WTB UT Era Microns/JP Minicons

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by ScottyP, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Well, this rarely pans out but here goes.

    Looking for the following Unicron Trilogy Era Microns (or Japanese minicons, if you will). I was late to the train on these little buggers!

    General Releases

    Micron Booster 0 - Everyone except Rod and Atlas
    Micron Booster 1 - "Blizzard Saber" guys (Beacon, Lens, Quantum) and Spoil
    Micron Booster 3 - Bug General
    Anything X-Dimension - Make offer

    Campaign Microns

    Noble Team/Platinum Team (Clear "Recon Team" repaints, whatever you choose to call them)
    Space Galaxy Team
    DVD/Linkage Microns - Only really looking for a full set. Wishful thinking, right?

    If you're selling any of these, let me know!

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