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    Here are some Transformers I have for sale or trade. New items will be added constantly. For the time being, I am accepting offers. All toys are loose, complete and in very good condition unless otherwise noted. My wants are at the bottom of the page. Feel free to email at wonko@bright.net, PM, or IM me with offers or questions. Photos may be available on request. Thank you.

    Need cash? Let me know! I buy collections big and small!

    I am also including a free gift with all orders!

    EURO Rotorstorm (bot only, broken tail fin included)
    Powermaster Optimus Prime trailer with junker bot (C9, no large platform)
    Slingshot (junker) X2

    Ruckus (catch broken off, sticker wear) $3
    Shrapnel (complete, c9) $15
    Onslaught (bot only, legs damaged, C8 otherwise) $6
    Action Master Megatron tank and turret only (sticker wear, c7)

    Micromasters ( I will ID them later)
    White Plan that came with Hot House base
    black stealth bomber
    purple and black jet
    yellow combiner truck
    brown armored truck (missile gun turret)
    purple combiner truck
    orange construction vehical (missing scoop)

    Parts$5 unless otherwise marked
    Rodimus Prime right trailer side, Blaster right arm, Jazz head and chest and tire, Smokescreen chest x2, Optimus Prime Trailer radar, right trailer side $8, Skids' small gun (chrome wear, one clip broken off) $4, Streetwise cannon (dirty) with damaged connector , Hot Spot chest piece (plastic), Smokescreen right door, Countdown small double gun, and track side, Rollout's partner Glitch's long arm $1, Whirl right arm...

    I have several sized tires
    Cerebros' Gun - Arm and a leg or for Lord Zarak

    Dragstrip Cannon (no connector), Onslaught ramp $6, Rumble leg and head (blue) $3, Thundercracker long missile (clip broken off) $3, Skystalker 3 barrel gun, Mindwipe right leg, Scrapper chest and left arm $1, Motormaster chest...

    Tech Specs all about C7 or 8
    Air Strike Patrol
    Fast Lane
    Optimus Prime
    Hot Rod

    Books and Paperwork
    Transformers (Marvel) 19
    Transformers Generation 2 #1 foil cover $4
    Transformers Generation 2 #1 foil cover $2 (some wear)

    Transformers G1 Volume 1 1-6 Autobot or Decepticon covers $10 (some wear)
    Transformers G1 Volume 1 #1 Holofoil cover
    Transformers G1 Volume 1 #3 Autobot Cover $3
    Transformers G1 Volume 1 #4 Autobot Cover $3
    Transformers Preview #1 $2 (some wear)

    Transformers G1 Volume 2, 1-6 Autobot Covers $15
    Transformers G1 Volume 2 Dynamic Forces Foil cover x2

    Transformers G1 Ongoing #1 foil cover

    Transformers Armada #1 Holofoil $10
    Transformers Armada Trade paperback Volume 1 (slight wear) $9

    Gi Joe vs. Transformers 1
    Gi Joe vs. Transformers 3
    Gi Joe vs. Transformers 4 cover B

    Gi Joe vs. Transformers II #1 Dynamic Forces cover

    Transformers GI Joe #1
    Transformers GI Joe #1 Dynamic Forces foil cover
    Transformers GI Joe #1 Dynamic Forces cover

    Megaman 1-4 $8

    Brawl (complete, C9) $12
    Ramjet (bot only, C9) $6
    Space Case (white jet, loose joints, bot only) $2
    Hero Optimus Prime Missile (end of tip broken off) $4
    Space Case Instructions

    Beast Wars
    Cybershark (one fin from Sharpedge) $12
    Airazor (no gun, wing claws, or shoulderpads) $1
    Parts $1-$3
    Polar Claw left leg $3, TM Scavenger chest $1, Manterror small leg $1, Cybershark tail weapon $4 and missile $3, TM2 Cybershark missile $2, TM2 Scourge legs $1 each, Jawbreaker right leg $1

    Optimus Prime right hand $2, Prowl launchers and missiles...

    Dinobot Triceradon $8
    Scavenger (junker) $3

    Starscream launcher, Unicron right chest plate, Optimus Prime trailer platform, Right leg of Space team transport, Megatron cannon missile...

