WWE in 2009 (Non-TF)

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    Chapter One...

    Event: Wrestlemania 25
    Time: 9:00 PM
    Wrestlers: Rob Van Dam, Kane, MVP, Death (Me)
    Wrestling Match Style: Tag Team Match
    Teams: Rated RVD (Rob Van Dam & MVP), Brothers of Destruction (Kane & Death)
    Announcer: Vince McMahon

    Jerry Lawler: Welcome to Wrestlemania 25! We are proud to present to you... THE BIGGEST EVENT IN WWE HISTORY!!!
    Edge: Okay, enough with the yelling, Jerry!
    Jerry: Sorry... not.
    Edge: I HEARD THAT!
    Vince McMahon: This match is scheduled for one-fall... On the way to the ring, weighing at 189 pounds... DEATH!
    ::Chris Benoit's old music plays::
    Vince: His tag team partner, weighing at 327 pounds... KANE!
    ::Kane's music plays::
    Vince: The other team, Rated RVD is now entering the ring!
    ::RVD's music plays::
    ::MVP's music plays::

    Vince: READY??? FIGHT!!!
    ::Ring bell rings::

    Kane starts off with a low blow to the groin, knocking down RVD, enabling Death to chokeslam RVD into the mat. MVP does a flying head scissors kick to knock down Kane. Kane struggles to get up while RVD grabs a weapon from the crowd. He owns Kane in the back with a steel chair and is chokeslammed again by Death. Death does his signature move called the Huge Chokeslam to Rock Bottom. He grabs RVD by the neck, picks him up, spins around, and chokeslams RVD Rock Bottom style. Death then pins RVD... 1...2...3!!! ::ring bell rings::

    This is my third story... also my first NON-TF fan-fic.
    Please comment!
    BTW, I am Death in this fan-fic.
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    Nto going to get many if any hits on this one 'caues it's not tf...at all. nto really even approiate for the "transformers Fan Fiction" thread.

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