Would this be a good beginning for Transformers 3?

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    Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

    Good title if you ask me since, because it's possibly the last in the series, it's bound to be more than meets the eye. Hopefully. And besides, it's the trademark saying about Transformers.

    By the way, numbers in bold represent Bumblebee's radio clips; they're listed at the end.


    *After Optimus's opening speech and title screen, the camera cuts to Soundwave in robot mode for the first time, who is now in an asteroid field not far from Earth, perched on a rock in his lonesome. He has his trademark visor and moutplate now, to protect himself from debris. He then sends out a bright beacon, similar to what Bumblebee did in TF1. Starscream calls Soundwave via comlink.*

    Starscream: We can see the beacon, Soundwave. Are you alright?

    Soundwave: I'm fine. Where's Megatron?

    Starscream: He's still recuperating from his injuries in Egypt. However, there's some things that need to be brought to your attention...

    Soundwave: I'm listening.

    Starscream: Nothing new. You know that satellite you used to find Megatron's body? Go there again. You'll find out some disturbing stuff there.

    Soundwave: I'm on my way.

    *Soundwave hangs his head down and has flashbacks of many Decepticon deaths*

    Soundwave: This more-than-likely can't be good.

    *He transforms to jet mode and speeds off. Camera then cuts to Sam, who is still in college. He is seen walking to his dorm room, where Mikaela greets him. They both kiss and Mikaela immediately interrupts.*

    Mikaela: Hey baby, I hate to bother you but Bumblebee and the twins are outside. They wanted to know if you would tag along with them in a race.

    Sam: Ah God, you know I'm...I'm too tired to do anything right n----

    *Interrupted, they, along with everyone else in the hallways, hear horns blasting together, along with familiar voices shouting.*


    *Sam could then hear Bumblebee's radio blasting out his bedroom window*

    Bumblebee: "Get out of my dreams! Get into my car!" 1.

    *Embarrassed by all the attention from everyone staring at him, Sam hesitantly runs outside to see the familiar yellow, green, and orange vehicles on the lawn, right outside his window. He then gets inside of Bumblebee and starts shaking his head.*

    Sam: Why are you all here? Look, I know you guys want to have some fun too once-in-awhile but I just got off from a long lecture. I need sleep, I gotta rejuvenate!

    Bumblebee: "Wake up! Grab brush and put a little make-up!" 2.

    Sam: *sigh* Fine. As long as it doesn't take too long; where are we going anyway?

    Bumblebee: "Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road!" 3.

    *Bumblebee, Skids, and Mudflap all stop and line up right in the middle of the highway, blocking traffic and making people angry to the point of laying on their horns.*

    Sam: *sweating* Oh great....a street race?!

    *Sam starts shaking his head and looks ahead at the open highway. They all start revving their engines and, after Skids's countdown, they begin. Camera then cuts to Soundwave again, who flies to the military satellite, transforms in satellite mode, and hacks away. He then begins seeing flashes of imagery, not yet what he's looking for. Camera cuts to N.E.S.T. team at Diego Garcia. A soldier walks up to General Morshower with a horrified expression on his face.*

    Unidentified soldier: Sir. We've got something big!

    Morshower: What is it now?

    Soldier: One of our satellites is being hacked again; we've run analysis on it and it's nothing like we've ever seen before.

    Morshower: *with a look of fear* Do you....do you have it on video or atleast a picture of it?

    Soldier: Follow me.

    *They walk to the computer room where Morshower gets a good look at camera footage from the very satellite Soundwave was hacking. Before the camera lens was destroyed by the latter, it captured a look. Not very good quality however.*

    Morshower: Good God...that appears to be a Decepticon. I'm not taking any chances. Men! I want a missile shot at this thing, at once!

    *Camera cuts to a person at the controls of the missile silo. The silo is then seen opening and a smaller-scale missile shoots out. Camera cuts back to Soundwave who, after going over more footage, sees a small clip of Bumblebee tearing Ravage in to pieces. He sees this, growls, and tears the satellite apart with his tendrils. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees something headed towards him, coming out of the clouds from Earth. He zooms in on the object, identifies it as a missle, transforms into robot mode quickly, and grabs the missile. He then aims at a body of land and throws it straight back down to Earth. Afterwards, he transforms into jet mode and skyrockets down to the planet. Camera cuts back to Sam and the Autobots.*

    Sam: *petrified* Okay okay, can we QUIT RACING now?! You about rear-ended 12 cars or so!

    Mudflap (in the lead): Would you quit whining?! I could hear you from yards away!

