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    So I'm starting this thread apologizing for lack of camera....I could take pictures but the USB port on my computer is screwed up soooo.....
    I found some 'X-bot transformable' toys at Gordman's today. I found 3. I swat van that stands about 9 inches tall when transformed. He has great arm articulation but his legs are literally a brick. I also saw 2 cars that were repaints of each other. These were 1/32 in scale. They have a transformation very reminiscent of Generation 1 sideswpie. These have great shoulder movement, and a hinged elbow and wrist. Legs transform by pulling them down a'la Generation 1 prowl and Jazz. They transform into a new corvette like Happywell's new transformers.

    I found a picture of some of them online....

    X-BOT TRANSFORMABLE,GE-BY00017 - Great Empire Holding Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer

    They have lots of different models according to the backs of the boxes including indy cars, stock cars, some kind of boxy car, SUV, lamborghini type thing, All looking like they could be around 1:32.

    They have a school bus, semis, cement mixers, ambulance, firetruck, wrecker, and a semi with a box trailer that attaches to it... in the larger sizes.

    I was wondering if anyone had seen more of these?

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