Would like advice for selling most of my toys

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by bellpeppers, Jun 8, 2011.

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    In a nutshell, I have a credit card with $450 balance. Little to none of it is from fun- all real world stuff!

    Plus I've been re-evaluating my hobby, and have concluded that the number of items I have haven't really enhanced my life a whole lot. I buy little here... a little there... and even tho I have been happy to have so many characters that I could never have as a kid I think it's time to let go, pay off my debt(s) (other stuff I didn't mention) and start anew.

    No, I don't intend to sell everything- and truth be told, if it wasn't for this card I probably wouldn't do this. B ut being out of debt is more important than having these figures.

    What figures? Mostly Classics / Universe type stuff, some Alternators, a few Beast Wars, SPAWN Interlink 6, etc. Maybe even some unfinished customs.

    I just need advice on what to do and how to do it. Sell it all as 1 lot on EBAY? Piece them out here and on other boards? 1 message board at a time?

    NO- I'm not selling everything, and when I have spending money for collecting again, I might take a different route- but that will be later.

    SO, does anyone have good, solid advice on selling? Any and all will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I would recommend a mix of individual sales and lots.

    Yeah, you could maximize your money by piecing them out individually, but it's a giant pain in the ass. About the time you've run to the Post Office to ship your 20th sale, you'll be sick of it.

    I'd sell the more-desirable/sought-after ones individually, and put others together into lots.

    I think putting one of the more-desirable/sought-after figures into a lot would help it sell better too.
  3. Soundblaster1

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    Make a list. Post it here.

    I do all my sales individually because the money is better. As long as you aren't a Flat-Rate-only kind of guy, you should get some good business (NOBODY here will pay $6 to ship a small figure. Get a padded envelope and do it for $3 total)

    And don't expect EBAY prices by selling on the FORUMS. Ebay takes 12% for fees. Forum sales pull in about 80-85% of ebay prices. It's up to you to decide if the 3-8% difference is worth it.
  4. Gilgamesh

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    It depends on the urgency I guess, but I'd say your best option is to group them by different categories, then sell each mini lot separately. That way you avoid selling everything together (which may get you less money) or each figure alone (which might take too much time)

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