Wildstorm no more. Speculation for DCU

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    With Wildstorm being ended as a separate imprint and it's characters apparently being merged into DC Proper (much like the Fawcett and Charlton heroes in the 80's), what could it be like?

    My guess is
    -Wildstorm characters now considered for projects by DC's writers (prefebely Johns, JMS, or Rucka, now Morrison or Byrne)
    -Possiblilty of getting a Maul BAF in the DCUC line)
    -all the Wildstorm teams (WIldcats, Gen 13, Stormwatch Authority) interacting with established DC characters (the Justice League, Teen Titans, Checkmate, DEO, etc)
    -Hellpont (not sure if he's still alive or not), Threshold (ditto) and other villains now able to plague DC
    -Stormwatch will probably be the same, monitering Metahumans, only now having even more to deal with
    -of course, the Wilstorm characters will be at odds with the DC heroes, since DC still goes by the same superhero laws they've been following (don't kill the enemy, protect civilians, try to limit property damage), something that The Wildstorm characters is known to ignore sometimes
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    Unless a creative team really takes a liking to some of the characters, I doubt we'll see them much. Wildstorm has always been more of a showcase for talent and they never had a hit, standout title like Image or Top Cow. People only would care about WildCATs or Gen 13 when Lee and Campbell were on board but interest died quick after they would jump ship. Wildstorm for the most part had carbon copy characters and teams, even by comic book standards.
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    The Milestone characters were recently merged into New Earth and, other than Static, have any of them done anything significant? I think that's probably the best indicator of what would end up happening to the Wildstorm stable.

    Seems like it would be better for DC to just keep the Wildstorm characters on Earth-50 and leave them open for any other creator that wants to do something with them in the future. Moving them over to New Earth is just going to introduce problems. They'd need to either reboot/reintroduce the Wildstorm characters entirely (again) or have another mini-event to bring them as-is into the New Earth continuity. Can't just suddenly have the Wildstorm characters pop up as always having been present on New Earth. Then, there's the question of finding a role for the characters. What stories can be told with the Wildcats that can't be told with the JLA, JSA or other teams? What room is there for Gen13 in a world that already has at least one group of Teen Titans? Is it necessary to have both Stormwatch and Checkmate running around?

    Most likely, IMO, if the Wildstorm characters were brought over into New Earth, most of them would probably be forgotten and neglected. There might be a couple of characters that stick and become A- or B-listers, but most will end up in obscurity...assuming DC doesn't start using them as cannon-fodder when they run out of Bloodlines characters and '90s Titans to kill off.
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    im sure it'll end up like Milestone & Malibu...forgotten.

    sad because i really enjoyed some of the titles (pre-world's end)
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    Let's always remember that Wildstorm had not one, but two Wolverine ripoff characters both in love with the same crazy, redheaded psionic chick.

    Hell, you could map Cyberforce characters to the X-Men on a one-to-one basis with relative ease.

    These books were, to me, never enough a riveting read for me to bother collecting them after I read some samples. No big loss.

    - Coeloptera

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