Yigal's Sales (G1, E-hobby and Japanese)

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    May 20, 2007
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    Prizes are in Euro's(cause i life in Holland) and without shipping. If you pay with Paypal, i have to send it insured. If you pay with banktransfer i can ship regular Airmail if you like that. I don't take Money orders. Only Paypal or Banktransfer

    G1 Giftset Superion €175

    (Jetfire is not for sale! Just Superion. Box has a few scuffs, but it's still beautifull, styro is white. I give it C7,5. No paperwork is included. The bots are compleet and close to mint! C9,5)

    G1 Masterforce MIB Dowlos €65
    (Missing instructions, box has age discoloration on the side and is, not in front or back. Box is C7,5. Bot is compleet, stickers look very nice. It's about C8,5)

    E-Hobby NY Collectors Edition MIB Sideswipe €60
    (Stickers applied very wel, Bot and box are compleet and C10)

    G1 MIB Blitzwing €60
    (Stickers applied wel, missing his inlay and has a flapcrease. Overal C8)

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