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    I have another sale thread on here that I update, but since this forum won't let me change thread titles and I'm looking for specific items I figured I'd start a new one just for them..

    I'm doing some kitbashing and need some junker Classics Starscream, Skywarps, and Ramjets. Will take non junker ones too. I would prefer to trade for them since I'll be using them for parts. If they are non junkers I value them like this for trades. Starscream $15, Skywarp $12 and Ramjet $9
    Also looking for a junker or new Tap-Out (green Botcon G1 Cliffjumper)
    So if you have any of this please let me know what of mine you'd like in trade.

    Please Email or PM instead of posting a reply. Thanks!
    I'm very sorry to those outside of the USA, but for now I'm no longer shipping outside the US.

    Check WOMBATKING.COM for prices, pictures, and descriptions.

    Updating periodically when things are unpacked, sold, etc.

    If interested please PM or EMAIL Email might be a better bet since the forums aren't always relaying to me I have PMs.

    I accept Paypal and money orders in US dollars. Shipping is $7.50 in the Connected 48 US states unless otherwise noted in item description on my website. Buying larger or multiple items may result in a small increase in shipping cost. Delivery Confirmation with tracking number an additional $0.65. Insurance is extra and cost depends on sale total.
    I'm sorry to those outside of the USA, but for now I'm no longer shipping outside the US.

    Want list below.
    If you'd like to trade I would prefer you to ship first with a tracking number. Once the tracking number is emailed to me and I can confirm the items are on the way I will ship. I've been ripped off before so I want to do it this way. If this is a problem for you contact me and we can try to work something out.

    I've been a part of this online fandom since 1995 under the Wombat King name (started on a.t.t.). Feel free to ask if anyone has dealt with me, or you can check out my eBay feedback or my ALLSPARK, TFW2005, and TFans feedback threads so far.

    I will hold items for up to a week. After that items will be made available to others again if I've not been contacted again.


    I'm also looking for other things as well. Check out my list HERE or PM me your trade list if there's anything here you see you'd like if you don't have the above that I need.

    Check my site for $dollar$ values and descriptions.
    Not all items listed here have been photographed and added to my site yet. Any questions please feel free to ask.

    Used for display and are like new. May have a little dust here and there.
    Battle Ravage MISB $21 HOLD
    Sideswipe MISB $21
    Sunstreaker $20 HOLD

    ARMADA All like new used for display only
    Cyclonus $4
    Hoist mosc $10
    Sideswipe $4
    Sideways $3 HOLD
    Smokescreen $3
    Thrust $5
    Thrust MOSC $10
    Powerlinx brown Thrust with Minicon and instructions. Leg missiles have been cut off but are included. $4
    Powerlinx Thrust MOSC $10 HOLD
    Tidal Wave $40

    Air Military (become weapons) $4
    Shockwave & Tankor $4 for both

    2 Pack Bat Primal & Gator Megatron MOSC $10 HOLD
    Japanese Black Arachnia $16 Opened but MIB. HOLD
    Robot Masters Primal $16 Opened but MIB. This Primal is smaller and more in scale with the original BW figures.
    Japanese Tarantulas $16 Opened but MIB Missing only string that connects missile to robot. HOLD
    Japanese White Tigatron $30 Opened but MIB. This is the white version instead of the creme colored US version.
    10th Anniv Waspinator $10 like new. Has both wing missiles, gun and instructions. NO Transmutate piece. HOLD
    Japanese Thrust mib $12
    Optimus Minor $2.50 HOLD
    TM Ramulus - Doesn't appear to have any vac metal chipping that I can see. Has horns. $9
    TM Rattrap $3
    Spittor blue version $4

    1999 Sigil watches minus Autobot watch - Accepting offers
    2004 Program and Art Prints of Prime and Robot Girl $5
    Wierdwolf & Vector Sigma sealed. - Will ONLY trade for Botcon Thrust.

    Knock Off Megatron(white, black, and maroon) $11
    Bumblebee's trailer jetski
    Cliffjumper's trailer jetski

    CYBERTRON All like new used for display only
    Brakedown $5
    Crosswise $6.50 HOLD
    Downshift $6.50 HOLD
    Optimus Prime $30
    Red alert $6.50
    Swerve $5
    LOC Scourge $3 HOLD
    Supreme Starscream minus crown $30 shipped in US48

    ENERGON All like new used for display only
    Cliffjumper $12 HOLD
    Energon Command Ravage Has his missile. I know I have his other weapons somewhere but can't find them as of now. $4.50
    Demolisher $5
    Inferno $5
    Roadblock $5 HOLD
    Rodimus HOLD
    Starscream with gun, sword, and both missiles. $6 HOLD
    Slugslinger $7
    Strongarm $4.50
    Energon Strongarm $4
    Tidal Wave $35

    G1 & G1 Related All like new used for display only
    Choro-Q Optimus & Rodimus $4 each HOLD
    Mirage-Bot (G1 color scheme) $4
    HOC Fort Max body $2
    HOC Metroplex left leg $1.50
    HOC Omega Supreme w/ Metroplex piece MOSC $10
    MyClone Optimus Prime vehicle mode $2
    Robo Q Red Jazz -will trade for or buy colored Robo Qs
    G1 TV show stickers
    G1 Spychangers $3ea or $20 for all 8
    Robot Masters Mirage $15 HOLD
    Robot Masters Optimus Prime $15 HOLD
    Japanese Bottlecap figures. Small black and white figures. - Accepting offers

    Blast Off mosc -Accepting offers

    RID & CARROBOTS All like new used for display only
    Build Team/Landfill $15
    Carrobots Mach alert moc $10
    Obsidian $3.50
    Optimus Prime (scuffs on chest) $20
    Ruination $30
    Mini Ruination knock off $7
    Super X-Brawn $5

    UNIVERSE All like new used for display only
    Yellow Build Team $11 HOLD
    Micromaster Defensor all 6 MOSC. Bubbles has sticky residue on them from large price tags $40
    Frostbite MOSC $10 HOLD
    Ratchet $5 HOLD
    Skywarp $5.50 HOLD
    Spychanger Optimus Prime yellow and red versions $5 for both
    Treadshot (has scuff on hood) $3

    XBOX games - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Robotech Invasion, Fable, Destroy All Humans, Evil Dead, & Indigo Prophecy $10 ea
    PLAYSTATION games - Fear Effect, Resident Evil 2, Beast Wars $7 ea
    PLAYSTATION JAPANESE IMPORTS - Ranma 1/2 3D fighting game $25
    Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer import game - Contains nudity so you need to be over 18 for me to sell it to you.
    PS2 games - Rygar, Castlevania $10 ea
    GAMECUBE games - Phantasy Star Online, Luigi's Mansion $10 ea
    Gamecube modem $6
    DREAMCAST games - Soul Calibur, Phantasy Star Online, & Slave Zero $10 for all 3
    GBA Castlevania Aria of Sorrow $15
    GB COLOR - Resident Evil Gaiden $20
    Dungeons and Dragons cartoon PVCs -$20 for set
    He-Man Man-E-Faces mosc $7
    Lara Croft Wet Suit statue $10
    Justice League Hawkgirl mosc
    Justice Leauge Wonder Woman mosc
    Robotech Robolink Robots HOLD
    Shotgun Mary figure mosc
    Resident Evil figures some MOSC others loose
    Streetfighter 2 Cammy
    Austin Powers Fat Bastard
    Steve Irwin with Croc

    Not all items listed here have been photographed and added to my site yet. Any questions please feel free to ask.

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