    *Skids cuts right in front of Mudflap and causes him to spin out of control; he then rolls off the highway and transforms into robot mode, with cars zooming by.*

    Mudflap: MAN THAT WAS CHEAP!!!

    *Suddenly, Mudflap notices something in the sky. He zooms in on the object and realizes it's Cybertronian. He zooms in further to see a Decepticon logo. Alarmed, he transforms into Chevy Trax mode and, like a speeding bullet, catches up to Bumblebee and Skids, shouting in vehicle mode to get them to pull over. They obey and pull off to the side of the road. They all transform to robot mode, with Sam practically shivering from fear of the dangerous street race.*

    Mudflap: You guys, I just saw a Decepticon headed straight towards Earth!

    Skids: A Decepticon? Blah! We ain't been threatened for over a year or so! You had to interrupt our race just so you could feed our heads with lies?!

    Bumblebee: *regaining his original voice* I...I think he's....onto....*crackle*....something.

    Sam: You know what? Race is over! Okay? I could've been killed you know! Besides, this is much more important. Can you describe what the supposed Decepticon looked like, Mudflap?

    Mudflap: Describe? Heck, just watch this!

    *He brings out his hand and a hologram projects from the palm, similar to Jetfire's hologram projector in ROTF. They all see Soundwave in jet mode, headed towards Earth. Meanwhile, the camera cuts to a dreary lake at sunset. A family are picnicking at the shore. Suddenly, a large object crashes into the lake, without any warning because it moved so fast. A large wave is sent to the shore from the impact and the family immediately flee. Soundwave emerges with water dripping and he sets foot on the sandy shore. He sees the family's lake cabin, immediately shoots it, and stops for a moment to scan the area.*

    Soundwave: Laserbeak. Eject! Operation: Hunt down Bumblebee!

    *Laserbeak flies off and Soundwave sits down near the lake, waiting patiently.*


    This was originally going to just be an opening but I started coming up with more ideas for a whole beginning. I still have a few ideas left so I'll be sure to continue on this.

    Bumblebee radio credits...

    1. "Get Outta My Dreams" - Fenix TX

    2. "Chop Suey" - System Of A Down

    3. Munchkins, Wizard of Oz
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    *Sam is at his house, while Bumblebee, Skids, and Mudflap are in the backyard*

    Judy: Sam, where'd you get those two small vehicles?

    Sam: Oh *laughs* them....uhhh, they're Autobot twins.

    Judy: Psh. Great! That's just good news. More psychotic aliens to blow our house up!

    Sam: *mutters to himself while laughing* Yeah, they'll probably do more damage than what Bumblebee did.

    Judy: What was that?!

    Sam: *sarcastically* Ummm...nothing! Nothing. No, they're really great bots. You'll love 'em.

    *Ron walks into the living room*

    Ron: Anybody else seeing this really bright light coming from outside the kitchen window?

    *Sam and Judy run to the kitchen and there's nothing to be seen*

    Judy: Are you playing tricks on me again?!

    Ron: No, trust me, I saw a bright light just inches from the backyard!

    Mudflap: *from outside the house, excitedly* OH GOD IT'S A BIRDIE! LET'S KILL IT!!!


    *The Witwickys hear the sound of something shattering; Ron immediately runs to the door. Camera cuts to the backyard where the twins are fooling around, looking for the mysterious bird. Bumblebee is standing in front of the house, facepalming and shaking his head. Ron then bursts out the door and sees the twins, who had just broken his fountain along with other garden/lawn decorations.*

    Bumblebee: What are you *crackle* two still *crackle* bickering about? It got away!

    Ron: Look what you two bafoons did to my lawn! *puts his hands on his head in frustration*

    Mudflap: *oversized left arm turns into a plasma cannon* Who you callin' bafoon, grandpa?!

    Skids: *punches Mudflap down to the ground* This dude's Sam's birth-giver, dumbass!

    Ron: For your information, the mother is the birth-giver and the correct word you're looking for is FATHER. What in god's name do you two think you were doing huh? You ruined, nono wait, OBLITERATED my lawn!

    Sam: *steps outside and sees the mess* Ohhhhh no......MOM!

    Mudflap: *to Sam* YOU LITTLE SNITCH!

    *Mudflap charges towards Sam but Bumblebee grabs him and aims his plasma cannon at his face*

    Bumblebee: Make one more move and I will *crackle* rip your head off!

    *Bumblebee throws him at Skids and they both topple, crashing through the fence*

    Skids: Let's get outta here, bro! Old man's gonna go Midieval on us!

