WTF Primetime - 28 - Loose Cannons - March 27 2012

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    *listening to Primetime*
    ~~Vangelus: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen..."~~


    *Gets up and runs to mom*
    Me: "Mom! I'm finally a gentleman!"
    Mom: "Haha, why do you say that?"
    Mom: 0.o
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    The definition as I have always understood it is "A group travelling together" second to that I would say yes it's usually those travelling together "At arms" and the principle usage is for a naval Fleet but I never said it only applied to vehicles I was just pointing out that is what it's commonly seen to refer too. and I would also mention that 'Convoy' is more often used for non Military Naval and Civilian groups as is Caravan but Caravan is not used for boats as far as I've ever heard.

    I think it's fair to point out that the 'Arm' part of Armada is in specific reference to Military and I think I have heard it used a couple of times for Historic Battles when describing an army and it's supply Caravan as a unit.

    So if looking at it in application to the Prime Episode or to the Armada TV show or Toyline I don't think either are an ideal fit so far as I can see at this stage. but I grown used to Armada just being a short hand for the fleet attacking Unicron at the conclusion of the show and also as a collective description for the Minicons en mass.


    As for dubbing Armada and Energon I think doing what you can is better than nothing - yes I realise something that never gets the right name used for it is a problem. but for Cliffjumper and Bulkhead and Downshift it should be a little easier to fix. (Not sure how often they got Bulkhead's (Sprung's) name wrong if at all).

    I realise to that a lot of people have little interest or regard for the Unicron Trilogy - but I see it as like making a book full of spelling mistakes - it just seems fairer to wonder if it's possible to fix some of the simpler errors or if you have to even remove dialogue if it can't be rerecorded - I can think of a few cartoons that were tweaked after they 1st came out - The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers for example. I just think it would be nice for the fans who are now teen to twenties to have their show in a slightly more presentable form.

    Would it be possible for example to hire Gary Chalk or whoever need to be hired to do a DVD extra's commentary with the understanding that he will also supply a few tweaks to fix the problems that can be addressed and need new dialogue. Or just try to hire the cast members from The Unicron Trilogy shows plus others to overdub the Japanese shows officially so they can be shown on the Hub and Hasbro can market the characters from the show properly.

    I would point out that The Original Transformers cartoon got some of it's Lasers recoloured and so on - they didn't do much to it but it was tweaked a little.

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