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F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection

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Old 03-17-2009, 08:30 PM   #1
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F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection

This is just a taste of my collection including my favorite Star Wars AT-AT and I also collect varous Batmobiles, Voltron and Godzilla figs too. Many pieces are still in storage, but I hope to take them out to see the light of day again. If your wondering what a Fire truck is doing there I am also a Volunteer Firefighter.I've been collecting since the mid 1980s. Hope you enjoy...I've added Animated Shockwave and Armada Unicron. There is also in the Gestalt section a mini version of Predaking compliments of Gen Zhao. I have more very soon. I just got my Nemisis Prime I won off of E-bay. UPDATE: Unfortunately I do not have my life sized Yoda anymore I had to sell it for some cash I since purchased Jetfire complete and some other cool stuff I will rearrange it all and put up very soon. Thanks for looking. At some time in the near future I will put up new pics of new Tf's. that I recently bought.
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F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll2.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll4.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll5.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll6.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll7.jpg  

F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll9.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll10.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll3.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll8.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll1.jpg  

F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll11.jpg   F18Starscream's G1/Universe/Animated Collection-tcoll12.jpg  

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Looks pretty good and clean to boot as well.
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Very nice

I'm in awe at your Fort Max, he's a beautiful piece!
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very nice! theres quite a few pieces there I wish I had
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Very clean display. Great collection!
My Collection

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Old 03-19-2009, 10:48 AM   #6
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Nice's refreshing to see a collection that's not just a cluster of figures on a shelf...very tastefully displayed.

I aslo see you have a Godzilla figure on there. I display my TFs and Godzilla figures in the same case
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Old 03-21-2009, 01:56 AM   #7
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Very nice collection my man.

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That's great.
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Nice. I like the mixed around Abominus and Bruticus. You've got a nice collection goin on here.
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I wish I had been around long enough to collect all that.
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