    *The twins transform into their vehicle modes, peel out, and speed away from the Witwicky home. Meanwhile, Ron is gathering all the pieces from the fountain and putting them in bags, with an angered expression on his face. Bumblebee helps by gathering the largest pieces.*

    Ron: I was wrong about you, Bumblebee. You're not so bad after all. Those small Autobots on the other hand...

    Bumblebee: Ah, they're always causing trouble.

    *A comlink interrupts Bumblebee; he answers*

    Bumblebee: What is it, Prime? *crackle*

    *Camera cuts to the Autobots in a hangar at N.E.S.T. headquarters*

    Optimus: I see you're getting your voice back; great to hear from the real you for a change. But I have some disturbing news. Earlier today, at approximately 7:34pm, a large comet crashed into a rural lake. So far, no images have been released as of yet but we fear it may be a Decepticon; a cabin outside the lake had been destroyed as well, giving further evidence.

    Bumblebee's voice: That's terrible. I'll be sure to keep a close eye on *crackle* the boy. *end transmission*

    Sideswipe: Well it's obviously not Megatron, as he would've brought Starscream with as usual.

    Ironhide: Haha, yeah he's a coward. Always having to have backup.

    *A door to the hangar opens and in pops Galloway with an angry expression on his face*

    Galloway: EXCUSE ME! What are you rust-buckets still doing he-----

    *Ironhide interrupts Galloway by grabbing him by the shirt and lightly tossing him out the door. He then puts a luggage carrying cart in front of the door to restrict access*

    Ironhide: I freaking hate that guy.

    Ratchet: Tell me about it!

    Jolt: This whole thing has me worried; we haven't had a Decepticon attack in going on two years now.

    Optimus: They'll never quit.

    *Optimus gets a comlink transmission from Skids*

    Optimus: *sigh* What is it this time?

    Skids: Yo boss bot, we captured an image of a large robotic bird-like creature!

    Ratchet: *in the background* Starscream?

    Skids: I'm sendin' you snapshots as I speak. Skids out!

    *Optimus immediately receives the images. They're blurry but he can easily make out what's in them.*

    Optimus: Unbelievable. Autobots, gather 'round!

    *Every Autobot easily identified Laserbeak*

    Ratchet: Oh no...that means Soundwave is the one that crashed into the lake but I thought.....

    Ironhide: That's rubbish! Soundwave has been dead for years; he was one of those that was involved in the crash of the Nemesis; impossible he could have survived a horrendous crash like that.

    Sideswipe: I'm not too familiar with the fella.

    Jolt: All I know is that he can supposedly hear a fly sneeze from a million miles away.

    Optimus: He is also extremely dangerous; Autobots.....prepare for the worst! I want you all to gather up the soldiers and equipment. Meet me at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

    Sideswipe: Why the Grand Cany----

    Optimus: No time for questions!

    *Optimus transforms into semi mode and drives off. Camera cuts to Soundwave, who is sitting on top of a small mountain. He begins scanning the area for nearby lifeforms; Laserbeak flies by and perches on his shoulder. He projects a hologram video of the Witwicky premises, giving off the location of not only Sam....but Bumblebee as well. Soundwave immediately stands up and transforms into jet mode. Laserbeak transforms and re-enters Soundwave. They fly off.*


    There should be one more part coming up, and that should be the equivalent of a beginning or first half hour.
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    The Decepticon dialouge is a little friendly for their natures but whatever...
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    How? All Starscream did was ask if Soundwave was alright; what do you expect them to do, curse at each other?

    Anyway, third part might be up tomorrow; I have my cousin over so I can't write tonight.
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    Ya Know that actually isn't a bad script. very creative and good use of characters.
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    PART 3

    *The next day; Sam is sitting on the back step, looking at the ruins of his parents' back yard. It was literally destroyed by the immature Autobot brothers. Camera cuts to Bumblebee, who is standing next to the garage. He receives a signal and nods his head. He then approaches Sam.*

    Bumblebee: Sam, I have even more bad news.

    Sam: *sigh* Great, what now?!

    Bumblebee: Yesterday, I received word from Optimus that a Decepticon had crash-landed in an abandoned lake in Arizona. Him and the crew have identified the creature in your backyard as Laserbeak, so we now know Soundwave is the major one that made contact. *crackle* He is incredibly dangerous, according to Optimus and Jolt. *transforms to Camaro* We need to meet the other Autobots at the Grand Canyon, stat.

    *Sam doesn't have anything to say to this, due to shock; he gets in and they drive off. Camera cuts to the Autobots at the Grand Canyon; they're near the new skywalk, talking to tourists.*

    Ironhide: Okay insects, I know we're not the ones you call "police" but we ask of you to leave this area.

    Male tourist: What?! Why, what have we done wrong?