    Downshift (w/instructions) $7
    Demolisher (Dump truck) $7
    Inferno $5
    Snowcat $6
    Steamhammer $6
    Prowl (no missile) $4
    TRU Megatron missile

    Energon BUILT TO RULE
    Energon Built to Rule set. Includes MISB Optimus Prime, Starscream, Scorponok, Inferno, Ironhide, and Skyblast. Some shelf wear

    Red Alert

    Fireflight MOSC $10
    Spychanger Optimus Prime MOSC $5
    Perceptor $3

    Rodimus x3
    Super Optimus Prime robot mode
    Super Optimus Prime vehicle mode

    Vector Prime

    Other Stuff!
    McDonalds Tranforming Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Hotcakes (Dino)

    Deluxe Gobot helicopter (junker)
    KO Machine Robo combiner (looks like the Go-Bot Fi-tor)

    Megaman figure with blue bird and firing hand
    Axl: Small spikey hair guy with a pair of guns
    Tomy Pull back space ship robot

    Marvel Legends Deathlock (figure)
    Angel with comic
    Professor X with comic
    Grey Hulk with comic
    Bullseye with comic
    Dr. Strange with comic
    Vengence with comic
    Cyclops with comic
    Omega Red with comic
    ML Galactus left leg
    Galactus complete
    Sentinal complete

    GLA comics 3, 4
    Astro City Local Heros 1, 5
    Armageddon Inferno 2, 3

    DUKES OF HAZARD Bo figure (1980, broken thumb on one hand)
    Inu Yasha MOSC (fang variant)
    Generic GI Joes
    MOTU Man-E-Face (original, figure only)
    MOTU Triclops chest piece, Jit-su back chestplate and sword (dirty), He-man shield
    Thundercat wooden club x2
    Animorph tiger tail/chestplate
    Misc. bag of junk parts for Go-Bots

    DVDs You Choice - $10
    GEAR Dendoh (3 disk, Japanese only)
    Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie
    Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. 5 Secrets and Lies
    Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. 6 Endgame
    Cowboy Bebop vol 1
    Trigun vol 4
    Bodies, Rest and Motion (staring Tim Roth) $3

    Ghostbusters- All dirty
    The Toliet, Fearsome Flush
    The Cop
    Two part blue ghost

    G.I. Joe
    Wet-Suit (complete)

    FIGURE ONLY - ask for condition Some have helmets, etc. Condition varies from mint to paint wear to broken parts.

    Frostbite, Ninja Force Snake Eyes, Sgt. Slaughter Mutt, Deep Six, Ace, Joe vs Cobra Heavy Duty (green), Wild Bill, Rip-Cord, Gung-Ho v2, Fast Draw, Repeater, Charbroil x2, Cross-Country, Muskrat, Tunnel Rat, Sneak-Peek, Rock-n-Roll v2, SF Chun-Li, Falcon, Wild Bill, v2, SF Ken, Knockdown x2, Spearhead, Backblast...

    Monkey Wrench, Zartan, Frag Viper, Fire Fly v2, Gollibis, Darklon, SAW Viper, Cobra Commander (Battle Armor), Big Boa, TARGET, Annilator, Night Creeper, Cobra-La Royal Guard...

    I have more figures that I still have to identify. Ask for more information.

    Sci-Fi legs, Spirit belt, Sci-Fi v2 missile launcher, Tunnel Rat satchel and backpack, grey wolf, Stalker gun, Airborne backpack, Stalker gun (broken front clip, Quick Kick sword and backpack, Dusty gun and backpack, VAMP gas can and cannon, Low Light backpack, Blizzard handle, Stalker v2 large machine gun, General Hawk (v4) (1993) gun, Footloose (1985) backpack, Dusty & Sandstorm (1991) backpack, Handgun Lifeline (1986), Recondo backpack, Snake-Eyes (v3) or (v9) backpack (2 broken prongs, VAMP gas can, Mutt small gun...

    I alos have many early vehical parts to identify yet. Ask for more information.

    Serpentor hood, Tomax/Xamot hips, Night Creeper weapon (chewed), Gnawgahyde gun, Astro-Viper (v2) (1993) large and small gun and stand, Ice Cream Soldier (1994) sub machine gun, Ripper (v2) (2002) small machine gun, Range Viper backpack (dirty), Range Viper backpack (broken antenas), ...

