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    Early on when Wii Music was initially shown, I thought back to the music composer tool in Mario Paint. Seeing clips of Wii Music and the Cat suit, Dog suit, and Cheerleader outfit instruments was a big nod to those same sounds back in Mario Paint, you know those little sprites. Then I played the game, ignoring the less than stellar reviews, big mistake. Just simply terrible. I'm glad that I rented it and did not buy it. Wii Music, no - it should be renamed to be Wii Noise, yeah, that makes sense.

    The worst part of Mario Paint was actually the painting. Now it wasn't at all bad but the best parts of the game was the Fly Swatting mini-game and of course, the Music Composer tool. It was easy and fun to use unlike Wii Music or even the song creation tool in Guitar Hero: World Tour. People still make great music on Mario Paint, check it out on youtube:
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    Nintendo should revitalize these two and it wouldn't take much. Make both into WiiWare titles, Fly Swatting would be great with the Wiimote and Music Composer could just be the same with graphical updates on the menu and add in the option to save a lot of tracks and upload them online and share your creations with others and download theirs to see all the magic.
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    it was made primarily to introduce children to music. so it's not really aimed at our demographic.

    but HOW that's supposed to be accomplished with just "do anything to the remote, and the music will play", I have no f'ing clue.

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