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X2Toys XT-004 Metroplex Guns

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Old 09-04-2013, 11:06 PM   #1
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X2Toys XT-004 Metroplex Guns

c/o TF Upgrader.

From RK's facebook page:

My B/S/T thread. TFs, Gundam, Joes, Revoltech, SRCs, Spawn, StarWars, etc. PM me if interested. Thanks.*** Feedback thread and catch me on Facebook: daim.choc

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Shame it isn't sixgun or slammer
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Old 09-04-2013, 11:35 PM   #3
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^ I agree they should have designed them to make sixgun that would have been neat
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Old 09-04-2013, 11:42 PM   #4
Where was Sol Fury?
Sol Fury was here!

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Yup. Sixgun or Slammer for me too.
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You people are fucking terrible at posting in the Fuzzy. I'm judging all of you
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Wasn't a 3rd party transforming Six-gun announced? My memory is fuzzy so I may have heard wrong.
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Wow lmao!!! THAT'S IT!?!?!?!?
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Old 09-05-2013, 03:49 AM   #7
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Keep in mind the altmode pic is actually a mid-transformation pic. Not sure why they think they need to hide it. Some of these 3P's are mentally retarded when it comes to showing off their product.
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Old 09-05-2013, 03:56 AM   #8
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A gun that turns into a tank?
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I want SPLIT LIP to tell us how he and Jaegertron became friends.
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Truly it must be a story of heroism, friendship, loss and adventure!
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And bullshit. So much bullshit.
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May hope burn bright.
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if it's not too pricey, I might like it, be a neat sciencey prop and it turns into a neat gun I could hold, or give to metroplex if I ever got one.

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Old 09-05-2013, 05:26 AM   #10
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Im pretty sure that will be slammer in tank mode.

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