    Backpack w/ Mine Clearing Line Charge from Accessory Pack #5 (1987),
    Beach-Head (1986) pouch from Pack #5, Underwater Search Lamp from Pack #5, Cobra Infantry Rifle from Pack #5, High-Density Laser Rifle from Accessory Pack #4 (1986), Accessory Pack #3 (1985) grey helmet, Accessory Pack #5 (1987) sniper riffle, Emergency Communications Backpack Accessory Pack #5 (1987), Laser Backpack Accessory Pack #1 (1983), Rumbler's brown helmet from Pack #5, Accessory Pack #1 (1983) brown helmet x2, Accessory Pack #5 (1987) brown helmet, M-203 Attack Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher Accessory Pack #5 (1987), High Density Laser Gun Accessory Pack #4 (1986), Soviet RAR Pistol Accessory Pack #4 (1986), Accessory Pack #5 (1987) grey Mindbender gun, Cobra Elite Backpack Accessory Pack #4 (1986), Accessory Pack #4 (1986) blue missile and blue remote with cord (x2), Parachute Pack (1985) black helmet,

    I have many parts, ask with needs. Send pictures if you can. I have not indentified all the parts yet.

    Marvel Comics GI Joe: 5, 7, 8, 27, 28, 38, 43, 52, 62, 69, 71, 102, and Special Missions 12, 21
    Yearbook #1

    Special Force 3 (All in the baggie with the box. Some multiples are available)
    SAT (A) - $4
    SWAT ( C ) - $4
    SWAT(D) - $4
    Future Warrior - $4

    Trade wants include any complete and mint G1/G2 items, instruction booklets/paperwork, TF:TM stickers, any TF memorabilia, any foreign TFs/items, Repainted Reissues (Sunstorm, Anime Bluestreak, etc), Japanese Ghost Starscream, Binal Techs, New Alternators, and Botcon exclusives, however. I am open to suggestions, so feel free to send a list.

    G1 Wants:
    1984: Bluestreak, Ironhide body (mint), Ratchet with cross, Sideswipe, Trialbreaker, Bumblejumper/AKA Bumper

    1985: Jetfire body (mint), Pepsi Opimus Prime, Smokescreen, Roadbuster, Whirl, Autoceptor watch (all colors), Camshaft, Downshift, Cookie Crisp Jazz, Time Warrior Watch, Venon, Ransack, Deceptor watch (all colors)

    1986: Plastic feet Hot Rod, Plastic feet Kup, S.T.A.R.S. Control Center, Broadsides, Trypticon, Ratbat, Frenzy (gold weapons, plastic toes), metal Divebomb, metal Headstrong, plastic Tantrum, plastic Razorclaw, metal Rampage, Octane

    1987: Fortress Maximus, Brainstorm, Highbrow, Doublecross, TM Blurr, TM Kup, Apeface, Mindwipe, Skullcruncher, Weirdwolf, TM Cyclonus, Misfire, Slugslinger, Triggerhappy

    1988: Grandslam and Raindance, Getaway, Slapdash, Catilla, Cloudburst, Groundbreaker, Landmine, Splashdown, Sizzle, Dogfight, Override, Doubledealer, Squawktalk and Beastbox, Flamefeather, Hoori-bull, Squeezeplay, Darkwing, Dreadwind, Bomb Burst, Bugly, Carnivac, Skalor, Needlenose, Quake, Spinister, Crankcase, Windsweeper

    1989: Counterdown, Crossblades, Vroom, Longtooth, Skyhammer, Skystalker,Thunderwing, Skyhopper, Bludgon, Octopunch, Stranglehold, Classic Starscream bot only
    Micromasters: Ironworks and base, Hot House MM, Countdown and base, Blackjack, Detour, Skyhopper and Base, Eagle Eye, Groundpounder, Neutro, Big Daddy, Greaser, Hubs, Trip-Ups, Big Hauler, Heavy Tread, Hydraulic, Slow Poke

    1990: Battlefield Headquarters, AM Rollout, AM Jackpot, AM Rad, AM Gutcruncher, AM Treadshot,
    Micromasters: Barrage/Heave, Phaser/Blast Master, Moonrock/Missile Master, Oiler/Slide, Powerrun/Strike Down, Wheelblaze/Roadburner, Battlefield Headquartes and MMs, Dropshot, Growl, Tracer, Direct Hit/Power Punch, Fireshot/Vanwuish, Stonecruncher/Excavator, Sledge/Hammer, Grit/Knockout, Barricade, Ground Hog, Motothead, Roller Force, Sunrunner

    Anything European or Japanese exclusive.