    Female tourist: Yeah, we're not bothering anybody, we're just here on vacation!

    Ratchet: For your own safety, we ask of you to abandon this place. A Decepticon crash-landed in this state and he will not hesitate to kill anyone of you if he finds us all here.

    Another random tourist: .....What's a Decepticon?

    Jolt: *shakes head* Come on, after going on three - four years of our war occurring on this planet and you don't even know what a Decepticon is?

    Sideswipe: *angered expression* The damn government must have tried covering up our stories again.

    Optimus: If you folks don't know what a Decepticon is.....then why aren't you afraid of us?

    Ironhide: *to Optimus* We may have to use deadly force.

    *Optimus sees the military crew from N.E.S.T. arrive*

    Optimus: No no, that wouldn't be necessary.

    *The soldiers begin convincing tourists to leave the skywalk; they listen to them and soon the area is a military base.*

    Lennox: Alright big guys, we're here. What's our motivation?

    Optimus: I want us all to guard this area; this place is a historical landmark and for the sake of tourists and vacationers, we can't afford to lose it.

    Ironhide: What, we're supposed to protect non-living organisms too now?

    Ratchet: I dunno, I kind of like the natu-----

    *Interrupted, Ratchet gets blasted in the arm by an unknown laser weapon. The Autobots look up to see Laserbeak, flying about 70ft. off the ground, very close to the Canyon. They immediately open fire on him but he swiftly dodges every shot. Unbeknown to the Autobots and military personnel, Wheelie snuck into one of their Jeeps. He gets out and rolls up to Optimus.*

    Wheelie: 'Ey, what's the big idea? What's going on?!

    Optimus: How did you get here?

    Wheelie: I.....uhhh.....kinda snuck in if that's okay with you guys.

    Optimus: Get back to the Jeep! You're no match for this mechanical poultry.

    Wheelie: Jeez, that's rude if you ask me.

    *Wheelie quickly skates back to the Jeep....but before he could even reach it, he's picked up by the sharp talons of Laserbeak. Wheelie keeps punching the bird's leg, begging for release but he won't listen.*

    Wheelie: Hey come on, what did I even do? Why me?

    Laserbeak: *in Cybertronian* You would be of great use to us. So keep your mouth shut!

    *Wheelie does so and the two are gone in an instant. Cut back to the Autobots.*

    Sideswipe: Great, we lost one of our best spies!

    Ironhide: Ah, he was a wise-cracker anyway.

    Sideswipe: Who cares? He still got the job done.

    Optimus: Primus only knows what they're gonna do to him. *sighs*

    *Camera cuts back to Bumblebee and Sam on their way to Arizona; they're in Hollywood but can't drive very fast due to congested traffic. However, Bumblebee hears a noise; Sam looks in the rear-view mirror and he sees Soundwave transform to robot mode in mid-air and land on the Hollywood sign hill. He panics.*

    Sam: Oh shit....BUMBLEBEE!!!

    Bumblebee: Ugh, I can hear you loud and clear you know. What is it?

    Sam: There's a Decepticon on top of the hill!

    Bumblebee: How do you even know it's a----

    *Using a periscope from the rear-end of the Camaro, he sees it.*

    Bumblebee: ----Deceptic........oh dammit!

    *Bumblebee starts speeding, cutting through traffic and avoiding pedestrians on the Walk of Fame. Camera cuts to Soundwave, still on the hill. He zooms in on the area, trying to find his Autobot prey. He sees the yellow Camaro and his HUD identifies it as Cybertronian, with an Autobot symbol. He transforms into jet mode and starts flying between buildings, destroying them in the process. The chase is now intense, with Soundwave getting more and more on his tail. Soundwave unleashes a storm of machine gun blasts, with most of them missing and some only nicking the rear-end of the Camaro. Bumblebee then uses the turbo boost, hitting several cars in the process. Soundwave picks up speed and destroys every building that is in his way.*

    Soundwave: *extremely loud* PULL OVER!!!

    *People nearby hold their ears in pain. Soundwave successfully shoots Bumblebee with a missile, causing the car mode, along with Sam of course, to flip over in the air. Sam crawls out of Bumblebee.*

    Bumblebee: Sam! RUN!

    *Bumblebee transforms to bot mode and gets ready to fight Soundwave, who is three times his size. Soundwave pulls a TF1 Starscream by transforming to bot mode in mid-air, crashing down on the ground and sliding into cars. He gets his wrist blades out and starts running towards Bumblebee. Bumblebee dodges and proceeds to fire on Soundwave. However, Soundwave unleashes a devastating sonic boom-type attack, sending Bumblebee and several people flying back. Bumblebee is thrown into a building by the blast and it begins to crumble. The building then collapses and Soundwave grabs Bumblebee by the throat, staring into his eyes menacingly.*

    Soundwave: You killed my pet. I shall now give you the same fate as Ravage.

