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    Heyah! A few years back I had a Star Sabre; and it was awesome. However my mother's cat decided to chew up the sword - not so awesome. I remember having to pay for car repairs later that year so I sold ol' Star Sabre via the "Intarweb." While idly browsing eBay for Japanse Transformers I came upon item #330299955656. It's a Star Sabre with a chewed up sword and a misplaced forearm sticker. It was quite a shock...

    First I read about the chewed up sword; then I saw the pictures of the sword and a misplaced sticker. I remember being rather pissed that I misplaced that sticker. That white wear on the sword hilt's sticker was my bad, too. I transformed that thing way too many times. Then again it *was* my first ever Japanese Transformer. Wow...now if I only had $200 I'd be able to get it back.

    I always wondered what happened to some of my cooler items that I've sold. Eight or so years later one of em happens to come back to NJ and say "hi." Whod've thunk it?


    PS: When I had it I had the gun and the box wasn't HALF as bad. Wow...somewhere along the lines that thing got messed up.

    Auction Link: Japanese Transformers C-324 Star Saber in original box - eBay (item 330299955656 end time Feb-09-09 16:16:45 PST)

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