Customs: Zap A Gap and Milliput, a warning

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Treadshot A1, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Just something I noticed on a recent custom of mine.

    I used Zap A Gap's green version to glue a Lego piece to a Legends figure. Held fine, held tight, but I wanted something stronger as I knew the toy would be played with and it would be smashed a lot against other toys.

    So I added Milliput, the regular Green/Blue mix. I mixed it as I usually do, and surrounded the Lego piece with the Milliput.

    I waited the 4 hours it usually takes to get it to touch-dry status. So I touched it. Still tacky.

    I waited until the 24 hour mark. Tacky, but hardened somewhat.

    It's now been a month. Today, it was tacky. And it actually tore apart. It was the consistency of blu-tack. I didn't have to do much to it, it was simply the result of the toy spinning about have hitting another toy, sort of like a hand-powered Beyblade, and it tore apart.

    During that month, I did some experiments. The Milliput is fine. The Zap A Gap is fine. But it seems whenever Milliput contacts Zap A Gap while it's still somewhat wet, the Milliput will never set. I've managed to avoid this problem just by letting the Zap A Gap dry, which is what I usually do. But that one toy suffered because obviously the Zap A Gap wasn't as dry as I thought it was (I'd wait until it was fully dry and not just dry to the touch). So just a heads up to you all. I'm not sure if this happens with all Cyanoacrylate glues. But I know with Zap A Gap and Milliput it happens.

    So far, I've found no cure for it yet, aside from tearing away the Milliput and redoing the entire piece. Thankfully on this build it was a very easily accessible area, so that's not hard to do at all. But still something to keep in mind. I would love to hear what happens with other Epoxies and other glues, as I've been meaning to try Aves' products as well as other glues (though it'll be hard to tear me away from Zap A Gap).
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    How long did you wait before putting the milli put over the glue?

    Had a similar issue using Loctite control gel and zapagap, apparently the 2 together made this sticky substance that wouldnt dry
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    Hardening putties don't react well to adhesives. You have to make sure that one is fully cured before applying the other.

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