    Bumblebee: Please...we can....we can make peace out of this situation *gasp* I didn't mean to.....honestly!

    Soundwave: You don't deserve to live!

    *Soundwave, using his dual wrist-blades, stabs Bumblebee below the spark. Sam sees this.*

    Sam: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

    *He then hacks off Bumblebee's main buster arm and throws him into the street.*

    Soundwave: My work here is done. Rest in peace, you worthless pile of junk.

    *Soundwave storms off into Space. Sam runs over to Bumblebee.*

    Sam: Oh my god...Bumblebee....speak to me!

    Bumblebee: I'm alri.....ght...I just.....I just don't get.......this wa----

    *Bumblebee falls unconscious. Sam thinks he's dead and freaks out. He left his AllSpark shard at home. He gets his cell phone out and calls Epps.*

    Epps: Yeah, what is it Sam?

    Sam: *choked up, could barely talk* Get....get Optimus over here.....immediately. Bumblebee, he's......I don't know how to say it but....

    Epps: Holy shit. Is he dead?!

    Sam: I don't. *sniff* Know.

    *Camera cuts back to Epps and the crew at the Canyon. He walks over to Optimus.*

    Epps: I don't know how to tell you this, dude, but Sam needs us in L.A.

    Optimus: What is the problem, sarge?

    Epps: Well I guess something critical happened to Bumblebee. Sam don't know if he's dead or not.

    Optimus: *silent for a moment* Autobots! Transform and roll out! We're going to L.A.

    *The Autobots transform into their respective alt. modes and drive off, with the N.E.S.T. crew following them. Camera cuts back to Sam at Hollywood, a few hours later. He's sitting next to Bumblebee's unconscious corpse, with his head in his hands. An unknown person walks over to Sam.*

    Unknown person: Dude, quit your freaking whining, it's just a robot you loser!

    Sam: *pissed* Just.....a robot?

    *Sam gets up and punches the guy hard in the face.*

    Sam: And who the hell are you calling a loser, asshole?!

    *The dude gets back up and they start fighting. The cops show up and aim their weapons.*

    Cop: Alright, alright! Show's over! Break it up, now!

    *Thankfully, the Autobots show up and they all transform, freaking the cops out. Jolt grabs the guy fighting Sam and lightly tosses him into the street. Ironhide points his cannons at the cops and tells them to all back off. They do so. Optimus walks over to Bumblebee.*

    Optimus: Ratchet. Jolt. Can you give him a quick inspection?

    Ratchet and Jolt: Will do!

    *Jolt sees Bumblebee's buster arm and reattaches it using his electro-whips. Ratchet scans his body and sees that he is still alive....but in bad condition. They walk over to Optimus.*

    Ratchet: He's still alive, but in bad condition. I predict he'll be in stasis for up to three weeks.

    Jolt: Other than that, he seems to be in perfect condition. Luckily, whoever did this, missed.

    Optimus: Well it couldn't have been Laserbeak; one shot from Bumblebee's plasma cannon could fry that thing in an instant.

    Random pedestrian: You mean like KFC?!

    Optimus: *ignoring the person* I see a trailer up ahead. You guys get him in the back of it. I'll hook up to the trailer and we'll bring him back to the base, where we can keep an eye on him until he recuperates.

    *The Autobots lift Bumblebee and carry him over to the trailer. They open it up and put him in.*

    Sam: You're gonna make a full recovery buddy. You got that? Hang in there, pal.

    *They close the door to the trailer and they all transform. Sam gets in Optimus's cab and they drive off.*


    This probably wasn't my best part, but I tried. Thanks for the comments, folks!
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    Cool dude. Keep going
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    Not bad, but I have some suggestions. When writing a script, dialogue should be written like this:
    Sam, I have even more bad news.​

    Also, to establish whether something is happening outside or inside, you should write something like EXT: SAM'S HOUSE - DAY (EXT meaning external) at the start of each scene. Alternatively, if a scene takes place at night, you write something like INT: MILITARY BASE - NIGHT. It's also a good idea to number each scene, too. Only write DAY or NIGHT when establishing scenes.

    Cameras don't just "cut"; there are a number of angles you can choose from when setting up shots, like ECU (Extreme Closeup), MS (midshot), etc.

    And it might pay to visit your local library and get out some books on filmmaking and screenwriting for more hints and information.

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