WTB 1 of PE The sun or the Moon and 1 of Eject or rewind

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Demonss, Mar 17, 2011.

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    If you've got the ultimate upgrade or bought them individually and don't want both let me know!

    I totally want one of each of the birds and rewind/eject molds.

    The birds have top priority!

    Additionally I'd consider splitting the cost of an ultimate upgrade set with someone but would need the money upfront (unless you've got plenty of good trader references!).
    So for $110 I can pick up (shipped to my house) the Perfect Effect Ultimate upgrade set.

    It gives 2x the birds the sun and the moon and 2x the bots (eject and rewind) and the back pack upgrade.

    I really only want one of the birds and 1 of the bots. The backpack is interesting but not 100% necessary to me.

    So I was thinking does anyone want to split it with me?

    If we split it (each gets a bot and bird) and if you want the backpack I'll ship them to you for $70.

    If you want just a bird and a bot $60 shipped.

    Generally that averages out to a $10-15 savings over buying two of their bots together (and there's no eject moon or rewind sun set).

    If you're interested for fairness sake you can pick which bird or bot you want (not both) then i'll take the other bird or bot you didn't pick

    And then I'll pick the one of whatever is remaining I want and you'll get the other remaining item.

    For example:

    You pick the sun.. I get the moon.. I pick rewind.. you get eject

    (It's so much easier that way).

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