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    This is only my second custom work, First was a Deluxe Animated Galvatron (unpublished)

    This is part of a custom project for my upcoming New Era animation (2012). The theme behind this set is that I wanted a 'clone' story arc this was the result. Each of my 'Choas Arielbots' will be primarily black but with different secondary colours (mainly so I can still tell them apart.)

    I used citedel acrylics 'Chaos Black', 'Mithrill Silver' and 'Snakebite leather' (Fuselage and fore arms aslo have a gloss varnish apllied)
    Night Raid is based in the 2007 legends 'Stealth Starcream' albiet some parts swapping with Legends Thundercracker.:p 

    Fictional Bio:

    Name: Night Raid
    First Appearance: Chaos Saga
    Alliance: Unicron
    Function: Chaos Clone of Air Raid / Extension of Famine / Chaos Air Interceptor

    One of the five ‘Chaos Clones’ created by The Fallen to counteract Autobot resistance. Night Raid is a Clone of Autobot air commander, Air Raid. He has all the strengths and weaknesses of his original template but like all of the clones is capable of draining the energy of his original counterpart.
    Being a clone of Air Raid, Night Raid is obsessed with attempting to destroy his original as per his programing, however due to his nature as an energy based extension of The Fallen, Night Raid may only exist for limited periods of time. Until Night Raid has completed his objective or been defeated by his original he will continuously revive at his masters will.
    Upon creation, Night Raid has been evidently unstable in comparison to his Clone brethren and has also been noted as having the shortest lifespan of all the clones. It is believed this is because he was the last clone created by The Fallen, at which point the fallen was exhausted from the creation of the four other clones as each clone contains a portion of his self-replicating spark.

    Strengths and Powers:
    • Virtually Immortal
    • Invulnerable to energy based attack such as lasers and nucleon battle rifles.
    • Can drain energy of counterpart when in close proximity.
    • Can only be harmed by original counterpart though physical contact
    • Limited lifespan at any given time.
    • Unable to learn any techniques of original counterpart beyond time of original creation.

    If the Bio doesn't make sense don't think about it, it'll make your head hurt.

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    Don't worry I read all thread and watch every picture :D  Look awesome mate!

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