    G2 Wants:
    1993: Afterbruner, Aquablast, Aquafend, Deluge, Drench, Eagle Eye, Gobots, Hydradread, Seaspray, Scorpia, Speedstream, Terradive, Turbofire, Windrazor

    1994: Orange Devastator, Air Raid, Slightshot, Fireflight, Skydive, Electro, Jolt, Leadfoot, Mantaray, Powerdive, Ransack, Volt

    1995: Any Gobots, Hero Megatron, Road Rocket,

    Any European or Japanese Figures

    TF:TM Stickers: 9 , 12, 13, 17, 61, 62, 67, 70, 77, 79, 83, 87, 97, 116, 118, 121, 126, 129, 142, 143, 145, 148, 186, 199, 202, 209, 213

    Loose Beast Wars Wants:
    Transmetal Clawjaw repaint (blue, MOSC), Transmetal Spittor repaint (red, MOSC), TM Optimus Primal purple variant, TM Megatron blue variant, TM2 Dinobot (bone color, no chrone wear), FK TM Airazor, Oranoch, Arachnid, TM Scavenger "Inferno" variant, TM Rhinox variant, BW Buzzsaw one missile...

    Various Beast Wars boxes, cards, and instructions, any memorabilia, anything Japanese with packaging that I do not own, BW Japanese only paint schemes, Japanese Volcano Playset, Japanese BW card set...

    10th Anniverary figures: Wave 2, Optimus Primal with Axalon, Megatron with ship, and Transmutate.

    BWII: Flash Lio Convoy, Power Hug, Tonbot, Mantis, Magnaboss, Tako Tank, Gun Ho, boxes and paperwork, any memorabilia...

    BW Neo: Black Big Convoy, Magmatron (Japanese version), Sharpedge, Survive, Drancron, boxes and paperwork, any memorablia...

    Beast Machines Wants:
    Various Beast Wars boxes, cards, and instructions, Any memorabilia, Primal Prime MISB, Magmatron MISB, AA Optimus Primal MISB...

    Any Beast Wars Returns repaints.

    RID Wants:
    KB Spychanger repaints Armada carded ones MOSC, W*l-M*rt Urban Camo Ruination MISB, TRU Scourge MISB, Any memorabilia...

    Alternater Wants
    Rollbar, Mirage, Camshaft, Rumble, Windcharger repo gunbarrel, Smokescreen repo rockets, anything new...

    Binaltechs: #8 Smokescreen, Bluestreak, Hound, Dead End, Shockwave, Meister, Zoom Zoom, Prowl, Blue Prowl, Smokescreen GT, Ravage, Broadcast, Skids, Red Alert, Dragstrip....

    Loose Armada Wants
    CostCo Optimus Prime and Overload, PLX Jetfire missiles, variant of Nemesis Prime...

    Micron Jetfire, Micron Supermode Hot Rodimus, (Actually, any other Micron items, with packaging), some paperwork, Any memorabilia, all 3 Dinobot sets MOSC, Red Thrust MOSC, CostCo Optimus Prime and Overload MISB, Darkwing and Smokejumper MISB, Nemesis Prime MOSC...

    Loose Energon Wants
    Beachcomber, Euro McDonalds Happy Meal set packaged and loose...

    Anything Superlink with the packaging, some paperwork/packaging, Any memorabilia, Treadbolt MISB...
    Original black packaging MOSC/MISB: Energon Strongarm, Off Shoot, Cliffjumper, Shockblast, Towline, Downshift...

    Loose TF:U
    Some paperwork/packaging, KB Downshift, KB Snowcat, SC Yellow Optimus Prime MISB, SC Ultra Magnus MISB, Cost Co Optimus Prime and Ultras Magnus 2 pack (and MISB), Target Constructions, Target Repugnus, anything new...

    Botcon Sandstorm's missile and Shokaract's small gun

    Loose Cybertron
    Burger King figures loose, Anything Galaxy Force with packaging, New LOC figures loose and MOSC, Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Skywarp, Wing Saber, Menasor, Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, BW Primal, BW Megatron, Smokescreen, Giant Planet Minicons, Bedny Prime (no tatoos), anything new...

    MOSC European Variants

    Loose Classics
    All of them.

    Loose Attacktix
    CHROME: Insecticon, Super Optimus Prime robot mode, Megatron vehicle mode, Scorponok, and Scourge.
    REGULAR: Repaint Decepticlone, Galvatron, and Wickets.

