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    Our race are at near ends.. we are amongst the last of our kind, whether nor we survive, we now must fight for ours sin and lose to our false war, we must redeem ourselves for what we truly are.


    All this for nothing, betrayed by our leader,( dying Decepticons surround him picking up his arm), a war i had belief for the benefit of our race. shroud us and left us with nothing. What now, do we stand and wait while we let the terrorcon destroy everything while we hide amongst the few, till they reach us once again. I will stand no more nor hide, I will face them and if must the autobots with them.

    T3 My Idea
    so tell me what do you guys think i do have the full idea towards it, if you guys like i can try to write the whole thing in a script.

    Ideas toward my movie version
    weapon transformer for main transformers
    New Transformers
    nano ghost tracker and storeage units for terrorcons
    Phase: Unicron mass unit capable of analyzing life from and copying structures.
    Warp masses unit capable destroying cities foot solders.
    Breaker: Unicron controlled a masses unit twice the size of prime with.
    Nemesis:Unicron controlled Counter-part of prime structure( look like megatron from cybertron series with a beard) with the ability of producing enegons spear, and superior speed make him a dangerous force, anyone can see. note you guys won't see him for a long while, he be force once, galvatron render himself as Megatron once again and join with prime.
    galvatron: free-willed, reconstruction of the whole tank thing, capable of controlling other terrorcons.
    Dust Unicron controlled a likely female phase, with much better attributes then the phases'.
    There's more
    Why kill prime and megatron
    Idea of combiner and creating newer transformers
    (Image Ratchet trying to explain thie to Sam and Mikaela about ???? how hes not a combiner. and where is ironhide and acree: Lennox's barn)
    1. Combiners:main Units combine into a temporarily unit with both main units are in control
    2. spark fuse: when 2 or more dying transformers; means of surviving their species their sparks will fuse thus creating a newer being with both attributes, but remind near same height.
    3. spark lit; a specie and it counterpart unite their spike at close range thus lit a new spark, as a way to save this spark one must conceal within themselves, till its fully formed.
    4. mass production; energon is need to produce more units.

    how to create an origin
    this is a treatment the whole idea of the ark
    where some part in the war in space(near end of the movie), where the autobots and Decepticons had already join forces to deal with unicron, and his terrorcon, which are the true ancestor of the decepticons, dated back when 12 primes fought off unicorn and send him into a black hole, where parts of him were crush and lost in space, when 12 primes found the fallen, they declare him as one of them own, as time past he found his true origin, and the origin of the creators of the Primus creator of life and (holder of dna) and Unicron Devourer of dieing sun( to insure the survive of the universe), the creator are from a dying universe last species in that universe (closes descends are the humans) to save a dying universe is to create life and mainly new stars, by creating the big bang to produce stars, while primus at the end of the universe spread dna everywhere near any star, while unicron consume dying stars to preventing super nova which can erupt the course of the creators. But with his own free will he became corrupted thus the war between primus and unicron. Giving the whole idea of the fallen being mad was that he found himself to be superior then humans and are a unfitted race fearing they maybe capable as the creators. thus created his crime.....

    so what do you guys think

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