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    Transformers is to Bad Boys
    and Transformers ROTF is to Bad Boys 2

    Bad Boys, being Michael Bay's first film was kind of like an experiment for him. He wanted to bring his kinetic style with a small budget and stage elaborate action sequences and the studios had no faith in him and the crew thought he was crazy for filming things the way he did. As a result, a $17 million movie ended up making stars out Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and it grossed over $100 million worldwide. The movie was the perfect blend of action and comedy with great moments of bickering between the two leads which is the charm of the movie.

    Now compared to Transformers

    Transformers was also an experiment for Michael Bay. He wasn't quite sure what he was getting into but he wanted to do things his way. As a result, we got a $145 mil budget flick that went to gross $700 worldwide. In this time, it was the fans who had no faith in him. But he ended up winning over many new fans.

    In 2003 - he made Bad Boys 2 and basically he wanted to make it bigger and badder (in a good way). But this time, instead of putting more time into the scenes that made us laugh in the first one which was Martin Lawrence and Will Smith bickering and their chemistry, Michael Bay decided to focus more of the time on the action and boy did we get alot of it. However, that is pretty much all we got. PLENTY OF ACTION, less focus on characters. But the action as absolutely BOMBASTIC and entertaining. To top things off, the movie was significantly long.

    Now fast forward to 2009 - reviews are coming in and it seems like Michael Bay is following the Bad Boys 2 formula. Less focus on characters and just make the in between action sequences an excuse to move onto the next big action set piece. And this movie is even longer than the first. The action scenes are absolutely crazy and basically the main focus of the movie.

    I love both Bad Boys films. But I like them differently. I like Bad Boys for more of the on-screen chemistry between the 2 leads and I like Bad Boys 2 for the wild action.

    I think we're going to get the exact same formula for Transformers ROTF:

    In Summary

    Bad Boys - great characters, decent action, perfect blend of action and comedy
    Bad Boys 2 - less focus on characters, lack of chemistry, tonnes more action, violence, explosions and money shots

    Transformers - innocence and charm, decent amount of action, lots of money shots, good mix of action and comedy
    Transformers ROTF - loses the charm of the first movie, the story is more or less the same as the first, even more crude humor than the first one, the action in the 2nd one is multiplied exponentially leaving less screen time for characters to be developed just as Bad Boys 2 was like

    Would that comparison about the way Michael Bay makes sequels be quite accurate?

    Although I do enjoy all his films, this is just an observation. And it seems that if he decides to complete the trilogy, the 3rd one will be more or less of the same as the 2nd one but with even crazier action.

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