Digibash: WRAP-BASHING: The Lowtech answer to Digi-bash

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by takedown334, Jan 7, 2007.

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    The other day when I was roaming thru walmart, I saw colored-plastic tape made by Scotch in white, red, yellow, green and blue colors. I follow Nascar and they no longer paint their cars they use a process called RaceWraps. So I would take the leap. Since I have been very cautious lately about painting my alternators, Still shy from never having painted much since junior high, also envious of the digibashes here. So I thought I would try this with an exacto knife at my side for my custom Alternators. (still trying to find a time when my brother can take pictures with his digital camera). Then the next hurdle to overtake is putting them on here. Since I dont know the procedure of putting them up.

    When I get better figuring out the layout of applying the tape I may redo some of them. But this is just the first step until I finally get enough courage to paint them. The first four are law enforcement and taxicab's since I assist DUI checkpoints on one and I Dispatch taxicabs for my income... Streetwise (undercover police black & white subaru taxi), Crosshairs (Scion Sheriff Supervisor), Pinpointer (undercover police yellow Scion Taxi) and Kickback (a decepticon black and white scion taxi), which I would like to redo, because electrical tape doesnt work as well. And thanks to Superquad, I would like to try this technique with Overcharge. He will be joining the decepticons now as a yellow subaru to homage the "Battle Taxi" squad operated by Soundwave in The Episode of "City of Steel". So yes, pics are on the way...
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    We can't wait to see photos of your work, td334! Hopefully you can update us soon! If you need help, there are a lot of guys here in the customs area (including myself and esp. REDLINE) that are more than willing to lend a hand when need be!

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