WWE DVDs on sale @ Walmart for $3.88 and 8.88

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogami Daigoro, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Thanks to Steam from the DVDTalk forums, I found out about this sale. I can confirm that these titles were in a large cardboard display at my local Walmart in Torrance, CA.

    Hard Knocks - Chris Benoit
    Bring the Pain - Brock Lesnar
    Backlash '04 (Benoit,Michaels,HHH Triple Threat rematch)
    No Way Out '04 (Guerrero wins the WWE title)
    Vengeance '04
    Unforgiven '04
    Bad Blood '04 (Michaels/HHH Hell in the Cell)
    Royal Rumble '04
    20 Years too Soon - Billy Graham
    Taboo Tuesday '04
    Before they were Superstars 2
    $1 Million Tough Enough Challenge

    World's Greatest Managers
    Royal Rumble '06
    Road Warriors
    One of a Kind - RVD
    Survivor Series '05
    Taboo Tuesday '05
    Unforgiven '05
    Stone Cold Truth

    There might have been others, but I snagged the ones I have had on my want list for some time: Benoit, RVD, Road Warriors and the Managers. Sweet deals!
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    id grab the benoit and road warriors ones...i may have to hit walmart later and see if these are there for that cheap....the rest i can probably pass on as i havent watched wrestling in forever...i tried again last thursday, but smackdown was just horrible....

    are any of those 4 dollar ones really really worth it? they'd have to have at least 3 great matches for me to pick them up...

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