    Hasbro Go-Go-Gobots
    Send a list. I do not have many. Want loose and MISP

    Star Wars Transformers
    Jango Fett and packaging for most all figures.

    Japanese Wants
    WST Series 1 Prime Trailer, Red Bumble, Skywarp,
    WST Series 2.5 Anime Trailer
    Reissue Soundblaster
    History Collection Spike
    Choro-Q Megatron (black and grey)
    Choro-Q Rodimus Prime (Anime)
    Mega SCF Micron Starcream, Micron STD Prime...
    Robot Masters Burning Beast Convoy, Star Sabre, Lio Convoy, Metallic Lio Convoy with DVD, Reverse Convoy, any RM repaints or black versions...
    MP Magnus, MP Convoy Perfect Edition, MP3 Starscream
    Repainted Reissues (Sunstorm, Anime Bluestreak, Minibots, Galvatron, Cassettes, etc)
    Ghost Starscream
    Any Binal Techs: Zoom-Zoom, Blue Prowl, BT-07 Smokescreen GT, BTA girls...
    Anything else I want and I do not own
    Anything KISS: Rodimus, Atari with WST Autolooper

    Parts Wants:
    Europe only parts for: Thunderclash missiles, gun, right gun box half, Rumbler blue maces, 4 Predator gold guns...

    Mint Ironhide body, mint PM Optimus Prime body, mint Jetfire body (no yellowing!), right arm armor, and booster connector, Hound rear gun, G1 Prowl hood (or mint body), Inferno hands, gun, and one missile, Metroplex-Scamper gun, Springer gun, Grand Slam guns, Joyride gun, Pincher Pretender gun, Repugnus gun, Grotusque gun and wings, Doubleheader all weapons, Hosehead gun, L and R small guns, seat, and head, AM Grimlock hand gun, one G2 Roller wheel, MM Blaze Master blade, MM Red Hot ladder...

    Lord Zarak (headmaster head for G1 Scorpinok) and mint chromed parts, Skywarp short missiles, Flywheels gun, Nautilator all weapons, Pretender Roadgrabber rifle, Pretender Roadblock inner shell bot and grey winged gun, MM Roughstuff missiles/guns, AM Megatron repo arm cannon, G2 Megatron 4 missiles + gun and radar...

    BW Buzzsaw one missile, Botcon Sandstorm's missile and Shokaract's small gun, Powerlinx Jetfire missiles...

    G.I. Joe Wants
    Anything new or old that is loose and complete (preferably with paperwork) and I do not own it. Serpentor, Thrasher's mace, Lt. Falcon's antena, Shipwreck v1, Snake Eyes v1 uzi, Buzzer axe, Tollbooth sledge hammer...

    I need the original helmeted Cobra Commander swivel arm version mint and complete, Battle Corps CC loose complete, Star Brigade CC loose complete, Happy Meal CC loose and sealed, the 2003 Con exclusive CC, any 12 inch CC, and CC version 15 (http://www.yojoe.com/action/03/cobracommander15.shtml).
    Or I want any CCs that are MOSC

    Master of the Universe Wants
    Anything from the 2000s that is loose and complete (preferably with paperwork) and I do not own it. Maybe some carded figures.

    Loose Marvel Legends Wants
    Red Skull
    Baron Zemo

    Comic Book Wants
    Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '97
    What The--?! 20
    GI Joe (Marvel) 2, 8, 9, 10, 17, 21, 23-25, 29, 74, 91, 104
    GI Joe Special Missions 4, 19, 23, 24,
    GI Joe Special
    GI Joe 3-D #3
    Transformers Blackthorn 3-D #2, 3. How to Draw 1-3

    DVD/Game Wants
    Any MINT and/or sealed G1 VHS tapes -no pirates
    Beast Wars Transmetals SEALED for N64
    Transformers Armada for PS2 Sealed
    Canadian Beast Wars VHS series sealed
    Armada Sealed and/or used (all but but Best of Autobots used)
    Energon Seal and/or used (all)
    GI Joe DVD Season Boxsets
    Japanese TF series on official DVDs
    He-Man Boxsets
    Thundercats Boxsets
    Ducktales Boxsets
    Batman TAS Boxsets
    Martian Succesor Nadesico Movie Prince of Darkness
    Old Atari games (with paperwork please)
    Send a list of what you have, I am open to suggestion...

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