Will be selling tf prime first edition collection

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    Aug 7, 2011
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    Hey there guys i will be selling my entire transformers prime first edition and rid collection in one shot
    this is what it includes
    First Edition toys
    Hasbro voyager Optimus Prime
    Takara voyager Bulkhead
    Hasbro Deluxe Class Cliffjumper,arcee,and bumblebee,starsream
    Takara deluxe class, vehicon
    Hasbro Entertainment two pack with deluxe megatron, optimus prime and the kids
    Now the rid ones
    Custom painted rid Megatron (white painted silver) good job to(missing gun)
    and the entertainment two pack the one with starscream,bumblebee,Silas and the mech trooper

    All are in outstanding shape,the ones that came in robot form have never been transformed,come from a pet free, non smoking environment,from a adult collector,have all boxs and instructions the only thiung missing is megatrons powerizer weapon (garbage anyways go to shapeways and buy a new one i was going to)
    well thanks guys im thinking around 400 bucks for the whole lot pm if interested

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