WST Santa Commander for sale - Less than 1 day left! (other items, too)

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    WST Santa Commander, for those who don't know, is the JustiToys G2-inspired Blue Grimlock-esque toy, made in only 500 units as part of TFsource's 2006 "Stocking Stuffer" promotion. Auction ends at about 2:30 pm, August 6th.

    [EBAYLINK="270436895993"]WST Santa Commander[/EBAYLINK]

    Also available, ending at close to the same time:

    [EBAYLINK="270435962523"]Loose Animated Voyager Bulkhead[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="270435962785"]Carded Universe Spychanger Jazz[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="270435963012"]2 Hasbro ROTF toyline posters from BotCon 2009[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="270435963378"]Loose 2007 TF Movie toy lot: "Classic" Deluxe Bumblebee, Legends Cliffjumper and Legends Recon Barricade[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="270435967101"]Loose MASK "Split Seconds" Floyd Malloy clone figure [/EBAYLINK]

    If anyone wins more than 1 item, I'll happily ship them together and offer a reduced total shipping price.

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