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New Accesory Manufactuer - ArtTek!

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Old 03-08-2013, 08:07 PM   #1
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new 3rd party?

ArtTek designs, will have more info later, so far just the logo and company goal

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Gotta be good to get a foot in this already over-saturated market... eager to see what they have to offer.
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Who are we? We are giant robot fans! And we love to add to the battle! Join us at Metrocon at Metropolis, where we shall unveil our first product, the Art Of War Hero Rifle! And not only will you get to see it, you will get to buy it!
Anyone going to that? Maybe snap some pics of this rifle Or I guess I could wait til they post it on their fb page.
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Not really interested in "upgrade" kits, or accessory sets, but I wish them luck. The more the merrier
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I'm going to metrocon and perhaps snap a few pics. I use apple products so I might have to link.

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I agree not interested qith upgrade kits, talk about saturated. Hopefully companies get good enough there is no need for upgrade kits
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Originally Posted by The Dark Seeker View Post

Anyone going to that? Maybe snap some pics of this rifle Or I guess I could wait til they post it on their fb page.
I might stop by.
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yawn, wake me when they have actual pics of product, instead of promises and silouette images
my feedback:
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New Accesory Manufactuer - ArtTek!

We're pleased to introduce the first product from a new accessory company, ArtTek! ArtTek's goal is to produce simple, high quality weapons and accessories to enhance your figures! We will not be their only retailer, but we have been given the chance to introduce them to you first.

ArtTek's debut item, The Art Of War Hero Rifle, features a 5mm extended peg, making it compatible with a wide range of robotic action figures. This iconic design is perfect for those who want to give a retro spin to their figure's weaponry. The Hero Rifle comes in any color you want, as long as that color is black.

ArtTek AOW-01 Hero Rifle @ Captured Prey - $12.00 with FREE SHIPPING!

Join us on Facebook or Twitter!
Now with FREE US/Discounted Foreign Shipping on all orders $150 and up!

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The handle looks a little long. Thanks for the update and info!
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