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    Have some items for sale, just wanting to pay off a credit card. All transformers listed below are MISB unless noted.

    HFTD Leader Prime
    Classics Junkheap x2
    Classics Wreck-gar x2
    United Wreck-gar x2
    Loose Classics Sideswipe
    ROTF Mindwipe w/ Skystalker
    HFTD Strafe w/ loose Sunspot

    TFC Gear of War (the inferno ladder set)

    WFC Optimus Prime
    WFC Soundwave
    WFC Bumblebee
    WFC Cliffjumper

    Prime Megatron
    Prime Soundwave
    Prime Ratchet
    Prime Knockout
    Prime Bumblebee
    Prime Hot Shot
    Prime Wheeljack

    Also (all used:) 
    Barely used pink Nintendo 3DS and accessories.
    3DS Super Mario 3D Land
    DS Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits
    DS Mario Kart
    DS New Super Mario Bros.
    Wii Play
    Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids
    Wii Super mario Bros.
    Wii Fit Plus w/ board

    SNES system in awesome condition w/ 2 controllers
    SNES Super Mario Kart
    SNES Mario All Stars
    SNES Super Mario Bros

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