Customs: Working on custom MP Headmaster heads. Need help talking nuts & bolts…

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    Hey guys... I posted this someplace else... but I just wanted to pick your brains & see what you guys thought...

    I just thought that I would post a thread after I did a web search on this topic. I can’t find a thread that this would correspond with on the forums here, & I thought that this would be the best place to put it.

    I am messing around with a vintage Headmaster… & I got a junker for a possible project that I am working on. I’ve done a lot of 3D printing, designing, fixed up my 3D scanner to take some awesome scans, & am planning on get a CNC & plastic injection machine to literally make some of the things that I’ve been making for years in the next year. I’m tired of either relying on other people to get it done… or not having the resources to get it done. So a lot of this stuff I am thinking of doing myself. I’ve been doing a lot of reading here on the forums of people complaining that they wished that a lot of 3P companies would produce certain products faster… or make them better… & from my experience trying to make stuff sometimes like that can be really hard to do if you don’t have direct access to it yourself. From what I’ve experienced… a lot of the people that I’ve dealt with have been either lazy & just don’t want to do the work… or they just don’t want to offer that service. So since I am sick & tired of playing that game… I am thinking of taking that responsibility onto myself.

    I haven’t played with any of the new Headmasters. I just haven’t thought they were worth it. Some figures have had some interesting & sculpts look pretty cool… but just not something that I think is worth going out & buying. At least at the moment. Maybe if the prices on XYZ figure went down I might feel differently... but I don't feel it now. It’s like I think it’s crazy that a 4 inch Star Wars figure is $10-12 now. Too much for what it is not in my book.

    I basically started this project after getting a Yes Models Data Clerk (MT Cupola KO), & bought myself a junked Headmaster head to start cracking at a possible mod.

    I had too many things going at the time to get Cupola when it 1st came out, but managed to get a copy of Data Clerk for $60. I haven’t played with both figures side by side… so I can’t say that 1 is better than the other… but what I have experienced… the KO is pretty top notch. And what I have heard from people that have both figures is that they are almost exactly the same. The quality is exactly the same… so there is no difference there… but it sounds like they used darker plastic for the browns & reds compared to the original & tell the 2 apart. Other than that… they sound like they are clones. Which sounds pretty impressive to me (in regards of how well that YesModel can copy something).

    Overall… I think that it’s a very good figure… but alike a lot of 3P figures that I’ve come across lately… I personally feel that it’s a good design… but there are things that they could add to it to make it even better. An example of that (even though it’s not a 3P… or at least directly) is the add-on kit for the MP Ironhide & Ratchet. Something very simple… but it’s amazing what it does for the figure itself. Or Badcubes Grump & Slick. Cool figures... but a little more work could have gone into them. It's that 85-90% done feeling... but not really done yet feeling.

    My KO has the ankle issue that Cupola was known for… but other than that… it’s a pretty decent build. But there are things that I feel that they could have improved on. Like things tabbing into each other… tweaking the feet slightly… giving him more articulated hands… & even though I love his cartoon accurate head… I don’t like how they did Stylor’s transformation… the way that he looks… & just a few things that they did with the transformation gimmick. To me the way that they did Stylor is the weak point on the figure.


    1. So has anyone taken apart a Cupola or Iron Will head? Assuming that they are built similar. I know that they made an upgrade kit for Iron Will because a lot of figures had their tabs snipped off in the factory, but does anyone know how to dissemble that style of Headmaster? Because I am assuming that they used the same basic construction on Duros & Stylor. I want to break the figures down so that I can copy them.

    2. Though I am not too worried about the Headmaster head/face itself… I would like to start taking apart vintage G1 Headmaster heads so that I can copy, update, & modify certain various aspects of the vintage molds so that they can work on a newer figure. I haven’t seen this done before… but I would like to take apart the junkers that I have so that I can copy them. So that I can scan various parts off the original molds. This is more so true with the main Headmasters & not the Juniors… but the Headmasters themselves were only held together by 1 screw. The forehead plate that covered the face in pilot mode covered that screw… but once you took that out… basically the figure would split in ½. I could be a caveman & just rip everything apart. That would be the ‘easiest’ & less stressful way of going at it… but if I can save a piece without destroying it… that would be the best way to go. So I might want to sell off the stuff that I don’t need or yadda yadda yadda. Why destroy it if I can use it for something later? I know how it's hold in... but what is the safest way of taking the forehead plate out without damaging anything?

    For what I can tell… you can almost transplant a G1 head into a newer MT Headmaster body because the head attachment slot is almost the same size. I haven’t tested any G1 heads on a MT body yet because I didn’t have any G1 heads on hand at the moment until just recently… but it looks like they can almost fit. I know that a G1 head won’t go in because of the slots on the back of the head that would have made the ‘power up’ gimmick on the old G1’s would prevent the heads to sit flush in the socket… but if you were to split the Headmaster face from the pilot body… I’ll bet you that the vintage figure would fit into that hole. Maybe a little loosely… but would fit.

    So ideally what I would like to do… is break everything down so that I hybrid everything together. Take elements from each figure… & make a new Headmaster head that has the sculpting of the old G1 figure in pilot mode, has the faceplates off the MT Headmasters, but has a transformation similar to the FansToys type head. I should be able to still keep the head squishing gimmick that the MT Heads have... & just blend all the good things that each company has done into 1 head. I have Inventor loaded onto my computer, & once I have everything scanned… it’s very easy to put everything together. And I just thought that this would be a nice little project to start with once I get all my machinery.

    Any thoughts on this guys?

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