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    Hi, now that Revenge is past, I'm selling the rest of my old Transformers to help with my college expenses/pay for some new Revenge figures.

    Just like before, I do not negotiate prices nor do I use Paypal. Prices are for
    figures shipped regular US mail, it is a little more ($1-3) for Priority or UPS.

    These are the figures up for sale Right now.

    1. Alternators Wincharger (Honda S2000) Packaged, figure is C9+ complete
    with engine, both hoods, and instructions. Box is c7, kinda dusty... $15

    2. Universe1.0 Autobot Ratchet (RID X-Brawn repaint) C8, Complete, minor
    paint ware on left arm Autobot sign. $8

    3. Universe1.0 Skywarp (BM Jetstorm repaint) C8.5, complete, minor stress on
    right tail wing. $8 or $15 if purchased with Ratchet.

    4.Universe1.0 Battle in a box Smokescreen with Liftor VS Ransack with Refuse
    all figures c9, complete, loose set though...Instructions avalable on request.
    Will sell individually ($8 each) or as a set ($15).

    5. Energon Wideload, C9 complete, $7 alone, but if purchased with another
    figure I'll sell him for $5.

    6. Universe1.0 Translucent spychangers, (Camshaft, Hoist, and Mirage)
    $5 for the lot, all are C9 and complete with gun.

    7. Universe 2.0 Legends Animated Prowl, c9 $3 alone, I'll give him to you if
    you buy anything over $10.

    8. Cybertron Legends Evac, c8 complete, $3 alone, I'll give him to you if
    you buy anything over $10.

    9. Movie 07 Legends Megatron, c7.5, shoulder is scratched up, free if you buy anything over $3.

    That's all for now, check back for updates weekly. My preferred payment is
    by money order. God bless, and thanks for your time visiting my thread.

    Oh, almost forgot, zeoman4.5 has feedback, here:


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