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Raitei's collection (not bad for a 24 yr old huh?)

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Old 11-02-2009, 02:01 AM   #1
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Raitei's collection (not bad for a 24 yr old huh?)

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Great collection, will wait for your display stuff.

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question the answers
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Very nice!!
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...such Heroic Nonsence.
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Originally Posted by raitei View Post
unfortunately, nothing can be displayed because I don't have enough room, not enough money to buy shelves, and I'm worried about dust and fading... So all my tfs stay in boxes... sigh.... Advice anyone?
Amazing box collection!!

I have two points of advice for you.

1. These are nice and quite cost effective. Great for displaying your 'bots.

IKEA | Cabinets & sideboards | Display cabinets | DETOLF | Glass-door cabinet

2. Close your curtains and let your toys out to play!! They will like you more if you do so!!

End of Line
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Collection / Feedback
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That is quiet impressive for a 24 year old.

Originally Posted by GFH
It wasn't hard to convince Dranzy to join in the fun. All I had to say was "panty weapons."
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awsome collection there is alot of things you have i want like the games of deception and overlord to name a couple lol. not bad at all for 24 im 28 and you have me beat
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Old 11-12-2009, 04:38 AM   #7
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nice collection! what version is that japanese reissue optimus prime (in the pic with the MIB sky lynx)?
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Not to bad for a 24 year old, j/k man . Looks great, your well on your way to an impressive collection, you just need to start displaying them! I suggest Detolfs, as mentioned before.
My Collection Thread:
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Not bad at all. I really dig the collection man!

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Impressive, most impressive.
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