Wonder Woman apparently go for TV?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tikgnat, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Well, I heard this on the radio today, apparently Wonder Woman is being done for TV, and the actress linked to the title role is Michelle Ryan.


    Well, UKers might know her as the fit (ish) Slater sister from long running stab out your eyeballs fest, Eastenders.

    Seriously, I heard this and couldn't believe it myself. I'm currently looking online for any confirmation but so far am coming up with nada... Wiki says shes been cast as the Bionic woman. Hmm.

    And I can't find any decent pictures on google.

    So... anyone know anything about this? Is it Wonder Woman or the Bionic Woman? (I'm positive the radio said Wonder Woman though, they even had the BG music) Michelle Ryan? Hmm, I'm really not sure.

    Let the shit storm commence!

    Its a bit small, but this is a decent pic


    Edit again...

    Apparently it IS the Bionic Woman, Radio guys must have got it wrong... maybe. Need confirmation!

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