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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Discussion' started by SaberPrime, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    With all the stop motions, abriged series, and fan dubs out there I'm suprised I can never find a fourm spicifically for YouTube video projects.

    That being said I'm new here so allow me to quickly introduce myself. First off, I know my spelling is horrible, I'm doing the best I can, please don't be rude about it. Secondly, I'm an actor, spicifically a voice actor who ironically hates the sound of his own voice. I've been learning to manipulate the sound of my voice for as long as I've been able to speak. Learning the ins and outs of film is both a hobby and profession. I've been doing theater professionally sense 2003 starting as a JR. in high school and I would really like to get involved in some of these fan projects.

    I'm also thinking of a project of my own where the basic idea is to take the live action films which I feel is near unrecognizable as anything familiar to what we know as transformers and redub all the voices. Can't really do anything about how ugly the designs are but we can change the dialog so Starscream can have his normal "I am your new leader" personality which he never does in the live action despite Megatron being frozen, thawed, killed, resurected, and nearly killed again. And most importantly, I wanna completly ditch the idea that the main character, the one transformer who hogs all the screen time in the first movie and who was my favorite character as a kid, I want to ditch the idea that he can't talk.

    So this is a 2 objective topic. Objective 1, see if anyone is in need of voice actors. Objective 2, see if anyone is interested in redubbing the live action films into something more fan friendly.
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    Apr 17, 2010
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    So following up with more information of the live action fan dub...

    Because the official cast list is so damn confusing especially in ROTF where what looks to me like 1 character has 3 different names I'm simplifing things a bit.

    Along with re-dubbing the Transformers I'll also be re-editing the movies so that there aren't individual Constructicons running around at the same time as what is suppose to be their gestalt form.

    So this is basically what I think the cast list should look like and a full list of changes to their characters...


    * Bumblebee (Will be able to speak)
    * Optimus Prime (No re-dubbing should be needed because he's allready voiced by Peter Cullen)
    * Ironhide (Tone him down a bit. I think the movie version is kinda scary trigger happy.)
    * Ratchet
    * Jazz (Want to re-edit his scenes to give him more screen time and character development before we eventually have to kill him again.)
    * Jetfire (Will not kill himself. I'll find some way to edit it so that after they seperate and Jetfire gets killed. No one will wear a corpse.)
    * Sideswipe
    * Skids
    * Mudflap
    * Arcee
    * Chromia (She'll be the dead one.)
    * Elita One
    * Jolt (Ratchet's assistant, he'll get some actual lines and I'll do my best to edit him some more screen time. Which will be hard as hell when he only had one scene.)
    * Wheelie
    Seven Primes (Note that one of them is Fallen so these are the other 6, non of them were ever named so these were the first 6 names I could come up with that weren't Optimus or Nemesis)
    * Omega Prime
    * Rodimus Prime
    * Vector Prime
    * Primal Prime
    * Sentinal Prime
    * Longarm Prime


    * Megatron (Galvatron in ROTF, I always felt like the AllSpark should have turned him into Galvatron. I'm just going to re-edit his resurection and place the upgrade on the AllSpark rather than some other Decepticons rebuilding him. Also I'll edit out the part of Megatron bowing down to the Fallen.)
    * Frenzy (Want to either fix him so his head isn't seen in ROTF or so he doesn't survive his first decapitation.)
    * Barricade (Just in case he turns up again as an Autobot spy and not a real Decepticon, I wanna make him sound like Prowl. If they introduce Prowl as a seperate character later on, I'll just fix the fan edit so they're the same character.)
    * Blackout (Grindor will not be a sepreate character.)
    * Scorponok (Will not show up randomly in ROTF)
    * Starscream (Will declair himself leader every time Megatron is defeated and otherwise such up to whoever is actully in command.)
    * Brawl
    * Bonecrusher (Will not randomly appear in ROTF.)
    * The Fallen (If I can get a good special effects program, MORE FIRE!)
    * Soundwave (Has his original voice actor but no robot effects were added like the original version. Gotta fix that.)
    * Ravage
    o Devastator (Will re-edit so he only gets seperated back into his individual componants rather than killed.)
    o Hightower
    o Long Haul
    o Mixmaster
    o Rampage (Same character as Skipjack)
    o Overload
    o Scavenger (Same character as Demolisher. Will re-edit so that he doesn't die at the start of the movie.)
    o Scrapper (Same character as Scrapmetal or "the little one but that scene won't be used.)
    * Sideways (Will give him some lines, maybe work in "The Fallen shall rise again." into his chase scene because I don't wanna kill Demolisher there.)
    * Scalple (Simular to Barricade, I wanna see if I can make this guy the same character as Perceptor.)
    * Reedman (Insecticon, most likely Kickback type voice. He wasn't ever named on screen so what the hell lets just call him Kickback.)
    * Alice (edit in some "radio" dialog between her and some other Decepticon just to give her some reason to exsist as well as a second "real voice" for her character that will sound more robotic than when she's pretending to be human.)

    So what other improvements do you think should be made to the live action films to make them more fan friendly?

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