Would Season 3 of Prime have been better if it was 26 episodes?

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    A recent thought that came to my mind.

    One flaw that Transformers: Prime constantly seemed to have was pacing, moving too slow at times. While season 3 was a lot more fast paced, one might say it was a little too fast. The need to get everything done lead to some hasty, and to a degree unsatisfying, conclusions.

    Now, could've Season 3 been better if it had twice as many episodes?

    The season was clearly divided into 3 arcs, the opening Darkmount arc, the Beast Hunters, and the concluding Synthetic Energon arc. Now 26 episodes could've given each of these arc 8-9 episodes to run its course. Though one could argue that this would've stretched them out too long. So maybe 6-7 episodes would've been a more suitable number, while the remaining episodes would've been filler, which could've addressed other abandoned story elements.

    So, could've Prime's final season been better with 26 episodes?
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    Yes and no.
    While some arcs should've been longer, the Darkmount Arc was somehow well paced. The arcs work the way they are, yet could improve. The Beast Hunters arc should've shown way more bone collecting due to the size of the army. The army being killed off, was terrible, yet, gave Predaking the edge for revenge which made him a better character.

    I'm pretty uncertain about this question. I really would've loved seeing more beasts and all of the upgrades from the toyline.

    If only Tales of the Beast Hunters, would've been the season. That story was interesting.
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