WTB - WfC Megatron (maybe Soundwave too?)

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Starscream NZ, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Unfortunately during the time that the original WfC figures were released I had decided against purchasing them, and only came across a Prime as i'd ordered a case of Generations to share between collectors, and he was the leftover no one wanted.

    Now i've decided I want to have a small set of WfC figures, and i'm fresh out of luck finding anyone whose selling these figures, new or sealed.

    So I wondered if anyone on here has a WfC Megatron they're willing to part with. Loose is fine but prefer complete. Have an offer for a Soundwave locally but if there's anyone wanting to offload them both to me i'd be seriously considering it.

    I'd like to also note, that i'm living in New Zealand, so there's obviously the matter of international postage that may play into this, but i'm happy to pay for shipping.

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