Will Trade GREATILLY for my wants!!!!!!!!!

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    i want any sealed here is what i will offer
    Mp megatron misb 150 trade value
    Mp prime with traler misb 250 trade value
    Mp megs add on 80 misb trade value
    Mp grimlock 225 misb rade value
    Mp king grimlock misb 325 trade value
    Mp Skywarp jap version misb 110 trade value
    Mp starscream both versions misb 120 trade value
    Mp Nemis prime (MP-01B) 200 trade value
    All alternity MISB 75 trade value each

    Sealed/boded or carded classics, universe, and wst figures,rid- pm me and we will talk
    what i have to trade is at the bottomb

    Sealded Brave Maximus 450 trade value

    i will trade all of the following for a mib complete grand max or fortress max
    Megatron really tight joints but stickers are fading. C8.5 has bot, hand gun, silencer, scope and a piece to the stock. 50
    Optimus Prime about c8 good condition has some wear. Missing gas pump and 3 missiles 50
    Buy prime and megs for 90
    Galvatron 1 missing gun. Good condition chrome and sticker wear 20
    Galvatron 2 missing purple thing on back bot only 5
    Blurr 1 loose arms bot only sticker wear 5
    Hound C8 great. has hand gun, alt mode gun, and gass can 18
    Inferno bot only ,no ladder ,no yellowing , 5
    Ironhide bot and trailer. Has treads 8
    Jazz 2 missing 2 missiles and hand gun, has yellowing 10
    Ratchetbot is great but trailer is yellowed and a siren is broke off. 8
    Tracks C8.5 has some sticker wear, missing gun and missiles. When in alt mode his legs do not stay pushed up to the windshield. A spring thingy is to powerfull that it pushes the legs down. 10
    Ramjet 1 bot only has wear 1
    Ramjet 2 free
    Skywarp has all wings but the smallest,launchers and fists. ! sticker on wing was misplaced. 18
    Starscream missing short missiles, and landing gear missing some stickers. 25
    Thrust missing landing gear and small missiles great condition tough. 25
    Thundercracker 1 missing missiles and landing gear and small right wing 10
    Thundercracker 2 free
    Brawn no arms 1
    Gears 1 C8 paint wear on face 5
    Gears 2 free
    Huffer C8 5
    Pipes C8 has silver finger prent on leg and back of cab 2
    Seaspray little loose C8 4
    Warpath good but a little loose 4
    Windcharger free
    Soundwave 1 complete but can barley stand. Deck works 20
    Soundwave 2 misssing a missile can not stand but deck does work C7 10
    Bombshell great bot only 5
    Astrotrain comnplete 15
    Omega Supreme- I am askng 80 shipped. His main tank has a broke leg so when he tries to walk he just goes in a circle. Everything is included, uncut box, inst., insert, and all parts accept 1 small and 1 medium clips. I can have it out tomorrow. I will try to post pics tonight. His box is in about c8 condition same for the insert
    Bonecrusher missing gun and devz arm 10
    Long Haul missing gun 10
    Mixmaster has devestator gun 10
    Scavenger missing gun and devz arm 10
    Scrapper missing gun 10
    Silverbolt little yellowed missing ramp 25
    Rampage bot only plastic 10
    Tantrum bot only metal 10
    Nosecone bot only 5
    Scattershot bot with comptron chest 10
    Cutthroat bot only 5
    Downshift back wheel broke off and missing bot only 5
    Battletrap missing gun 5
    Ultra Magnus great trailer but the cab has chrome wear on the smokestax. Missing missils, launchers and a white waist/connector thingy 20

    ROTF- all items are mint in box and complete or moc and complete
    Demoloshor 18 shipped

    Cyber mode prime complete 9 shipped
    Oil Slick complete 9 shipped
    Bumblebee complete 9 shipped
    Blackaracnia complete 9 shipped
    Bulkhead mib complete 17 shipped
    Grimlock misb 19 shipped
    Activators 5 shipped each
    Bulkhead moc
    Megatron moc
    Grimlock moc
    Mc donalds full us set for 7 shipped

    Movie 1
    Arcee complete 8 shipped
    Autobot Jazz complete 8 shipped
    Barricade complete 8 shipped
    Decepticon Brawl complete 8 shipped
    Dreadwing complete 8 shipped
    Landmine complete 8 shipped
    Premium Bumblebee with Battlemask complete 8 shipped
    Scorponok complete 8 shipped
    Stealth Bumblebee complete 8 shipped
    Stockade complete 8 shipped
    Swindle complete 5 shipped
    Booster X10 complete 5 shipped
    Meantime complete 5 shipped
    Speed Dial 800 5 shipped
    Spy Shot 6 5 shipped
    Zoom Out 25X 5 shipped
    Autobot Ratchet complete 15 shipped
    Blackout complete 15 shipped
    Incinerator complete 15 shipped
    Take it all for 150 shipped

    Attacktix 1each plus shipping
    Skybite jet mode
    Skyblast bot

    Universe 1
    Sunstorm complete 10 shipped
    Depthcharge -a disk 15 shipped
    Red X-brawn 9 shipped

    Sideways with Crosswise and Rook complete 9 shipped
    Demolishor no minicon 6 shipped
    Hoist no minicon 6 shipped
    Sideswipe bot only free with armada purchase
    Red Alert with Longarm (Powerlinx) 20 shiped
    Minicons 8 shipped each complete
    Adventure Team (Dune Runner, Iceberg, Ransack)
    Air Assault Team (Jetstorm, Runway, Sonar)
    Space Team (Astroscope, Payload, Sky Blast)
    Street Speed Team (Backtrack, Oval, Spiral)
    take them all for 50 shipped

    RID All complete
    Armorhide 5 shipped
    Ro-Tor 5 shipped
    Rollbar 5 shipped
    Side Burn no gun 7 shipped
    20 shipped

    Beast Machines
    Buzzsaw complete 5 shipped
    Ultra class Nightscream complete mib 23 shipped
    take both for 25 shipped

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