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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by PrimulArchangel, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Anyone on here own the new WST Ultra Magnus from hero on ebay ?
    I was wondering how the quality of it is and if he comes in a bubble or baggy ?
    I bought one of his glow in the dark ones like 2 weeks ago and still waiting for it. I usually get his stuff in like 4 to 7 days on all my past buys from him so im hoping mine arrives soon . But wanted to ask if anyone has him yet and what they think of it :) 

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    May 31, 2003
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    My WST UMagnus Glow in the dark just arrived today. It was shipped out on the 6th and didn't arrive until the 18th. I also still waiting for the color version as well.

    Here are some minor changes that I notice between the 1st version (Black Version) and the Glow In the Dark (GITD):
    1-The GITD trailer wrist has a fixed peg just like the original G1 UMagnus. The Black version hand has a long peg that insert into the hole of the trailer wrist.
    2-The GITD comes with a clear tray for the figure to rest on just like TTomy Reissue. Very nice touch. The Black version didn't have one and just pack in a bag.
    3-The GITD doesn't come with a sticker sheet and with only 1 belt clip. The Black version comes with 2 belt clip and a sticker sheet.
    4-The joints on the GITD are much rigid and tighter than the Black version. Also, fitting the large Ultra Magnus head on to the cab head was a little bit tight in the GITD.
    5-In trailer mode where the rear arm rest onto the leg. I think they added some sort of slab/thickness to make that pocket much tighter for the arm peg to lock in compare the Black version.

    Feedback to #1. When I had the Black version, I said to myself, why can't they make large Ultra Magnus mode wrist has a peg like the original G1 toy. Heero did grant that wish on the GITD version. But now, I wish they didn't because the hand with the peg was much easier to plug into the wrist.
    Feedback to #2. I hope, he didn't forget to include a sticker sheet for my GITD.

    OK, checkout this custom box for the WST Ultra Magnus:
    WST Ultra Magnus Custom BOX, AWESOME! - eBay (item 220670596721 end time Sep-19-10 18:51:10 PDT)

    WST Glowing Ultra Magnus Custom BOX, AWESOME! - eBay (item 220670595056 end time Sep-19-10 18:47:14 PDT)

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