Are those black ceiling tiles or did you paint them?
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wow, nice work,

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