WTB: CHUG Tracks/Wheeljack arm part

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by Fighbird, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Looking for one single part: The white, upper bicep part - the one between the shoulder and the elbow - the one factorystamped "R" (as in "right"; this can only be seen when seperated from the elbow, though).

    When looking at the figure, it's the arm on the right (his own left). If the elbow joint opening on the bicep part is facing forward, the indent for the pinhead is on the left hand side.

    Hope this makes sense... :) 

    Can use the part or the whole arm, whichever is easier for you, and can be from either Tracks or Wheeljack (must be white and minty and unbroken).

    Thanks! :) 

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