Xbox 360 Pro for sale, want to keep HD and controller though

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by David Hingtgen, Dec 27, 2008.

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    First off---my 360 is working fine at the moment, and has never had an overheat, disc-read-failure, red light, or any other fault. However, I don't like the noises it's been making lately---your standard buzzy/grindy optical drive sound but louder than usual. With more "spinning up then spinning down" than normal IMHO. May just be getting old, may be a sign of starting to give out. Or it's just wonky this week due to the record cold we're getting.

    So, since MS wants way too much money to "look at and repair if possible" I'd like to sell it to help pay for a new one (especially since new ones have HDMI, and my new TV can use it). It's a working console, so this'd be a cheap way to get into 360 gaming and it comes with several brand-new accessories that don't come with the current "Arcade" version of the system--namely an HD-compatible video cable and the Live headset. Or if you're a modder etc--you've got a cheap working console to "experiment" with.

    It's a 360 "Pro", manufacture date June 2006. Actually a factory refurb from MS, not my original. Hitachi drive, for those who care.

    Now, as I am basically "upgrading" my system, I am going to keep the old 20G hard drive and my customized controller. But, being a Pro system, it'll include the *HD+SD* video cable with both composite and component connections, power brick/cable, faceplate, and the original unused and still sealed-in-bag Live headset, and sealed-in-bag Live ethernet connector cable. And the box, internal foam, baggies, manuals, etc. (I keep EVERYTHING for my systems---I even have the twist-ties my SNES came with)

    I am currently asking $100 *or best offer* for the system, power brick/cable, video cable, headset, ethernet cable, and box/manual. I'm keeping the hard drive and controller. I can also throw in an extra faceplate (the standard MS one) if it'll seal the deal---maybe customize/paint it yourself? They're like 20 bucks from MS but I got an extra a while back.

    My ebay id is "ncc42768" if you'd like to look it up. (over 100 and perfect). Sorry, no Paypal, but will accept most any other form of payment. (Money orders preferred though).

    Some pics of what you'll be getting (as you can see everything's been kept minty-mint):

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